Fairy wild Chapter three hundred and thirty-six A gasification Sanqing

June 17, 2024

Sitting cross-legged in the good array point of cloth stomach, the field repairer waved out the two pieces of "Xianweng looking at the old moon" and then turned over his hands and kept typing all kinds of printing tips into the picture.
As the printing strategy continues to accelerate, the three pictures of Ling suddenly light up again. The pictures in the paintings are still not seen, but become a virtual one.
At the sight of this, Yang Xiu immediately slowed down the manual work, and at the same time, Gankun moved his hand, and his figure followed a flash.
He sent the ghost of heaven and the spirit beast of cloud and mist into a painting and calligraphy respectively, and his figure had already stayed in the main picture.
Celestial ghosts and fog-controlling spirits can feel uneasy when they enter the painting page and want to escape.
However, before they started, Yang Xiu immediately suppressed each other’s actions, and at the same time, the load quickly bit his finger and popped up two drops of soybean-sized jingxie, which were shot into the pictures where the ghost and the cloud-controlled spirit beast were located.
As JingXie smoothly fell into it, Yang Xiu’s gesture followed a change, and the two painting pages of trapped ghost and fog-controlled spirit beast flashed a red light and immediately rolled up automatically, wrapping the ghost and fog-controlled spirit beast in it.
Then the array arranged on the ground suddenly lights up and emits blood like red light, covering Yang Xiu in three painting axes at the same time.
In this way, I don’t know how long it took, but the red light in the training room was still silent. Yang Xiu’s face was as bright as ruby in the red light.
Two hours later, the red light in the law slowly disappeared. Yang Xiu suddenly took a breath in the direction of the other two picture scrolls, which suddenly fell into his mouth and entered the purple mansion, revolving around his body-building baby.
Yang Xiu still silently read the corresponding formula. At the same time, Yuan Ying also spit out a green and purple baby fire from time to time to two picture scrolls.
This time, it turned out that after another year, the two pictures in the purple house were constantly being refined by baby fire, which finally changed again.
See why the scroll blurred and finally turned into two dense qi, but it didn’t take long for the dense qi to suddenly show the shape of a ghost and a fog-controlled soul beast after a change.
But now, the ghosts and the fog-controlled soul beasts look a little dull and not as smart as usual.
Yang Xiu is not surprised to see this. He has long understood the practice of "one gasification and three clean-ups", so he knows that this is the reason for successfully erasing each other’s gods.
Immediately, he didn’t stop to see him pinch out a method in the middle of the main scroll, and the scroll was immediately rolled up with him.
At the same time, he separated two strands of divine thoughts into the heads of heavenly ghosts and fog-controlled soul beasts respectively.
This time, I didn’t need much time to listen to a burst of "cough up!" Hey! " From the celestial ghosts and the fog-controlled soul beasts.
Suddenly, a strange scene appeared, and the head of the ghost and the fog-controlled soul beast suddenly broke, and the heads of the two gradually grew into Yang Xiu faces! And in the end, the head turned into two heads exactly like Yang Xiu.
Yang Xiu was not surprised to see such a strange thing, but he was delighted to know that it would not be long before the uniting member was completed.
Moreover, the ghost and the fog-controlled spirit beast have become exactly the same as Yang Xiu, which is also his intention. After something is done, he can send a member of the body to go, and he needs to co-ordinate the work. The member of the body is both him and he is still him, so he is not worried about who will see anything.
But for a long time, with the change of the head of the ghost and the cloud, the body parts were changed, and the hands, feet, arms and horses became two exactly like Yang Xiu, but they were much smaller and different from his Yuan Ying. The only difference was that Yuan Ying looked more pink and tender, but these two members were more mature.
However, I haven’t finished seeing the scroll wrapped in Yang Xiu. Suddenly, there was a light sound, and then the scroll burst and slowly revealed Yang Xiu’s body inside.
And these broken scrolls did not disappear with them, but at the same level, these broken scrolls disappeared into other bodies one after another until they finally disappeared.
