"What you have done will make me find the real punishment."

June 23, 2024

"Let me punish you today! !”
Finally, the body was forcefully pulled up by three feet, and Wei Bo drank a lot and took a big step.
Every step, a few thin cracks will quickly spread around along his resting place, and the whole square will keep shaking
So mighty that heaven and earth tremble and worship!
However, the jade girl seems to have no feeling.
Not only did I not feel anything, but I also raised a contemptuous smile. "Do you punish me on behalf of heaven? Hehe ~ ~ ~ Boy, do you know what a day is? After my husband died, I was the sky in this world. "
After god’s gentle words fell like a fiend, Wei Boyi had rushed to the front of her, tearing the iron fist around her and slamming it into her face.
And it was then that she finally slowly raised her hand to refer to Chapter 5 Tongtian Hall ()
The square is quiet, the sacred place is quiet.
Can tear bullying blow was where the weak fingers.
It still looks full of strength, and it seems that it can destroy all fists, so it stops where it is, and the way to stop one inch in front of the woman is to enter again.
Does this Jurchen in front of you represent the violation of the laws of heaven and earth?
Everything seemed to fall silent in an instant.
"It seems that there is no force fluctuation"
Coagulation snow frowned and looked at Xiangyang Lingtian doubtfully.
There is no attack in this world, but there is no force fluctuation. Even if Wei Boyi’s attack turns into pure power, it will cause force fluctuation in the surrounding world.
And in front of it, the woman who occupied Mu Yiqiao’s body is called the queen of God, and that one finger didn’t even have the slightest force to fluctuate, like a weak woman who just woke up and stretched herself at will.
And it is this lazy finger that actually blocked Wei Bo’s tearing blow.
This is beyond the scope of understanding the snow, and it is unreasonable.
"Children don’t you inherited the xuan Yin qi power can beat me? Let me tell you where Xuan Yin Qi comes from. "
After God smiled and stretched out his hand gently, Wei Boyi obediently stepped aside like an obedient child. The angry and unwilling eyes still made people jump involuntarily at first sight.
"Son, I know your heart is unwilling, but do you know that the actual Xuan Yin Qi is from me?" The face after God is still that calm and peaceful smile.
She looked up as if lost in some kind of memory, and looked at the sky for a long time before she heaved a sigh of relief. "You are right. Xuan Yin Qi is a punishment sword, which means killing and punishing all the evils in the world."
"There is love and punishment in this world, and there is life and death! Chaos gave birth to my husband and me. He represents kindness and life. I represent punishment and death. He has five sacred beasts, I have four fierce beasts, and he has the creativity of the world. I have the ability to destroy and kill the mysterious yin. We are really a natural couple, and the result is quite matched. My four fierce beasts were suppressed and the mysterious yin was sealed, and he also died with the five sacred beasts. "
No one has ever complained about the ancient secret, and it is this secret that has aroused the minds of Ning Xue and others at the same time
The empress represents punishment and killing, and the ancestor god represents love and creation.
Both are absolutely natural enemies.
Didn’t the ancestor god manage the world and die of fatigue, but he fought with the woman in front of him?
Jade platform god ignored all doubts. She glanced at Wei Bo with a faint face and said, "I didn’t let you inherit the Xuan Yin Qi, not because I was afraid that you would make moves on me after gaining power. If your power comes from the Xuan Yin Qi, you will always resist me. I want my soul to attach someone casually to get back the source power when I was born, and your Xuan Yin Qi will be controlled by me. Even if you are determined, I can’t control your line completely, but at least you can make moves. You are not a threat to me.
It’s as if the real level of my body is still the same as that of Mu Yiqiao three days ago except for a little source power, but you are tolerant of me.
I didn’t give you the Xuan Yin Qi at the beginning, mainly because I wanted you to deal with the practitioners who were fascinated by the Que Song of Heaven. Although his Xuan Yin Qi can make you powerful, it has no root for killing Yang Ling Tian Shen Qi. "
The square was silent.
The reason why powerful Xuan Yin Qi is easily restrained is so simple.
"You can control the evil spirit. I wonder if you can control us?"
Coagulation snow and Bai Ling glances flew at the same time.