He knew very well that his brother was angered. He quickly stopped the cold-blooded "it is better to tell Lin Zixiao."

June 19, 2024

Cold-blooded eyes didn’t blink, so he pushed Lengche’s body tightly, and D loosened Lin Zixiao’s right side, and then he punched and kicked him. Although it seemed to be sloppy, in fact, everyone was trying to hide D from sweating, and he was accidentally punched by cold blood.
See this Lin Zixiao some worry.
It seems that D is not a cold-blooded opponent
Lengche also breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, this D-man can’t beat cold blood, otherwise it would be difficult to deal with.
"Looking for death!" D smeared a mouthful of bleeding at the corner of his mouth. When he was shot, he was cold-blooded. He lifted his foot first and grabbed his wrist. D frowned with pain and slowly fell with the gun.
Cold-blooded, ready to catch the pistol with a demonic smile, Lin Zixiao quickly turned around and took the pistol first and shouted, "Cold-blooded, tell me what you need Zi Qingdan to do first. If I can’t do it, I will willingly give it to you! !”
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"willingly?" Cold-blooded one leng incredible eyes staring at Lin Zixiao.
Lin Zixiao swallowed saliva and then nodded his head for sure.
"I don’t believe it!" The three words are very loud. Lin Zixiao spits out from her cold-blooded mouth. Her eyes blink and she looks at the injury around her. D’s heart tightens. She picks up a pistol and reaches her heart. "What do you still believe now?"
Cold-blooded eyebrows wrinkled tightly. He went to Lin Zixiao and grabbed her pistol. "Is this what you have to do? Zi Qing Dan cures all kinds of poisons. You know that my mother has been poisoned and needs it to save. "
Cold-blooded, very painful, told the secret, and his cold expression became gloomy.
Giant poison …
Lin Zixiao thought for a while and said, "Where is your mother?"
"I was placed by my uncle in a certain part of this building. There is a ladder here that can go directly to my uncle. My uncle invited many internationally renowned doctors. Those doctors said that my mother’s illness would be infected by gas. I haven’t seen her for a long time." Cold-blooded expression became more and more painful.
"Take me to the ladder, I want to see it." Lin Zixiao frowned tightly. If this kind of terror has a strange disease, then the ss Medical International College of the United States should have told them something that she would not know.
Faint Lin Zixiao felt something was wrong.
She looked at the cold-blooded face again, but she was still sad and sad. For a moment, Lin Zixiao felt cold-blooded and lied to her! But look at her face!
"I’ll take you there, but don’t contact my mother in case …" Cold-blooded Lin Zixiao interrupted the "impossible" urgently before he finished.
Lin Zixiao frowned. She didn’t want to talk too much to people who didn’t understand medicine.
"I’ll go too!" Shout behind d
"No, you just don’t follow me," Lin Zixiao said without returning to rude feelings.
Cold-blooded took Lin Zixiao to a ladder door in front of the ladder. Lin Zixiao walked in and his eyes became chilly.
"What floor?"
Lin Zixiao did not hesitate to press the three numbers as soon as the cold-blooded voice fell.
"hey!" Cold-blooded still has something to say, but the ladder door has slowly fallen from the sixth floor.
Not far away, a man lit a cigar with a grim smile on his lips, and his eyes were burning with excitement and could not conceal evil.
"Cold-blooded, you are really disobedient." The man said that his voice was strange. The light could not be found in the dark corner, and the smoke hung over his gaunt and evil face
Today is destined to be extraordinary.