The little emperor wept with joy and finally no longer suffered from this kind of pain, so he asked Min Gong to send himself back to the road and met Yuan Shao and others completely, and they came to support the little emperor to return to Beijing together.

June 11, 2024

At this time, Chen Liuwang, the little emperor, was down and out, which was in line with the nursery rhyme "Emperor, emperor, king, riding thousands of horses to go to Beimang", which refers to Beimang Mountain.
Seeing so many people, Shaodi has made a big decision in his heart, but suddenly there is a flag in front to cover the sun and dust, and a rider arrives.
Hundreds of officials were so frightened that they gathered around the young emperor and shouted "protection!"
The iron fighters stopped, the dust fell to the ground, the cold light shone, and the torrent of steel scared the little emperor to tremble. When Yuan Shao saw that the bearer did not kill himself and others, he felt that he was not the enemy and asked, "Who is the newcomer?"
In the embroidered shadow of a standard, a general flew out and shouted, "Where is the sky?"
Seeing that this life is fierce, strong, round and thick, it is almost three times as wide as ordinary people, and the horse is constantly breathing as if it could not bear the weight of this person.
After seeing this person, Shaodi was so scared that he couldn’t stand Chen Liuwang. When he saw this person, he looked up and asked, "Who are you?"
The man looked down and saw a child who was not as tall as his own horse. Although he was afraid to avoid his eyes, he did not retreat. This was the first time that he saw a child who dared to face himself and said, "I am Dong Zhuo, the secretariat of Xiliang!"
Chen Liuwang shouted, "Are you here to escort or rob the driver?"
"Nature is to protect"
Chen Liu Wang Lima pointed to Shaodi and said, "If you are still riding high, don’t pay a visit soon!"
Dong Zhuo realized that he was rude and hurried, and his horse was moving very quickly. He was not hindered by his fat body at all. He bowed down and said, "Please forgive me if I can’t salute in my armor!"
Where’s the armor? Dong Zhuogen didn’t wear armor. He said this on purpose just to refute the emperor’s face
Because Dong Zhuo is too fat, there is no suitable armor for him. Usually, he wears loose clothes, but this is the case. Dong Zhuo is still famous for his bravery in Xiliang and enjoys the reputation of "Jian Xia" among Qiang people.
Dong Zhuo’s words provoked all the ministers to be angry, but he dared not speak and did not know what Dong Zhuo would do when he was angry.
"I welcome you back to the palace!" Dong Zhuo directly turned his horse’s head and left without waiting for the little emperor to reply. The goal was that he missed Luoyang so much.
The young emperor left for Luoyang under Dong Zhuo’s "escort", and he didn’t say a word all the way, but Chen Liuwang talked to Dong Zhuo from time to time.
Manners and manners make Dong Zhuo nod secretly from time to time.
Dong Zhuo has also heard of Chen Liuwang’s identity as a spiritual pet princess. Wang Mei was raised by Dong Taihou since childhood and was named Dong Hou. Speaking of it, it is still Dong Zhuo’s own surname.
Thought of here, Dong Zhuo also glanced at the frame behind him, only to find that the little emperor was staring at himself closely and found himself turned his head, and then hurriedly ducked his head.
Dong Zhuo’s heart is like a mirror. He is afraid that the little emperor will kill himself. Don’t blame me for being cruel when you try to kill me with a cruel smile.
Turning to his side, Chen Liuwang laughed. "Do you want to be an emperor, my Lord?"
Chapter two hundred and thirteen Chen Wu wish
Just as Dong Zhuo entered the intercity unified announcement, it appeared and completely confused all unsuspecting players.
"ding! Amazing news! The wheel of history is slowly moving forward. Dong Zhuo has led his troops into the troubled times of Luoyang City. Please get ready for the players. It is hereby announced! "
Almost a year has passed since the Yellow Scarf Rebellion, and Dong Zhuo Rebellion is coming, which is a little too fast. What do you mean, the wheel of history is moving slowly? This is called galloping!
