Therefore, they hope to buy back chiellini, but there is no repurchase clause between the two clubs. Juventus will naturally have to pay a higher price to buy back chiellini.

June 28, 2024

This is still the first question.
Another problem is that Lazio may not be willing to let people go. Now everything shows that chiellini’s potential is always better than his vision. How can he let chiellini go?
Juventus can now pin their hopes on chiellini.
Anyway, chiellini once played for Juventus. Maybe he has feelings? Moreover, Juventus is the most popular team in Italy. In the eyes of many Italian players, its status is just like that of Real Madrid in Spain. It is their lifelong dream to play for Juventus …
They hope to put pressure on Lazio to release them by saying chiellini.
Inter Milan also regret that they let bonucci go easily and sold the department to Lazio without leaving half of it.
Now everyone can see that bonucci has as much potential as chiellini …
Even if Inter Milan don’t have to sell it, they can sell it for a sum of money instead of watching bonucci improve and they have no money.
There are also people interested in Coentrao’s replacement left-back. Porto, a Portuguese giant, wants to bring Coentrao back to Portugal. They think Coentrao can be a substitute in Lazio, but in Porto they promise Coentrao’s main position.
In addition, these clubs seduce Lazio players in the same way-a raise!
How much do you earn in Lazio? Come to our team and at least double it for you! Come to us with a top salary of 3 million, give you 6 million, give you 2 million and give you 4 million!
This is really lethal.
However, Lazio promised these players that it would never be money but honor.
Hanging out with the boss gives you honor, and the temptation to become the best player in today’s football can sometimes resist the temptation of money.
Most of this summer’s victories are rumors.
"modric is leaving Lazio? No, I haven’t heard of it. If he really wants to leave, he will tell me directly, not through you … "
"david silva? He is still recovering from a serious injury this season. I think he will stay in Lazio and will not go anywhere. Gotze will not affect David’s position and future … "
"Juventus are interested in chiellini? I’m glad to say that chiellini’s efforts are fruitful, but I’m sorry that it’s impossible for me to let chiellini go back to Juventus. He won’t go anywhere, he will stay in Lazio! He is an important member of our team … "
"There is nothing to say about bonucci. He is an important member of the team and he will continue to improve in the new season. I look forward to his performance!"
Motta is an excellent midfield commander. He filled modric’s vacancy perfectly when Modric was injured. He will continue to fight with us for the championship. No matter how much Inter Milan pays, I will not sell him. Others have a good time in Lazio. I believe he has no reason to leave Lazio …
"cavani, Gotze, cazorla, Rocchi, Gill, david silva, modric, ledesma, Motta, candreva, SePassareira, Paven, Chiellini, Bonucci, Balzaretti, Coentrao, Belletti, Azpiliquita, Handanovic, Milante … these players are all important members of Lazio! We will not sell a player! "
The media are going to collapse when they see these names-mom! This is Lazio’s first-team formation! These are all "important members". Isn’t it a bit worthless to be an "important member" of your team? !
"I have repeated many times that modric will not leave Lazio, not only modric, david silva, cazorla, G? tze and cavani … these people will not leave Lazio, and we will not sell our players because Lazio does not rely on selling players!"
These words sound like those reporters spitting at him-mom, Lazio doesn’t live by selling players? Then all the teams in the world don’t live by selling players!
It’s a typical example of being a bitch and setting up a memorial arch!
Changsheng vowed to deny that these players will stay.
The media speculation has not stopped at all.
This is a game between him and the buyers’ club in the media.
Under constant pressure from the media and buyers, they hope to see a division in Lazio.
Although Chang Sheng’s attitude is tough, he is him. He can’t represent all Lazio players. He can’t control what other Lazio players think.
If you want to keep firing a certain team, your interest in a certain player will always impress the other team.
This will create division in Lazio.
Once they are unstable, these club opportunities will come.
They are just like sharks chasing slave ships, waiting patiently for the opportunity.
Perhaps they will not give up this pursuit and oppression until the transfer deadline.
In Lazio, almost everyone has a transfer scandal, even the third goalkeeper has not let go because he has no chance to play … It is normal to consider changing places.
But there is only one person who hasn’t had a transfer scandal.
That’s why I say "almost everyone" instead of "everyone"
The player who didn’t come out of the transfer scandal naturally didn’t attract people’s attention because of his poor strength. In fact, the worst strength in this team is that the third team won the game and simply made up the number from the reserve team …
On the contrary, this player is very good in strength and can rank among the top five in Europe in his position.
Isn’t it strange that no team is interested in such an excellent player?
But if you know who this player is, you won’t be surprised.
Because this person is … Sai Passareira.
This player is a famous central defender in the world football today, but it is well known to all clubs that he is a winning dog. He won’t go to any team except the winning team. He doesn’t care how much money he can earn because he doesn’t even have an agent until now.
He wants to always win football.
It’s impossible for you to dig a player away from the winning player unless you dig the winning player first, so if you don’t dig him, Passareira will follow.
When you spend time and energy in Passareira, it is a wave.
He is a special case in Lazio.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Increase the thickness of midfield two signings
In terms of buying players, they often win by watching Porto midfielder meireles and Brazil Sao Paulo Hernaz.
The common feature of these two players is that they can adapt to multiple positions, that is, the versatile midfielder conforms to the principle of winning constantly-one expert and many talents.
Meireles is Porto’s main midfielder, but he played 10 times due to injury last season and didn’t return from injury until one month before the end of the season.
It is still in the recovery period.