Unfortunately, family pressure forced them to give up.

June 24, 2024

Zhang Hao came to the car, accompanied by Chen Yi. Since he went home, the whole person feels refreshed, as if he had put a big burden on him.
But Chen Yi looked at Zhang Hao and seemed a little awkward. Unfortunately, Zhang Hao glanced around and didn’t notice Chen Yi’s expression.
Zhang Hao was very excited because when he received the message from the delegation, the delegation did say that it would support the Tauren team and find a training base for the Tauren team in a big villa in the sea.
What does this mean? It means that a national league is not even a third-rate team, and the team has already had a professional sports model.
This makes Zhang Hao excited, and this is the time to sponsor everything, just ask Zhang Hao and others to make achievements
Zhang Hao must have been sitting still when he got the news, waiting for Erhong and others to tell them the good news.
Sure enough, Gao Chengfeng, Er Hong, Wang Dongdong and Zhou Qiang were also excited when they learned that there was a big villa. Let alone the hotel. This extremely training environment is enough for others to envy.
Villa del Mare is very excited to think about it.
All the people in the car are thinking about the League of Nations. Chen Yi wanted to think and asked, "If the League of Nations has won the ranking, what are you going to do next?"
Sure enough, Chen Yi’s problem hit the nail on the head. Several people were silent, not that they hadn’t thought about it, but that it was really a bit at a loss on this day.
"Keep calling." Gao Chengfeng slowly expressed his thoughts. After all, it was his idea a long time ago. He never thought that one day he would be so close to his dream.
"Keep calling, of course. Are you all right? I’m still carrying millions of debts." Zhang Hao said that everyone was happy, but after that, everyone was worried about Zhang Hao
He’s right. It’s a million-dollar debt. It’s tragic if you don’t get results if you have bad opportunities.
"I think you should understand the situation of an lspl" Chen Yi slowly said.
"What’s the situation?" Erhong didn’t understand.
"I mean, this year lspl, that is, you are going to advance to the first division, and the competition may be more intense than ever."
Listen, Chen Yi didn’t understand anything. I don’t know what he was trying to say.
Chen Yi continued, "Korea is a powerful country in League of Legends, and they have won the s4 champion. Do you know that?"
A few people nodded, and it was true that in the end, the royal team failed to defeat South Korea’s ssw and failed to resist South Korea.
It was a painful memory, and no one wanted to recall it, but I didn’t know what Chen Yi had brought up this topic.
"Korea is very strong, and the Korean Competition Association has issued a regulation that may make all teams drop two teams and integrate one strong team."
Chen Yi’s words gave Zhang Hao an epiphany, that is to say, a large number of unemployed players appeared. Zhang Hao knew that many teams gathered in the s4 competition.
Just like ssw and ssb are both sponsored by South Korea’s Samsung, and the ssb number Chen Yi team was defeated by the second team ssw and finally won the championship.
"It means that many people will come to China." Zhang Hao doesn’t understand that the probability is not so great.
Chen Yi nodded. "Not only will I come, but I expect that most people may choose lspl. After all, there are not many places for lpl league team masters. The platform of lspl is fierce and may be very intense."
This news made Zhang Hao stunned. Indeed, he didn’t expect this level at all. So the competition in the first division this year is really fierce.
Moreover, Chen Yi analysis is almost good, and the probability of the first division is greater. lpl teams are mostly saturated, while many teams in lspl are all teams in the Super League, which means that there are the same big-name bosses behind them.
In this way, the intensity of lspl league may really reach the former intensity, that is to say, the greater challenge will just come after crossing the threshold of national league.
"This" tauren team is also silent. I didn’t expect the road ahead to be so difficult.
"Of course, you are not without a chance." Chen Yi’s words made several people rekindle their hopes and looked at him.
"Well, you still have me. I will lead you to victory. Hahahaha" Chen Yi is laughing. He is smirking ~
""The mouth twitching of the five people in the Niuren team is not so good. I still prefer just being serious.
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"In fact, this also reflects South Korea’s determination to compete," Chen Yi said with some loneliness.
I heard that Zhang Hao and others stopped talking. Yes, China really needs a leading team.
Stop at s2 and stop at runner-up in s3 Star Race, which makes people feel lonely.
It is a pity that s3 lost in the final. Many people are looking forward to a champion in China, holding their heads high and proving to the world that China is not bad.
But everything is so difficult. When s4 Star Tournament stops, China will feel sorry.
S4: Three teams from China went abroad with hopes and dreams, but they finally stopped at the finals.
Once again, the world’s second title crown king hopes to break, and the country once again feels sorry.
"Do you know what we can’t beat others?" Chen Yixiao asked.
"Because the technology is not strong," Erhong said naturally.
Erhong’s pie pie "is not the reason why the technology is not strong."