This girl has no pursuit except delicious food all over the world. I really want to ask a white Xuanyuan emperor what he wants to do that!

June 25, 2024

Not only herself, but also all the fairies and beasts in the twelve celestial realms who died directly or in the hands of Xuanyuan Emperor and Jieshenmeng, ask for a statement!
The two brothers and sisters embraced each other gently in the sky, and Xiao asked for comfort for 90 thousand, while 90 thousand wanted to straighten out his thoughts and gradually calm down in Xiao’s arms
However, after all, there are people outside and more than one.
But this time the first reaction to come over was not Xiao asked but ninety thousand.
When ninety thousand realized that many people were watching them, their faces suddenly turned slightly hot, and then they earned money in Xiao Wen’s arms and pushed Xiao Wen.
Xiao didn’t take it seriously when he asked, only to see that 90,000 faces turned out to be a pale red, which looked very beautiful.
But as far as Xiao Wen knows, the girl’s face is red with her eyes, but she has never been red.
"Are you unwell?" Xiao asked hurriedly asked to return ninety thousand Du Jie when something went wrong.
At Xiao Q with a frown, 90,000 shook his head and said, "It’s okay, brother, let’s go. If it’s late, there will be demon masters coming."
Xiao Wen held out his hand to grasp the tender right hand of 90,000 naturally, which was about to teleport with 90,000. This is normal, but it is common for Xiao Wen to catch her little hand or arm with her way before 90,000. But this time, Xiao Wen’s hand shrank back when it touched 90,000 small hands, but it was still caught by Xiao Wen, and then Xiao Wen took her to teleport people away, but her small hands were frozen for a long time.
Until the teleport several times to a few outside Wan Li, the two men stopped to draw back their hands without saying ninety thousand, and it was not until this moment that Xiao Wen felt that there was sweat in his hands, which was definitely not what he could do, but ninety thousand.
Is this a sequela of just being promoted?
See ninety thousand seems to be nothing Tan Xing Xiao asked simply didn’t ask, but directly with her to fly to a big city in the field of vision.
Seeing that it was about to fall into the city, 90 thousand glanced at Xiao and asked, "What are you going to do?"
"Take your pavilion, of course. I didn’t promise you that every time you go to a new place, it’s not too urgent for you to take you to the best restaurant to eat a bunch." Xiao asked some unexpected tunnels.
Ninety thousand dazed bowed their heads and bit their teeth in embarrassment before raising their heads.
Hmm? Why is this 90 thousand blushing again?
And Xiao asked this time to see the truth. This girl was really ashamed and annoyed when she bowed her head just now.
But a moment later, I saw that 90,000 people breathed a sigh of relief, showing their spirits and taking the lead in falling.
A day later, the two men knew that this place is called the heroic demon world, which is indeed the twelve demon worlds, but it is not the front line of the war with the celestial world.
Xiao Wen and ninety thousand decided to continue to inquire here and then make plans.
Half a month later, they got the exact news that Nan Yunqing was not in this world, but probably in the other three demon worlds!
What I can inquire about is so specific because it is said that Nan Yunqing has officially met Beihuang, but although he does not listen to Beihuang’s call, he is willing to make moves against Xuanyuan Emperor in wartime.
Better than Nan Yunqing at this time, she also had to use the demon clan force to see how far she had been forced by Xuanyuan Emperor …
Is it really so true that the enemy who killed his father is at large and respected by the celestial world, while his daughter can be chased into exile by the enemy who killed his father? ! to be continued
Chapter five hundred Sword refining
Xiao asked the truth that the root method had an effective dialogue with the soul of the ancient gods. All the information she handed out was vague. Can he even guess what she meant?
He didn’t know how to respond, and he was really unprepared for her sudden appearance.
She was there, but she was already there. To some extent, the world has not changed.
In the darkness over there, I feel that there is another one like my mother who really feels warm and attached.
Xiao asked a lot. If you are an adult, you should calculate it according to your real age. If you are a super old man, what qualifications do you have to throw your face into the arms of others to seek warmth?
