Feather pastor stole a look at Mu Chenxing and Ning Wang Lengche. They turned out to be smiling and gloating. No, you can’t lose. You can’t let them be embarrassed.

June 12, 2024

Thought of this, Yu Zhen raised his eyebrows and said, "We thieves pay attention to the speed of eyes and hands. Now it is not convenient for us to steal things in Ning Wangfu to determine the outcome. Is it faster than anyone else’s eyes and hands?"
The language is quiet, otherwise, "Sister Feather said that it is better than anything, and little sister will accompany you."
Mu Chenxing shrugged his shoulders and gently pulled the feather. "Forget it, don’t compare it with the language girl. Stealing is quite superb, which is not what you think."
Feather Zhen glared at him discontentedly and looked down on me? Hum!
She rolled her eyes and thought, "Brother Mu stole the king. Your stealing skill is amazing, so your hand speed must be a must?"
Mu Chenxing didn’t know what medicine she was selling in the gourd, and frowned slightly. "It’s the minimum requirement for a snitch to be quick."
"So what if I say that your hand is not as fast as mine?" Feather pastor is provocative.
Mu Chenxing almost laughed, but he held back and said seriously, "I don’t think there is such a possibility?"
Feather Lu took out two silk handkerchiefs from his sleeve, and rolled one handkerchief into a small circle in both hands, while his left hand gently held the other handkerchief in his right hand.
Feather is ready to say to everyone, "It shouldn’t be difficult for you to roll this soft handkerchief slowly through this handkerchief into small circles, but is it easy for you to pass through it very quickly?" No work! "
Yuyou Good Resort took the right handkerchief of Feather. "Let me try!"
She aimed the corner of the handkerchief at the small circle whose diameter was not more than the size of a small bean, but the soft handkerchief failed to hit the small circle without listening to the command.
Language deep and remote angrily and even tried several times without success, Qiao face was full of fine beads of sweat.
Feather Zhen proudly looked at Mu Chenxing Jiao and said, "Brother Mu, do you want to have a try?"
Mu Chenxing took the handkerchief and wore it several times, all of which failed. He smiled and shook his head.
Feather face smiles like a peach blossom. "Okay, now I’ll show you the speed of my fingers." She took the handkerchief and her fingers moved like a flash. Everyone’s eyes haven’t come yet. The handkerchief has passed through that small circle in a blink of an eye.
"Did you not see it clearly? Wear it again." Feather performed it again triumphantly, this time faster.
I didn’t expect Yu Zhen to have such a skill? Mu Morningstar and Lengche watched curiously as Feather Pastor and Mo Yu was already dumbfounded at this time.
After a long time, I sincerely praised "Sister Feather’s speed is really amazing!"
Feather so modestly waved her hand "Where’s a piece of cake?" Secretly, she almost bent over with laughter. God knows this is the simplest little trick she learned in the TV program "Magic Classroom" in modern society. She has practiced it many times at ordinary times. What handkerchief drilling is just a cover-up, and she has learned several little tricks. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have playing cards in her hand, otherwise she will definitely scare everyone’s eyes out.
Mo Yuyou has seen the unique skill of Feather, showing a lot of affection for Feather. She is holding the arm of Feather. "Sister Feather, let’s go out and play together!"
"This …?" Feather eyes secretly glanced at Ning Wang Lengche Lengche and nodded with a smile.
Feather pastor immediately cheered up and longed for Morningstar and Mo Yu to leave the palace happily.
I feel comfortable when I walk. I haven’t been out for a long time. I’m rotten to death in the palace. She feels very kind when she looks at passers-by coming and going in the street.
"Sister Feather, are you Princess Wang?" Mo Yu asked curiously.
"What? Where am I a princess? Who wants to be his princess? " Feather Qian almost jumped up. She looked at Mu Morningstar and changed her mind and said, "But it’s not impossible! Maybe I will really become a noble princess in the near future, and maybe someone will cry to death! " She said savagely
Feather Zhen squinted at Mu Chenxing. Mu Chenxing looked very calm as if Yu Zhen said that people were others.
"Then why do you live in the palace, Sister Feather?" Don’t talk to the end.
"That would like to thank you for this mu eldest brother! He’s a tiger pimp who sent me into the mouth of a pervert, "Feather said angrily."
"That …" You secretly looked at Mu Morningstar’s face and turned red. "Sister Yu, do you like Brother Morningstar?"
"…" Feather gazed blankly. She hurriedly waved her hand. "What are you kidding? How can I like him? We both hate each other. I’m telling you, he sent me to Ning Wangfu just to embarrass me. I won’t like him."
"Is it true?" Mo Yuyou said happily, "That’s a good deal, Sister Feather. I like Brother Mu for a long time. If you don’t like him, it’s mine."
Feather, roll your eyes and just take it. I’m not going to compete with you for the morning star!