Wei Ya must host a magic weapon to prevent Gu Jian from flying away after passing overhead. Now he is most worried about nothing more than Xu Keer’s technology, but it will lead to failure.

June 16, 2024

Different from Wei Ya cautious Xu Kerr is confident hold out a bosom and said
"There’s nothing to be close to when you’re fast. I won’t miss."
Wei Ya first glanced at Xu Keer’s chest with great potential and then coughed and said
"That’s good. You’ll be ready when I cast my spell."
After that, Wei Ya took out the metal hexahedron with an appearance similar to a dice and recited it silently to spell this magic weapon of magnetic power.
It depends on the performance in the coming period whether you want to come back with your hand or full this time.
Thousands of years ago, the ban was not strong enough. After repeated shocks from the sword light, the ban became invalid. When Wei Ya and Xu Keer talked, they heard a ringing sound like porcelain broken and dying.
Heard the sound Wei Ya face suddenly a cold grave said
Hundreds of sword lights in Huqiu Scenic Area flew in all directions after getting rid of the ban, among which Wei Ya was waiting for him, and less than one hundred came. Although this moment came very suddenly, Wei Ya was also psychologically prepared. He put away his mind and devoted himself to the magic weapon.
"Who! Meta-magnetic power! "
When Wei Ya spits out a mouthful of qi, the metal hexahedron scatters blue light, and this artifact finally shows the strongest form. There is a dazzling blue light hidden in the outermost metal material, and Wei Ya opens his five fingers. The metal hexahedron immediately emits strong light in all directions, and then roared and flew to the sky.
At the same time of climbing flight, six giant trees and green air, which are as thick as folded arms, pop up from the department, interweave with each other and entangle in the seven mountains to form a large network covering the sky and the earth.
When Wei Ya was engrossed, Xu Keer was not idle, urging the green kite to grow up and stand behind the defense line of Yuanmagnetic real power, ready to plug the loophole.
"Skynet is slow but not leaking!"
Drink a lot, Wei Ya’s hands form a seal, which drives the magic weapon to swing magnetic energy directly to face the front and fly many sword lights.
Not far away, a streamer passed a familiar sound and said coldly
"It’s not too greedy to want to catch all the friends in one net!"
Wen Weiya’s eyes flashed with a fine mans mouth but revealed a smile and said
"Ha ha don’t meet in life! Is that right? Master Pavilion! "
The thirteenth volume Section Fish in the Deep
Qiu Zangjian is like a piece of main fat, with an attractive smell that attracts wolves and vultures to peek at it. Honestly, China has not been so lively for a long time.
It’s a good thing to fall off the pie these days. The camp is near Jiashan, Binhai. The Dharma theory is also unwilling to fall behind others. After that, it has always been cautious and calm. The leader’s adult sent many right-hand men to Suzhou to check that the news didn’t come from a rumor. After that, Binhai hurried here to catch the last bus and share a piece of it.
Unexpectedly, it is not the old saying that friends don’t get together. The leader happened to bump into Wei Ya, an old friend, in Qishan.
Although it is difficult for the two sides to resolve the feud, the leader’s adult can’t help but make sarcastic remarks about Wei Ya. It’s not someone who came here to settle old scores. hide the sword is the business. If Gu Jian falls to Moro, shuriken Xian can be regarded as a practitioner. Within ten years, several elite players can be cultivated, which is of great benefit to Jiashan Damo Sect, which is striving for full wings.
At this point, the leader’s mind is clear at once, and he is certainly a man with a big heart.
Compared with the general plan in the heart, Wei Ya’s sarcastic words are nothing. When the wind blows over the ears, the leader has a gloomy face all day long, but at this time it is rare to give me a smile, Lang said
"Wei Daoyou right indeed as expected what a coincidence! I think you and I are very busy tonight, so unfortunately I won’t bother to say goodbye! "
Then the leader showed off his robe and sleeve, and turned into a dark light around Wei Ya’s net and went straight to Tiger Hill.
Day Xu Chloe is ready to smoke cold Yin hierarch a contact Wei Ya said in surprise through the gods.
"That’s it?"
Wei Ya also knows that today’s precious each other didn’t share the spoils with each other. Instead, they got together first and sneered at the truth.
"Of course! Serious things matter! Anyway, it’s not like you have to be anxious to settle things in a day or two. He should think so too! "
It took a long time to get the treasure, and the situation at the scene tended to be more chaotic. After the tiger hill was banned, the light of the main sword flew in all directions. Many practitioners who had been lurking near the tiger hill in advance didn’t come to get it. A few lucky people who got the treasure immediately became the targets of siege and looting. At that time, the situation was extremely hot.
