Nonsense. Qin Shaojie, this guy’s force value is too high. He can’t stand his condition in Feng Hong. Now he is alone in Beijing. He has to confront him head-on and promise to become a fresh pig.

June 27, 2024

"You want to change your major because of him?" Qin Shaojie looked at Chen Yuan’s back and asked Xue Dan
"Well … it’s because he doesn’t know how to get more than 5 points in the exam that he can still go to Peking University to be a major or a class with me. He pestered me for a summer vacation. It’s so annoying." Xue Dan complained to Qin Shaojie when he saw that Qin Shaojie wanted to know what was going on.
"Do you know that he …"
"All right, let’s stop. Let’s find a place to eat first and then speak slowly." Qin Shaojie will continue to complain when she sees her, so stop her topic and eat first.
"Hum knows to eat" Xue Dan expressed dissatisfaction with Qin Shaojie interrupting her.
"What’s wrong with eating? I tell you that eating and sleeping is the first important thing in life. Kong’s old man’s house said that he would not sleep at noon and collapse at noon. It is obvious how important it is to eat and sleep." Qin Shaojie looked at Xue Dan seriously and said.
"When did you talk nonsense? Who can prove it?" Xue Dan said pie pie.
Looked at Xue Dan Qin Shaojie differences "you study so well you don’t know? Meng Meng’s old man’s house proved it. "
"Meng? How does Meng prove it? "
"Meng said Kong was right"
"Straight" Qin Shaojie just finished Lingfang and laughed.
Ling Fang read the Analects of Confucius, Six Classics and Meng every day when she was in the mountains. She couldn’t help laughing when she heard Qin Shaojie’s nonsense.
"I knew when Kong and Meng had said these words." Lingfang spoke out.
"That is, that is, this is all your fallacy. It is also said that Kong told Meng that you went to talk about where you saw it." Qin Shaojie didn’t expect the quiet and shy monitor of high school to be able to say so.
"Er … I’ll give it to you later."
"Hee hee, I knew it was you who talked nonsense and went to eat." Xue Dan said and took Lingfang’s hand and said, "Sister, you are so beautiful. I am ashamed to compare with you."
Fortunately, they are both girls. Otherwise, other men besides Qin Shaojie will go to pull Lingfang’s hand, but she has to pull it back into the womb with a big mouth.
There is no woman who doesn’t love beauty, and the same beauty likes to be praised. Ling Fang smiled at Xue Dan’s praise for her beautiful face and said to Xue Dan, "My sister is beautiful, too."
"Hey, my skin is not as good as my sister’s. By the way, sister, what brand of makeup do you wear?" Xue Dan took Lingfang’s hand and looked at it and sighed with emotion and asked.
"make up?" Ling Fang is not white, but then she thinks it should be gouache. "I don’t wear makeup, but your skin is actually very good."
"Ah, I envy you so much. Your skin is so good without makeup." Xue Dan said with envy, "Sister, let’s go shopping this weekend. Let’s go to see clothes and makeup together."
"Well, then you can take me to the weekend." Lingfang’s eyes are also flashing with excitement, and Qin Shaojie is speechless. "Women really can’t stand the temptation, teacher elder sister. People like this can also be tempted by makeup and makeup. It’s really sad, but it’s still easy for women to make friends. It’s all from flattering each other. You’ve been holding hands for so long."
"Come on, you two don’t flatter each other here. Let’s go in for dinner." It turns out that several people have walked into the school cafeteria while chatting.
"By the way, eating in the canteen requires a meal card. Do you have it?" Just walked into the dining room Xue Dan asked Qin Shaojie
"Must have a meal card? Didn’t you give it to eat? " Qin Shaojie is depressed.
"Come on, don’t pull a long face. I came a few days earlier than you. I have a meal card. I’ll treat you to dinner." Xue Dan looked at Qin Shaojie and said.
"All right, I’ll get something to eat." Qin Shaojie grabbed Xue Dan’s meal card and started running.
"Come back, Qin Shaojie. Do you know what we eat? You took the card, too." Xue Dan grabbed Qin Shaojie.
"Hey, hey, I forgot to say, what do you want to eat?" Then he turned to Ling Fang and asked, "What do you want to eat, sister?"
"I’ll do whatever you want." Lingfang is not picky about what Qin Shaojie buys casually.
"I want a tomato scrambled egg mixed rice" Xue Dan gestured to Qin Shaojie Nunu to buy it quickly.
"Well," Qin Shaojie promised to turn around and go to the window for cooking.
"Can I sit here, gentlemen?" Ling Fang was chatting with Xue Dan when she was suddenly interrupted by a sound. She looked up and saw a boy about 1 meter tall sitting directly opposite them without waiting for an answer.
"The two classmates are you new? I’m Han Xu, the president of the street dance club. I’m a junior this year. Two beautiful women can just call me brother. "This boy named Han Xu didn’t give Ling Fang and Xue Dan a chance to talk. He introduced himself first, and then asked them to call him brother directly. It’s also quite cheeky.
"By the way, haven’t you asked the names of the two beautiful women?" Han Xu asked with a smile.
"I can tell you" Ling Fang didn’t speak, but Xue Dan gave a more official answer.
"… why don’t those two sit here and eat? I think you two are in good shape. How about inviting you to join the hip-hop club? Just I invite you to dinner, let’s talk about "Han Xu unwilling to continue to ask.
"…" Two women all don’t talk.
"Hey, classmate, you are sick." Han Xu was about to say it, but he felt that he had been slapped on the back. Looking back, it was Qin Shaojie who was holding two plates in his hand behind him.
"Who are you? You are sick?" Han Xu complained. Can you be happy when someone suddenly says "You are sick"?
"True classmate, have you been impetuous recently? Your legs are weak and sometimes your waist is sore?" Qin Shaojie is quite a bit of a street fortune teller.
"hmm? … how do you know "Han Xu open a college student should not believe these by rights, but it happened that Qin Shaojie was right, and he didn’t know Qin Shaojie, so he wouldn’t be deliberately brushing him off.