If you can reach level 6 one second earlier, you will never delay one second more.

June 14, 2024

At the same time, it is safe to continue to push the line when the emperor appears to make way. It is absolutely safe to show the way when the emperor has appeared in the middle.
"A, you should guard against the team battle."
"Yeah, I got it."
I haven’t played auxiliary A for a long time, and I’m always looking for opportunities with a strong road style. But Yan Liang doesn’t want to play small guns yet. The output can’t be seen at the moment. It’s not worthwhile to make a strong call. You can also give A a vaccination first. Don’t fight with the other side later.
"The situation is fairly stable. There is still hope for the lpl." Adzuki has no hope for the lpl, so don’t say goodbye. But when growing up, the lpl is too big when it is needed. Whether it can resist the indiscriminate bombing in the middle of ogn is a big problem.
The most important thing is that there are not many opportunities. If you want to lose this game again, you can go back to China. This is also a problem that adzuki is worried about. In this way, the situation is still changing on the spot, and the hero adzuki is really worried.
"Yes, but in the later stage, the income will be great. In the early stage, ogn can’t be beaten, but in the later stage, everything will be different."
Snow analyzed the lpl idea. They certainly didn’t choose this array for no reason. They must have their own ideas. At this moment, they are probably ready to avoid it.
Although this is a bit naive, at the same time, there is no lack of a strategy, that is, the enemy retreats, the enemy advances, and the enemy is tired. It is always much better for me to play this strategy than the one where the enemy does not move, the enemy does not move and I move.
The small cannon is still pressing the line, and the mouse does not dare to talk too much. The mouse is not as good as the small cannon and needs to develop a hero. The small cannon is a little better than the mouse, but it is only a little bit.
Looking at this situation, the three commentators can also pray that lpl has made some achievements, otherwise it will really be sent home by ogn3.
The picture shows that Enron Road continues to push the line and suppress it. It seems that the situation is excellent.
"Ah, the road is easy to fight. There’s really nothing I can do."
A can do everything on the road. It’s like squatting in the grass for a while, and you can easily add random threads to get experience. I don’t know how much better than A, and I have the illusion that I can’t do anything with money.
"Oh, I hope you can say that later."
Yan Liang can sigh when he hears such words as A, but he will feel better when he is not nervous.
Thinking about Yan Liang, I didn’t forget to keep walking and point out the residual blood at the same time. The hammer stone opposite the soldier hasn’t moved all the time. It’s also because the small gun moves too frequently and the front hammer stone has been hooked twice, which fully proves Yan Liang’s technical ability to move.
It’s a pity that it’s common to walk by the river, where are the non-wet shoes? When is the hammer stone left in the front row of melee soldiers in Yan Liang? The last remnant blood fell in a second, and the green chain of the front row of soldiers roared out and went straight to the cannon.
Because the terrain is not very good, the position of the cannon is greatly restricted. Just near the river, the skill is indestructible. Bloom is like a decoration. This effect is that Bloom can hold the shield in one direction for several seconds, which can intercept all enemy flying props and destroy them, but he will bear the damage of these flying props himself. After holding the shield, Bloom will make the first attack complete and reduce the damage of all subsequent attacks from this direction.
It is also fascinating that such an excellent skill has been made by A. The mouse has done enough damage, and then an e-skill toxic explosion has caused the small cannon’s blood volume to fall to a state of residual blood. Fortunately, when the mouse grasped it, the small soldier didn’t continue to chase Yan Liang deeply before he got a flash of relief
"What the hell are you doing?"
"I’m stuck."
Now A is not so tough, and he knows that it was his mistake that nearly killed Xiao Bao.
"Be serious."
At the moment, Yan Liang doesn’t want to say anything more, but if it was Zhang Hao just now, there would definitely be no chance for ogn. At the same time, Yan Liang also believes that Zhang Hao Bloom will definitely block all the firepower.
For A, Yan Liang also tried to vomit. After the first world war, the line consumption capacity of the small gun was greatly reduced compared with that before the scheduled return trip. After all, the small gun has no blood medicine, and if it continues to be consumed, it will die.
After pushing a wave of Batman, it was only 6 minutes and 3 seconds when Yan Liang looked at it, but the blood volume no longer supported him to continue to consume the line. If it wasn’t for the wave just now, it would take about minutes at least.
The small gun returned to the city, and the mice came to a key point when they returned to the city together seven minutes after pushing a wave of soldiers. Zhang Hao thought about it and decided not to go against the wild.
"come and get buff in the single"
More than 7 minutes is the peak of buff refresh, and the dragon turtle is the skill damage that blue hands can do.
"I’ll be stung."
Luky was really angry. He just took buff, but before he got it, he was suffocated by the other side.
"Oh, my God, who would have thought that at 7: 30, a mouse swam to the middle of the road to get a head?" Black is already a force to vomit.
"yeah, it’s so irritating at the moment when I just took buff."
Adzuki bean can also feel deeply impressed by this situation, but he can’t say anything except sigh. The middle road has already tasted of collapse.
The stealth attack of rats has played a great role, which can be said to make Ruiz feel depressed. luky can feel deeply in the face of a fisherman who has a buff and an explosion. Some things can be reversed without his own wishful thinking, just like the fisherman is now beyond his reach.
"Stay steady in the middle and don’t continue to send. We still have a chance in the team battle."
Zhang Hao calmed the team’s anxiety, which is not a good thing. At the same time, Zhang Hao believes that there is still a chance in this game. Although the middle road has already sent a head and sent a blood, the development of other positions is still almost the same, and it will not cause a decisive situation.
Luky said that, but he didn’t have much hope in his heart. At the moment, ogn was also hammering stones and mice to help remove the dragon turtle red buff, and at the same time, he left two mobs to hide his fame.
Chapter 473 Counter-attack!
"I’ll go home and replenish my equipment, and then the horse will go to support me."
It’s also quite reassuring to see Zhang Hao going to Yan Liang. It’s very reassuring to have Zhang Hao here. It’s A. Just now, a wave was really cheating. If it weren’t for that, Xiao Bao wouldn’t go home too early. In this case, Zhonglu Ruiz probably wouldn’t have sent out that call head.
Sometimes a lot of things really just take the lead and leave.
Zhang Hao hesitated to buy a red claw, which also increased the efficiency of fast field fighting, and then started to sprint to the road. At this moment, the small gun is still suppressing the hammer stone and the mouse, so there is no more advantage.
Zhang Hao squatted in the outer tower quietly waiting for the opportunity, but the lpl road was too strong to suppress, and ogn didn’t even leave the tower, so that the dragon turtle never had a chance.
"Come on, Zhang Hao, you can leave. There’s no chance. Don’t delay the development."
Zhang Hao saw no chance and no longer waited for the red buff, but Zhang Hao knew that this base was hopeless. Judging from the recent developments and the direction of the mouse, it was impossible to have it.
After the Dragon Turtle arrived at the Red buff, it also confirmed Zhang Hao’s conjecture that two mobs were left. Zhang Hao was very willing to clean up this mobs and then look for opportunities to go to other roads, gank.
"Holy shit, here we go again."
Luky is very reluctant to cry and stick his real eye in the curved grass of the square river, which has been killed by the emperor, and the ogn line has reached the tower again. This situation makes luky nervous.
"Don’t be careful about wandering"
Zhang Hao was fighting two mobs, but when he saw the situation in the middle, he immediately gave up the attack and went straight to the middle.