The town of Tianmen is refreshed. Li She’s face sank immediately after receiving this news. Why is it so fast? According to history, it will take five or six years!
Li Sheyuan had his own plan, so he planned to recuperate and rely on Wang Rui to be a satrap. It is definitely a matter of good luck, and he can also receive a few civil servants in Athens. If so, Li Sheyuan will definitely be able to handle it in troubled times.
It’s a pity that this suddenly accelerated the historical process and disrupted Li’s plan. Now Li is just a small town. If you let him go to the heroic place, Li is very upset. This upset will stop Li’s idea. Many players know the importance of recuperation at present, but since it shows that troubled times are definitely coming, they must be prepared for troubled times.
Li She doesn’t understand what this world is all about. It seems that she can’t wait to start a war. It’s only less than a year before there will be another world war sweeping the country. This time, the players will suffer another great creation. Sometimes Li She thinks, is this world really a safe haven and a place for players to escape?
If you start wars one after another, you won’t let the players live comfortably, and Li She doesn’t want to think about who made the yellow turban insurrectionary happen.
Li Sheshe is also interested in finding this problem, and continues to complain that she refuses to turn this world background into the era of "Zhenguan rule" in Li Shimin. In that case, players will never be so miserable and unified, but they just set the background as the era of the Three Kingdoms, where even though talented people come forth in large numbers, they are all piled up with blood.
Although people worship heroes, people prefer peace. Look at the heroes who are often praised in modern times. They are not heroes who have fought many battles with fewer examples or how powerful they are, but heroes who love peace and hope for a better world.
However, after complaining, Li She decided to do things in a down-to-earth manner and stopped thinking that he still wanted to meet the emperor of heaven. At the very least, he also wanted to get his woman back. But he kept talking about Hua Gong, the woman who hid her beauty in a grimace mask.
It is said that this man is mean. He already has three beauties at home, but he still misses another woman who is far away from home. She typically looks at a bowl and eats in a pot. Fortunately, all three beauties at home are not bad. If another one has a bad personality, he will be afraid of falling out!
Li’s answer to this question is that I absolutely don’t want to have a bad personality.
At this time, a great event happened in the palace. The queen mother said to the little emperor and others that the imperial seal was missing.
It’s a big deal to lose the imperial seal. It’s necessary to print it for correcting official documents and issuing decrees. But it’s very difficult to do it after it’s lost. You can’t dictate it. The emperor can’t go to you personally. You can send someone there, but who knows if it’s true or not
It’s better to say that it’s true or false, but it’s even worse if it’s true, it’s against the imperial edict and it’s decapitation.
It’s even more impossible to make another imperial seal. This imperial seal was created by the jade from the past when Chu was destroyed by Qin, and now it’s the imperial seal of the Han Dynasty.
The young emperor asked urgently, "Can the queen mother send someone to look for it?"
"I have searched all over the palace, but I can’t find the slightest trace of the decree," the queen mother replied.
Chen Wu, who came back with Lombardi, has been looking up at Fang Shaodi’s rear and knowing that he hugged the girl last night turned out to be the queen mother. Is this queen mother a little young?
The queen mother was not very old. The ancients married as early as Cui entered the palace at the age of twelve. Although she is already so old, there are also twenty-seven who are used to elegance and luxury. They look younger and have a feminine charm. This happens to be the type that Chen Wu likes as a soldier.
It is naturally impossible to find the imperial seal that the Queen Mother was worried about. Everyone familiar with history knows that the imperial seal fell in a dry well and was later found by Sun Jian, the Jiangdong tiger. It was also the imperial seal that killed the Jiangdong tiger.
But now the decree is no longer in the dry well, but in the hands of Chen Wu, and has been brought back by his brothers. Last night, Chen Wu’s brothers scattered around the palace in chaos. No, don’t look for this country’s decree. The decree didn’t disappoint them. This is the founding money.
The imperial seal of the country can be used to ascend the throne and claim the throne to establish an empire.
