Hertha, the satellite city of Madrid, is obscure and unremarkable.

June 21, 2024

But now they have become the focus of attention throughout Spain.
Because in Madrid, after Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Vallecano, the fourth top league team was born!
A team that has just experienced the economic crisis and is still managed by a bank has created such an inspirational miracle.
All eyes of Spain are focused on them.
Also focused on leading the team to create miracles, the biggest hero, the head coach Chang Shengshen.
If the former Chang Sheng spread his influence at the level of the second division, now his influence has to break through the restrictions of the second division and spread to a wider world.
The first division is a wider stage than the second division, where everything can be done.
Many people will also hear Chang Sheng’s name for the first time and see his extraordinary qualities.
Changsheng looked at the excited Hertha fans outside the window and waved and smiled at them frequently.
And the fans also express their support for Changsheng in their own way.
They shouted, "Let them regret it!"! Let them regret it in the second division! "
The unfair treatment and insult suffered by Chang Sheng at Atletico Madrid resonated with Hertha fans, who were also looked down upon as small players.
But now being looked down upon by people, the small role is beautiful and has attacked the big man!
When Hertha fans are celebrating their promotion crazily, it is said that in Calderon, Atletico Madrid fans burned their Wang Jike jerseys-they blamed Kike for the team’s failure to upgrade, which was highly anticipated by fans before the season. Kike didn’t score a goal this season!
These fans have completely forgotten how they treated Kiko at the beginning of the season.
They regard Kiko as the savior.
But once the savior didn’t live up to their expectations, they turned against each other and denied people.
Just as the fans burned Kiko jerseys, Kiko was being interviewed by reporters and said he would leave Atletico Madrid.
"I’m sorry for not being able to upgrade successfully. I think it’s time to leave Atletico Madrid for a new era …"
Atletico Madrid finally left with the stigma of Atletico Madrid fans.
Hertha bus didn’t return to coliseumalfonso perez directly, but turned to Lisibelina Square in downtown Hertha.
Every team in the Spanish football team has a dedicated square to celebrate. Of course, it does not mean that this square belongs to the club. It means that the fans of the club like to gather here to celebrate, and the team will choose to go to this place to celebrate for a long time to cater to the fans. This square has been labeled as the team’s team system.
For example, the exclusive celebration venue of Real Madrid is West Baerreis Square, also known as Harvest Goddess Square.
The celebration venue of Atletico Madrid is Manzarez Square, also known as Poseidon Square.
Hertha’s celebration venue is called Cibelina Square, which translates into "sable" in Chinese.
Now there are a lot of Hertha fans there.
Many fans followed Hertha bus to this square, and they all came to celebrate the team’s victory.
Whether the team comes today or not, they will come here to celebrate the victory.
But today the team came and didn’t come in and brought the championship trophy!
At Calderon Stadium, their award ceremony ended hastily, but not here at Sibelina Square. Hertha fans gave Hertha the best celebration ceremony with their enthusiasm.
This time, even if the front of the car is blocked, there is no car to let the fans let the players not feel tired. They seem very excited and keep getting up and waving to the fans outside the window, attracting more cheers from the fans outside.
The league is over, and both players and fans need to celebrate.
Changsheng and the players came from the car. The square was full of fans.
Team captain Pedro canizares touched the trophy, and when it appeared, Sibelina Square gave a huge cheer.
"champion! Champion! We are champions! We are champions! !”
These Hertha fans shouted to push the atmosphere to a climax.
They chanted slogans and sang Hertha team songs, and then shouted the names of Hertha players one by one.
In the end, they shouted the winning name.
This sound is much louder than when they called a player’s name before!
Changsheng was also pushed to the stage by the players to accept this unique cheer, which he deserved.
"often! Chang! Chang! !”
Seeing him appear cheered even more.
Chang Sheng looks at these people, but he doesn’t know their names. There are too many people, and he can find his acquaintances from them, but they all have a common name-Hertha fans.
Just when I came here two years ago, these people were still questioning themselves and criticizing themselves for offending Golka, the genius of team C.
At that time, Chang Sheng never dared to think that he would one day be cheered by Wanheta fans in the square.