The spirit entered an abnormal state, and Qu Ao finally woke up, but he also knew that his end was that he could not accept that he would see the dawn of hope, and he failed completely.

June 15, 2024

It’s a pity that he has no regrets and can return to heaven with all doubts and regrets. Maybe he took away a lot of glory. Today’s World War I is enough for him to leave a strong mark in the history of Wulin.
Make the east corners of the mouth also overflow itself bloodshot callously looking at the great master Qu Ao who died.
The ground of Donglai’s street has been shaken by him, and a large crack grain has a diameter of ten feet, which shows how terrible his last blow is.
Unfortunately, the wishful thinking of the East has fallen.
It turns out that it’s no problem for him to easily take Qu Ao by his own strength, but I never thought that this Qu Ao broke out in such a great force in life and death, and the last moment could be limited to the three major ones. Even though Zhu Yuyan, the "queen of Yin", and Shi Xuan, the "evil king", were comparable, he paid such a high price and gave those who secretly peeped at the so-called masters a golden opportunity.
"Now that what’s done is done, let’s face it …"
Let the east come forward.
That is, at this time, a sharp horseshoe sounded from the end of the street, which was particularly obvious in the silent night. It was obvious that the bearer was coming for the East.
"Your husband, please stay!"
A big man with a rough face but fine eyes quickly killed and stopped the East.
And there are as many as seven or ten riders behind him. Although these people have uneven breath, none of them are weak. The worst one has a second-rate level. The most difficult thing is that they have a faint joint appearance to keep their momentum in a state of suppression.
The man shouted, "I’m Xie Houhua, the deputy leader of Yang Gang, and I came to invite Mr. Ling to talk."
"No time!"
To the east is simply refused.
Zheng Shiru, the "Henan madman", is involved in the calculations of Zheng Shu, the leader of the Great River Alliance. It is good to seize this opportunity to "invite" the enemies of the Great River Alliance to the East, and naturally they can’t escape the most important things in the palm of their hands. Choi, Yang Gongbao will also fall into their hands.
How many people in this world can refuse such a tempting thing?
Xie Houhua, the deputy Wang of Yang Gang, made Donglai vaguely impressed. In the original book, he died in an ambush outside Xiangyang City. Moreover, he used saber to take risks, and every surprise effect in the odd group war hurt L ‘envoi Feng Han at that time.
Today, their appearance seems to be consciously bound to come.
"In that case, don’t blame us for offending your husband!"
Xie Houhua laughed somberly.
Xie Houhua does have this confidence. This time, he brought not only the elite of the Yang Gang, but also other gang experts. Zheng Shu, the leader of the Jiang Alliance, did not know where to bring the magical joint attack method, not to mention a mere east. Even if the three great masters came, he believed that his own side had a fighting force.
But at this time Geng Ge Huer and Hua Ling quietly put away Qu Ao’s body and never looked back to lead Tiele cavalry to kill at the south gate.
They want revenge, but Qu Ao has made all the arrangements before the duel. No matter how angry they are, they have to fulfill the master’s dying order. Besides, they don’t believe that people who can slay their master will be stumped by the so-called Jianghu experts.
Although Geng Ge Huer and Hua Ling Xiu are not very high, they still have some knowledge and know that the gap between the realms can not be made up by the number of people, especially those who come from the East can leave safely even in the face of hordes.
So they walked very directly and simply.
However, it’s very strange in their Xie Houhua’s eyes. It is expected that these Tiele people will make it difficult for the East even if they don’t work hard with the East, but everything in front of them has subverted common sense, especially when Brother Geng Huer looks at them when he leaves, which makes Xie Houhua feel a kind of creepy feeling.
"Since you obey the magic door arrangement, I won’t mention it with you …"
When the East Iron Sword blew up a cold light again, a familiar voice shouted out. It was none other than the Great River Alliance, which had a blood feud and a cold front.
Not only did Donglai have no joy, but he asked with deep dissatisfaction, "Feng Han, according to the plan, where should you meet me? How can you come out now?"
L ‘envoi cold front replied with a smile, "two reasons. First, I like Kou Zhong and Ling very much want to see what your real strength is; Second, they are just buffoons controlled by the magic door. Since they want to find me, I will come … "
"Hey, play it yourself."
Let Donglai know that this is not the time to talk about human feelings and compassion, and he can wave his hand naively.
This postscript is vaguely piquant, probably influenced by Kou Zhong, but he is arrogant and overbearing as always, which is very uncomfortable.
Donglai always doesn’t want to change the colophon cold front, a fresh character. In the second half of Datang, the colophon cold front has changed and become a bit invisible. This living figure is what makes Donglai feel cold front.
Xie Houhua won’t make a direct killing order with the nonsense from Dong Lai and L ‘envoi Feng Han.
Qiang Qiang!
Postscript cold front cut XuanJian drawn.
At this time, Xie Houhua felt that the Xuan Jian was mastered by the cold front. From that moment on, the cold front and the sword merged into an inseparable whole, and the whole became more and more ethereal with the weakening of its own momentum.
This is simply a handspring before the East comes.
Followed by unilateral slaughter.
From the mysterious comparison of hexagrams, it is understood that the swordsmanship of hexagrams is extremely exhausted, and the trend of swordsmanship is unpredictable.
It is this strangeness that makes today bloody.
None of these so-called elite roots in Dajiang League can catch L ‘envoi’s cold front. They are either dead or spray blood upside down. After just a dozen breaths, Dajiang League has left five or six bodies, and nearly ten people can’t stop wailing about the so-called elite.
"Stop it L ‘envoi cold front …"
It seems as if the sound of the sound is actually loud, screaming and killing, wailing and weapon impact depending on the scene, which directly reaches the cold ear of the postscript front.