Yang Xiu turn up and open your eyes suddenly shot a fine light.
Suddenly, I saw in my heart that I walked out of two pounds in his body and he was exactly the same, so I couldn’t tell each other from outside.
The eyelids of these two figures suddenly trembled with a flash of extraordinary splendour and excitement from the rear exhibition.
The two busy members immediately looked around and walked back and forth with their heads sideways in the training room. Although the net moved a little stiff, it was just a few breaths, just like normal people.
After walking for a while, the former statue was a ghost, and Yang Xiu suddenly burst out laughing.
See his body flash suddenly disappeared from the air, and a moment came to the husband and wife mountain shuttle in the mountains and rivers constantly flash dun churning.
But piece of xuan he came to a few human gathering outside Wan Li.
I’m afraid this degree can’t be compared with the average monk in the fitting period! Yang Xiu can’t help some specially thought.
And the former statue is a fog-controlling spirit beast, and Yang Xiu is unwilling to be lonely. Suddenly, there is a change in his body. Seeing him turn into a small tree, a mold and a snake, although something is tangible and a little bit like a spirit, it still makes him happy. He knows that when he is upgraded, he will become what he looks like.
Suddenly he remembered something, and his heart moved and he flew into the hands of Zungankun.
Three people have the same mind. Yang Xiu knows what he means, of course, so naturally he won’t stop it. Then he reacts and hits Gankun’s hand.
Although I have seen it several times before entering Gankun’s hand, I can’t hide every move from his knowledge, but it is the first time in history that it is so real in it.
This time, Yang Xiu’s harvest is really too great. His success is as simple as a few pairs of heads. Whether it is a ghost or a fog-controlled soul beast, what they see, say and feel is presented in his mind as if he were in person.
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Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven Regression
Fairy wild Chapter three hundred and thirty-seven Return
It’s amazing that the field repairman and the busy man can’t help smiling at each other. Looking at each other is like looking at themselves inexplicably.
Since then, Yang Xiu has studied the coordinates sent back in the chamber of secrets to get ready, while the two busy people are practicing independently and no longer fine-grained.
It’s the Year of the Ox again. Through these days’ research, Yang Xiu learned that the sending coordinate in the secret room should be a two-way coordinate, and it can be sent back and forth in two places through the star shifting order. If you are not in these two places, for example, in Renault 6, you will be sent to one place with coordinates at random through the star shifting order.
And what excites him is that the coordinate opposite him now is also what he thinks is Xianye Da 6, which should still be intact and damaged, which means we can go back.
Although the celestial world made him a little fascinated, I thought I should be worried about it for so long, and I had to go back because I had to teach Jing Qing in Xianye University 6.
The water in the celestial world is too deep here, and he is not going to teach here until he has a certain strength and understanding of it, otherwise there will be no place to hide.
Yang Xiu didn’t rush to send it back, but copied the coordinate arrangement method in a jade slip and then found another remote place to rearrange it.
He doesn’t want to put all his eggs in one basket. If the abode of fairies and immortals is revealed when he is not here, and the delivery coordinates are destroyed, he will not be able to deliver them in the future, and he is not anxious to die, so he should arrange an extra place to take precautions.
It’s been half a month since all this was done. Yang Xiu looked around the cave to avoid arousing others’ vigilance, so those laws have been removed and the place has been restored to its original appearance.
As soon as the palm of your hand was turned and the star was moved, it was immediately sacrificed, and a glow came out to it. Suddenly, there was a flash of black mountain that swallowed him up.
Yang Xiuwang came out of the pass and didn’t have a good look at the surrounding environment. Suddenly, the star-shifting order in his hand suddenly sounded involuntarily, and he was startled. He quickly threw the star-shifting order into the hands of Gan Kun, which stopped.
"What’s going on? Isn’t there anything that can accidentally respond to the order to move the stars? Thereby causing vigilance! "
At the thought of this result, Yang Xiu’s face suddenly became ugly, and immediately he didn’t think about it. The horse sent the coordinates of his feet to pieces, and then he fled out in a flash.