That is to say, it’s much simpler for Chen Wu to claim the throne now than it is for Li to collect the dragon’s breath. Of course, Chen Wu can stop the attack of the big fellow dynasty. Obviously, Chen Wu didn’t have this thing, let alone Chen Wu didn’t have this thing, even Yuan Shao didn’t have this thing in his heyday, but it happened that some people didn’t believe in evil, but Yuan Shu, the second largest feudal power in the day, was not afraid to reign resolutely. This was also his root of destruction
Since we can’t find anyone stealing the imperial seal for another day, the emperor has also given us an instruction. If someone can seal the clue of the imperial seal directly to the Duke, this is definitely the highest reward in the Han Dynasty.
Since Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, the duke who did not seal the king with a different surname was the highest reward. The sealed king with a different surname was definitely a cover-up, such as Cao Cao, Sun Zi and Sima Yi.
After seeing this instruction, Chen Wu was quite moved and wondered if he should hand over the decree and get a false impression that he had gone through a lot of hardships. The duke must be himself.
But immediately dismissed the idea, and now the duke’s seal is just a hollow reputation without seal. What’s the matter with him? What’s the duke who won the troops from some secretariat and satrap?
Just like Li She, he has a title of Duke, but how many people met him in the DPRK? Wu Zhi chose to keep the imperial seal himself, and then he developed himself and met some like-minded people to build a country himself.
Chen Wu did this. Don’t hope that there will be a country that will not be invaded by foreign countries in the yellow land. Chen Wu also knows that after the Three Kingdoms, it will be the state of Jin. It is also at this time that the tragic situation of China will never happen when the Japanese invaded China. Chen Wu will never allow this to happen.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Arrogance
Although the palace has suffered from war, Luoyang City has been peaceful these days, except Dong Zhuo, of course.
Almost every day, Dong Zhuo crosses the downtown area with a soldier’s armor. When Dong Zhuo meets that beautiful woman in the street, he directly sends his soldiers back to his house to enjoy himself. When he throws it out, it is a battered and cold body.
The foot soldiers in Xiliang have a fierce murderous look. In this city, Luoyang is like a tiger and a wolf. Although all the ministers in the DPRK have grievances, no one dares to accuse Dong Zhuo face to face. Seeing that Dong Zhuo is also crossing the downtown area and harming several women, he will let things happen.
Ask Dong Zhuo about his crimes after he returns to Xiliang one day. Now Dong Zhuo’s soldiers are all in Luoyang, and there is nothing the officials can do about him.
But today, it’s different, and all the officials are furious. It turns out that Dong Zhuo actually slept with a princess. This is a big crime, and the young emperor is also very angry. A will will will call Dong Zhuo.
It’s been two hours since Dong Zhuocai wobbled, and the soldiers followed behind him with a full face of ShaQi.
Dong Zhuo waved his hand at Bingjia, and who were the three people outside the temple? Marotta, Li Jue and another one turned out to be a reluctant Chen Liuwang.
Dong Zhuo entered the temple without kneeling, but looked contemptuously at Fang Shaodi and said, "I am too fat for a long time, so please give me a seat!" Marotta Li Jue is also a full face of sneer at little emperor.
Liu Bian, the younger emperor, had long been frightened by these armored soldiers outside. "Give Ai Qing a seat!" he said in horror.
Someone on the side couldn’t help but rage, "Dong Zhuo, if you dare to be so presumptuous when you see you, you want to rebel!"
"Lu Zhi? Do you want to ask if the sword in my hand is bad? " Dong Zhuo pulled out his waist sword and sneered.
On one side, when Cai Yong saw it, he quickly grabbed Dong Zhuo and advised him, "The former general must not do anything stupid. Lu Shang’s reputation is all over the world and he must not be killed!"
Dong Zhuo also felt that Lu Zhi’s fame was too high. The representative of astronomers put away his sword for fear of offending astronomers. "If it weren’t for my old friends, today you are born to die!"
When Lu Zhi saw Dong Zhuo’s swinging sword, he dared not cheep. He knew that Dong Zhuo’s temper was afraid that an angry man would really kill himself.