Find her direction

June 18, 2024

But see vaguely as if’
Tashui central
I would like to go against the current’
She speaks softly.
There is a dangerous beach in front of Nai’
The road has twists and turns
I would like to go downstream’
Look for her footprints
But see as if vaguely’
She stood in the water.
Green grass is pale’
White fog is boundless’
There is a beautiful woman. "Listening to music should be beautiful, but Leng Yuze’s ears are particularly horrible!
No, don’t because it’s a daisui ling sound!
Leng Yuze hurriedly looked up and saw a girl with a veil! The woman is dressed in a long aquamarine dress, and her waist is full of black hair and her shoulders are slightly tilted, which makes this woman more mature and charming.
Big eyes to the bottomless black pool makes people intoxicated! The most important thing is that the eyes are faint and blurred, and the deepest part of the hidden eyes is as sad as he who sees through the world of mortals! Such a woman is intoxicating!
After singing, the woman turned and left, leaving a beautiful and unreal back, and this back! But let the already relaxed Leng Yuze get up all spirits again!
Because that is the back of Daisui Ling! One belongs to Daisui Ling’s back!
Today, I saw Mo Liang’s message in tears! Kindness ~ Thank you for your support and efforts! But I’m very sorry that it’s too little today! ~~~~g; _l; ~~~~
Tears, tears, I’m sorry for your support, but tears did my best! Tears are really tired and uncomfortable recently! I’m sick again without tears! Hey, when can I get rid of the fate of "Lin Daiyu possessed"? ! !
I’m sorry, dear friends, but tears will work harder! Please believe me! By the way, tell everyone again that there will be a mutation in these two pictures! Something wonderful will happen to clear water, night ice and cold feather! Look forward to it ~ ah! Tears are dying. I’m leaving ~ ~
Accidental discovery
Ordered a glass of vodka cold feather ze slowly closed his eyes.
That elegant figure will never go away in his mind! He’s not white. Who the hell is that? Is it Dai Suiling? But she’s dead! Someone else? But he has been with Daisui Ling for so long that it is clear that it is Daisui Ling’s back!
Leng Yuze had a headache and rubbed his temples and decided not to think about these things! He hasn’t figured out the matter of clear water and ice at night. It’s happening again! Hey, Leng Yuze is really at a loss!
Vodka after vodka slipped into his throat again and again as Leng Yuze tightened his brow. Leng Yuze’s consciousness was vague, but that figure was still deeply imprinted in Leng Yuze’s mind!
Leng Yuze lightly scolded "Damn it!" And end up with a glass of very strong vodka.
Is preparing to drink cold feather ze eyes gradually blurred.
"pa!" As the glass fell to the ground and made a crisp sound, Leng Yuze drunk the bar!
Vaguely Leng Yuze felt that a pair of slender hands lifted him up and slowly walked towards a bag.
Leng Yuze vaguely felt that it was a girl. He opened his eyes and saw a lovely girl in a pink princess dress with a big golden brown roll, gently helping him to a bag.
Leng Yuze blinked to see more clearly. I didn’t expect this to make him feel a chill!
This lovely girl is Xue Yiyi!
Xue Yiyi carefully helped Leng Yuze to the bag sofa and let him lie flat there, then turned around and walked to the other end of the bag.
At the other end of the bag, a woman in a light blue dress sat on the sofa, just like Leng Yuze.
The woman looked at Xiang Xue Yiyi and asked, "Yiyi, how is he?" That sound is another cold feather, and it almost disappeared because it is Daisui Lingyin!
Xue Yiyi said, "Hey, he has been drinking and now he is drunk!"
When the woman heard this, she immediately relaxed her tight nerves and gently lifted her veil to move very lightly.