Yi southwest xiaolou

June 26, 2024

Lights are shining in the room, and a cough occurs from time to time.
"Ahem …"
Stuart first looked at the bright red blood dripping from the corner of the couch man’s mouth to his enchanting red suit. He frowned and handed it to him. "You didn’t get sick, and I still got better these days. You don’t tell me if you are uncomfortable!"
Mu Sheng Xiao took the handkerchief and wiped the corners of his mouth. The blood was handsome and enchanting, and his face was as white as paper. If it weren’t for the bright red color contaminating the corners of his mouth, he would doubt whether there was any blood flow in his body.
"Today is suddenly uncomfortable." Mu Sheng Xiao threw his bloody handkerchief aside and leaned against the soft couch. The color of his peach eyes seemed to be dim. He closed his eyes slightly. "What do you think of today’s superficial performance?"
"You still suspect that she is a white-haired ice girl?" Stuart’s first eyebrow eye was slightly critical. Not only did he suspect that it was …
Mu Sheng Xiao hand rubs his thumb one by one. Jade Banzhi takes a cold color at his mouth. "Didn’t you see her imposing manner today? That murderous look only comes from that woman. It’s unexpected that she didn’t die, and it’s also our roots that didn’t find out her body. If she died so easily, it wouldn’t be a white-haired ice girl. It seems that Feng Qin’s woman’s arm is always a little bit cut off without white. "It seems that he said too much, and he couldn’t help coughing again." Ahem … "White hands were stained with blood, and he slowly opened his eyes and looked at the bright and dazzling colors in his hands.
Stuart nodded his head for the first time, and the murderous look was too strong. There is no doubt that when she wrote a painting, her body exuded the majestic momentum of King’s Landing. A woman should have such momentum, but no one they know has such momentum. If she has white hair, Bing Ji seems to be different from what she imagined. If she has white hair, she can’t cut out the symptoms for several times. He is serious about poisoning doctors and doctors, unless she has a good knowledge of medical skills. What a simple woman!
"Since you suspect that she is a white-haired ice Ji, what are you going to do?" Stuart first stared at Mu Sheng Xiao. Today, he was murderous, but he felt it, but it seems that it is not just because she is a white-haired ice Ji. It may seem that there is something else.
Mu Sheng Xiao’s lips evoke a bit of evil laughter, which affects the corners of her mouth. The wet blood adds a bit of seduction, but those peach blossom eyes don’t have temperature. "The king made her know that I won’t reveal her identity. That woman is smart, but there are others who will do it without me." Maybe he still wants to attract her, but it’s so dazzling to watch her get closer to Xuanyuan Tianyue!
"impeded? How many people regard her as an eyesore? It seems that we need to sit quietly. "Stuart nodded his head for the first time.
"Ahem ….." Mu Sheng Xiao suddenly sat up on his couch and coughed blood at the corners of his mouth, unable to control it and poured out.
"Eat one first!" Stuart first quickly poured out a pill and stuffed it into Mu Sheng Xiao’s mouth. He quickly poured him a glass of water for him to drink.
For a long time, Mu Sheng Xiao leaned on the soft couch, handsome and evil, and his face was stained with a trace of sadness. "Do you think if I die, will she come back?"
Stuart took a first look at Mu Sheng Xiao, and how did he wait until he finally became so humble and prayed for him to hang his eyes slightly? It was more like saying to himself, "I think so."
Chapter 18 Nine years ago
Rong Guo gong fu Jingtai yuan
A page walked towards the brightly lit room and knocked at the door. "Did you eat, master?"
The house didn’t respond for a long time. The page carefully shouted again, "It’s time for dinner, master."
"No need." This time, there was a gloomy sound in the room.
Hearing this, the page said respectfully, "Yes!" Immediately leave directly
A figure in the room sat at the table and leaned back, listening to the footsteps outside gradually dispersed. He suddenly took out a picture scroll from the drawer and slowly unfolded it.
With the picture scroll exhibition, there is a beautiful picture, Yan Yueran in front of her eyes, and there is a slight eye-catching phoenix eye, and the show is very beautiful. jade bone seems that everything is art. She walks in white with a smile on her face in the peach blossom season, and the whole person looks like a fairy from the sky.
A pair of thick hands slowly stroked the scroll, and there were tears in Gardiner’s eyes. Looking at the painting, he murmured "Jill’s sorry."
If we didn’t know each other at the beginning, will there be memories that we will never forget? Even if your heart is really important to me
A drop of tears painted a picture of De Ting, but suddenly he didn’t feel it. His thoughts drifted back to that year many years ago, when peach blossoms flourished like this picture. She appeared in front of him like a fairy from the sky and took away his soul.
Lights flashed in the room, and several shadows suddenly appeared outside the window, then broke through the window and entered.
De Ting came to his senses and looked at the man in black with a knife in front of him. He looked extraordinarily calm. It was time to come, and it was time to pay back. He owed them both.
That a few shadows quickly toward the court, raise your knife and cut it directly toward him, close your eyes and accept your fate.
"Ah-"Suddenly a few screams came and several men in black fell to the ground.
Several figures in the room came in and left in the direction of Deting.
"Rong Guogong doesn’t have to be nervous. Everyone has solved it."
Listening to this sound, Deting suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the figure in front of him. He flashed a surprise. "Why are you?" As he spoke, he looked at the ground, and several men in black were killed. Then look at the light, followed by her maid Redjade, and there was a man in black.