Early in the morning, Wei Ya and Xu Keer occupied a very favorable position and fled to the south. Gu Jian was blocked by the former.
"Where to go! Hey! "
A white sword light with the fastest flying speed was close to Wei Ya’s net of meta-magnetism when the leader just left.
After thousands of years of nourishing Gu Jian, the psychic change seems to be that the situation ahead is not good. The white sword light is temporarily turned around to bypass the meta-magnetic force. Seeing that the cooked duck is going to fly away, Xu Keer refused to promise to immediately urge the green kite sword to stop her. Changhong tripped over the white sword light and then cast a "split-beam shadow capture" technique to lean over and catch Gu Jian in the palm of his hand.
The shape of this Gu Jian is like the bronze sword unearthed in pre-Qin wuyue, which is as wide as the palm of your hand. The white body of the sword is covered with diamond-shaped black patterns and full of mysterious beauty.
More than a foot long sword shines with a faint yellow light, just like a new casting, and there is no rust at all. Xu Keer holds it in the palm of his hand, and Youzi can feel the pressing chill. Presumably, he also saw the lotus flower weapon in the war.
Just as Xu Keer toyed with this handle, Gu Jian was so happy that Wei Ya drank low.
"The big fish in Keer’s spirit is coming!"
It’s true that hide the sword fled to Tiger Hill in the direction of Seven Mountains, and at least a quarter of them went to hundreds. This statement is absolutely not an exaggeration. Even if Wei Ya and Xu Keer have superhuman powers and want to swallow so many cakes at once, I’m afraid they are also suspected of indigestion.
"whoosh! Boom! "
Breaking through the silence of the night, a yellow sword light with a length of tens of meters rushed straight over and bumped into the net of meta-magnetic real power, giving a loud sound of gold and iron.
In order to wield a magic weapon to the maximum extent, Wei Ya, who is a magic weapon of Miao Tai and half mind, suddenly shakes with his body.
The original magnetic force generated from the depths of the earth’s lungs is naturally a hardware nemesis. However, Wei Ya’s magic weapon at hand is a "Yuan Zhimen" predecessor magnet mine, which is refined into counterfeit and inferior goods. Although the function is the same as that of the original magnetic force, it is a lot worse than usual. Although you can’t see the difference, it can determine the difference between life and death. The gap between the head and the counterfeit goods is highlighted.
"whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Boom Boom Boom "
Although those Gu Jian who were arrested in advance were firmly stuck by the true force of the meta-magnetic force, they still didn’t obediently adhere to it. Every sword light was struggling at this time, just like being caught by a spider’s web, dying constantly, which added extra load to Wei Ya.
With the increasing number of Gu Jian caught in the net by yuan magnetic force, Wei Ya’s face turned pale and his intuition felt that the momentum was not good. He took a deep breath and looked up and said while enhancing his magic weapon control.
"Chloe seems to be almost there!"
In the brief handover just now, Wei Ya tried his best to net nearly a hundred swords and light, and Xu Keer took advantage of the gap to collect the two, which added up to more than a hundred. This achievement has passed, and knowing how to stop at the right time is also the only way to protect the fruits of victory
Smell speech: Chloe Xu felt a little pity that she nodded and drove the green kite sword to Wei Ya’s side. At this time, his protector passed a few swords over their heads. Wei Ya has the heart and ability to look at the big head and get it. Now it is necessary to eat these leftovers safely and leave them to others!
Wei Ya’s hands formed a seal and recited the mantra, and then it was suspended in the sky. The metal hexahedron magic weapon extended to the four outer elements, and the real magnetic force tightened towards the magic weapon body and slowly fell towards the ground.
This time, the news of Tiger Hill and hide the sword spread widely, attracting all passers-by to catch up with Wei Ya and Xu Keer. This amazing move is also in the public eye. Of course, it is not confidential
Everyone in the world is angry and laughing, and Wei Ya’s return home naturally attracts some people’s unhappiness. In recent years, Wei Ya has done a lot of high-profile things. Those practitioners who know that his brother has always been fierce will not come to stroke of bad luck specially even if they feel unhappy in their hearts, but even if they put up notices, it is difficult to meet some illiterate people. Today, someone has to give him a hard time.
"hey! You are too greedy! So many Gu Jian want to take it all by themselves? "
It must be admitted that there are too many idiots in this world. Faced with the threat of this kind of worm series, Wei Ya doesn’t even owe interest to look up and say in a cold tone
"Go away. I don’t want to kill."
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The thirteenth volume Section 9 Tiger out of the gate