Looking back, I’m not even Lan Yu. I’m Meng Xiaoyu in the 21st century!

June 22, 2024

This scapegoat is really!
Feather Qian squealed and couldn’t wait to hit his head against the bed to make amends.
The Hunger Feng Luo straightened up and said simply, "But Jing Xuan looks more beautiful and more evil." His face is close to the feather face and his smile is very strange. "It seems that they said it was true. Jing Xuan died when she sealed me three thousand years ago. It really deserved it. Did I do all my spiritual strength and pass out? Am I so worthy of her hate? I’m such a fool, and … "He suddenly stopped himself.
I will spend my life with Jing Xuan!
What if you want Jing Xuan to be happy and give up the world at your fingertips? It’s a pity that she didn’t deceive herself in vain. Everything she said to herself was false. Everything she did was to let her guard down and seal herself.
When that flashing cold light dagger pierced his heart, Feng Luo clearly heard the sound of his heart breaking, and his heart ached, which was obviously not.
Wind Luo smiled wryly. "So that’s it. I’m sure you are the reincarnation of Jingxuan, a goddess. Otherwise, you won’t have the same breath as her and Fengpei will find you by herself. But in my eyes, you are as hateful as Jingxuan. If you can’t get rid of Jingxuan’s debt, it’s up to you to pay it back."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Past Love Memories
———please keep it.
With that, he flung himself on the feather’s body and fixed the girl’s hands with both hands. She kissed the face and neck of the feather’s face vigorously. His kiss was hot, crazy and fierce without resisting the feather’s body, and he almost choked.
Shura’s kiss with Ling Mo’s pupil is different. His kiss is gentle and lingering, which can intoxicate the feather. But the wind kiss is overbearing and full of demanding the feather. It feels great pressure.
She desperately pushed and hit Feng Luo’s chest, but her little hands were like hitting a big stone, and her legs were all twisted. She kicked and hit Feng Luo’s legs hard, but Feng Luo needed to stretch out a hand to hold her legs firmly down.
Feather Bow Struggles Constantly. Feng Pei, who is wearing her body, senses that Feather Bow helps and anger Zhang to absorb power. Famen Fengluo suddenly feels sensitively that her strength is constantly transitioning to Feather Bow.
It turns out that Feng Pei does have the ability to absorb other people’s strength. When Feng Luo stops, he can’t help but think of Jing Xuan holding Feng Pei in his hand and telling him that this piece of Feng Pei will destroy their feelings and then throw it in Wushan personally. If Jing Xuan wants to, she can absorb Feng Luo’s body and spirit completely, but Jing Xuan doesn’t!
The Hunger Feng Luo sat up, and quickly grabbed the sheets around him and covered his body. He stared at Feng Luo in horror, holding his head and gently closing his eyes. His big hand grabbed his red face and his face was full of pain.
It was a long time before he said slowly, "What’s your name?"
Feather looked at him warily and heard him ask his name like this and said softly, "They all call me feather."
Feng Luo nodded. "Well, I’ll call you Feather, too. I know you must hate me now because I killed that leopard. Your friend, right?"
Feather Zhen didn’t know what he was up to. She hesitated, but still nodded heavily.
Feng Luo smiled. "Since you are the reincarnation of Jingxuan, the goddess of heaven, don’t you have any previous life memories?"
Feather Zhen shook his head. "No, not at all. You said I was the reincarnation of Jingxuan, but I had no idea about Jingxuan dribs and drabs, but I did have a feeling of deja vu for you."
Feng Luo turned to look at Yu Zhen. "You probably know that my whole world enemy Jing Xuan sealed me three thousand years ago, but you don’t know what I can easily be countered by her, right?"
Did you see Yu Zhen? Feng Luo went on to say, "Because Jing Xuan was once the only person I really loved, I once wanted to be with her for life."
Feather Qian couldn’t help but open his mouth in surprise. When he said this, Feng Luo turned his face cold, a little tender and resolute.
"But she was once the only woman I fell in love with, and no one really cared for me since she came to this world. They were afraid of me and looked down on me, because I was an orc and a devil child. I could turn the whole world upside down if I wanted to, and I did. At that time, I really wanted to take the whole world into my own hands, and I wanted to prove that I was the most powerful in the whole world." Feng Luo’s red eyes gradually became dark like two priceless red crystals.
"But when I met Jingxuan, she was so holy and beautiful. When I saw her smile, I felt that my soul was purified. At that time, I felt that the whole day was so insignificant compared with Jingxuan, especially when she picked up the injured rabbit and took good care of her. I secretly swore that Jingxuan would give up the world that I could get at my fingertips. I have one thing for Jingxuan: once I have nothing else to ask for!" Wind los expression is so firm.
"What about Jingxuan?" Feather Qian got the nerve to ask
"I, she loves me, too." There seems to be a scene in front of Feng Luo’s eyes where Jing Xuan gently wipes his sweat with a handkerchief in his hands. Those beautiful eyes are inextricably linked and touching.
"But I didn’t expect that one day, when I wasn’t looking, she turned into a dagger and stabbed me in the chest." Feng Luo’s eyes burst into flames, and his hands trembled and covered his chest to suppress his anger.
Looking at Feng Luo’s pain, the feather seems to forget that this man is a chilling demon. She said softly, "Have you ever thought that Jing Xuan has a reason for your hand?" Have you ever told her that you are willing to give up fighting for the control of the world? "
Feng Luo nodded and said, "I told her that the whole world is like a drop in the ocean compared with her. If I had to choose, I would like to be clean. She knows, but I can’t figure out why she wants to do it to me in the end?"
"But what net xuan what don’t kill you but seal you? It should have been easy for her to chop off your head at that time? " Feather asked
Wind Luo with a wry smile, "I’m surprised that I’ve always wanted to find her and ask her a clear question. Why not just kill me but seal me? But I didn’t expect that silly woman to be dead." His eyes were full of pain.
"Have you ever thought that you and Jing Xuan have a misunderstanding? So she didn’t seal you for what not to kill you. Maybe Jingxuan root loathe to give up and she really loves you. "Feather Zhen thought for a while and said simply.
Wind Luo snorted "is it? I can’t believe that she was so determined when she sealed me. I can’t believe that she still loves me. If she loves me, she has been reincarnated in my heart? "
Love the wind and lose heart?
Yes, if Jing Xuan really loved Feng Luo, then where is the heart that loves Feng Luo? What feather has no memory of Feng Luo? Did Jing Xuan bury Yu Fengluo’s memory together?
Feng Luo no longer speaks. He has fallen deeply into the yearning for Jingxuan, a goddess. Love or hate, he once hated Jingxuan and his teeth itch. He couldn’t wait to tear Jingxuan to pieces.
However, until now, he is really white and Xuan has died. At present, although this girl has a net Xuan breath, it is not a net Xuan, and he left a sigh.
My greatest wish for rebirth is not to still seize the power to control the whole world, but to see Jing Xuan again and ask her personally what.
Feather Zhen carefully looked at The Hunger Fengluo. At this moment, he is no longer the devil who changed the color of heaven and earth, but he is as helpful and lonely as a baby.
"That you step to do? You already know that I am really not Jingxuan. What are you going to do with me? " Feather asked
Feng Luo seemed to wake up from a rude awakening. He got up and paced back and forth for a few steps and smiled. "I won’t make the same mistake again for the second time. Three thousand years ago, I met a woman who almost forgot my own eyes. Now I won’t let that hateful woman stop and never interfere with my mind again." He seemed to instantly restore the evil face. He looked down at Feather. "What is the reincarnation of Jing Xuan?" Well, then watch how I levy the world! "