He is really not qualified.
But the problem is that the other person is not a human being, but another great life. She is the whole barren and ancient god world that has existed in the universe since ancient times, watching the rise and annihilation of all races in the whole god world with warmth or indifference, and the vicissitudes of all regions …
Sunrise and sunset are beautiful, but they are actually her sunrises and sunsets. She has watched them hundreds of millions of times …
A certain country is very powerful and powerful, but her mood has never changed, because she has watched it several times, and everything has evolved and changed in her arms …
The world is very big. Go straight along the road and you can reach the remote place. Ascension is detachment to another more magical world, but no matter how you walk or how you soar, it is also in her body …
Therefore, she can no longer be regarded as an ordinary life.
Don’t say it’s an old man, even if he has been reincarnated with his memory for a hundred times and a thousand times, the guy who wants to die can’t die, and he has every reason to feel dependent when facing her.
However, at a certain moment Xiao Wen felt that she didn’t deserve Xiao Wen’s dependence because she couldn’t give Xiao Wen the future.
After all, she is an evolutionary failure, and now she is falling apart, waiting for her to gradually disappear and never have a second chance to evolve.
Xiao Wen is the person who is most likely to leave her for the mature celestial world, and will continue her life in another world. She really hopes Xiao Wen can go out.
And the only thing she can do is silently bless him.
This kind of blessing will not be practical when Xiao Wen is in the ancient world, but once Xiao Wen leaves the ancient world, this blessing will become a real luck!
thank you
Xiao asked in the dark light way
Although I can’t see Xiao Wen, I still know that she smiled with relief, which made me feel very comfortable.
I don’t know how long it took Xiao Wen to open his eyes and see him directly opposite Yuan Wen Jian Jun.
The two men looked at each other for a while and asked Jian Jun, "Have you awakened the mark of the ancient gods?"
It’s not too surprising that the other party is a mature celestial weapon, and it’s not too surprising that Xiao asked. Instead, I want to ask some questions: "Do you have this divine mark of your predecessors?"
Yuan Wenjuan shook his head with a wry smile and was fascinated by the tunnel. "Yes, there is, but there is no awakening. Generally speaking, I won’t wake up until I reach the high level of this world. I’m one step behind."
"So that’s it." With that, Xiao Wen pondered.
Yuan asked Jianjun again, "Your situation is definitely an exception, but it’s better if you don’t feel it first and then talk about detachment?"
"Well …"
Xiao asked nature to know that he was touched by the celestial light, and then he woke up. After a moment’s reflection, he knew that people like Nan Yunqing, Zi Yan, Zen Magic and Hainong certainly failed to wake up this celestial mark.
I wonder what is the situation of Xuanyuan Emperor?
If Xuanyuan emperor didn’t wake up, can he ask her to help him deal with Xuanyuan emperor through the seal of the gods?
As a result, Yuan asked Jian Jun to give the answer. He directly asked Xiao, "The biggest shit after the awakening of the seal of the divine world is to make you feel that she is easy to get rid of and let her help you with one arm, but it is impossible. It can be said that all creatures in the world are her incarnations. She has always been impartial and will not help you because she cares about you."
Xiao asked also white to nod wry smile way "really should be so"
"Are you going to take it?" Yuan asked Jian jun suddenly asked
When Xiao asked, he immediately smiled and asked, "Is the elder one’s fingers itchy again?"
Yuan asked Jian Jun for a generous smile and then said, "I have to say that you have a lot of advantages in ascending to the friar step by step by digging a mine and refining a device with your own hands. When I was in your realm, I was definitely not as accomplished as you were in the device. Even before I cast the Forbidden Art of the King of God, I dare not say that I have mastered all the attack laws of the device gods, but you have the unique advantage of the root law and naturally master all the laws. I naturally want to see what power your optimal law will make the fairy device."
"Well, what are you cooking today?"
"Let’s cut the clouds with twelve swords."
"Then bother your predecessors to give directions from the side."