White clothes are fluttering, veils are curling, and the figure falls lightly on the umbrella.

June 29, 2024

"Wow, it’s nine days in Xuan Nv!" Someone exclaimed at the scene.
It’s a female face wearing a nine-day Xuan Nv mask.
Although I can’t see my face, I can see how beautiful the mask will be with my eyes shining, my lips smiling, my exquisite figure and light posture.
Just when the women’s faces were outlined in their minds, the women were already dancing in the umbrella.
Field reverse pumping comes and goes.
It’s a mystery how this lamp umbrella can be hung in the air, but everyone can still dance without saying anything.
It’s not easy even if you have flying skills, is it?
Everyone has pinched the staff for women.
However, compared with everyone who is nervous, the woman is very calm, and she is skillful, smooth and beautiful from swinging sleeves, kicking and turning around.
Not only that, but she kept changing her toes, jumping from this umbrella with a little hair flying, and when everyone was fascinated, she suddenly fell from the high umbrella to the low umbrella in everyone’s alarm.
Thrilling and wonderful
Everyone at the scene was deeply attracted by this performance, including the Chinese Emperor in white, the Dragon King and the White Tiger King, all with their jaws slightly raised and their female figures not instantly condensed.
Emperor Ziwei’s eyes are getting darker and darker, and the radian of lip angle has long been inadvertently hidden, and his thin lips are slightly sipped.
Qinglong Shenjun’s surprise is even worse. The shock and excitement in his eyes are staggered, and his body is faint and trembling.
Just when everyone was crazy, suddenly "boom" seemed to break, and everyone saw that the umbrella in the women’s institute suddenly lost its support and suddenly tilted, and the original woman fell with it.
The woman who suddenly loses her balance because of the buoyancy of the open umbrella is obviously wary of falling to the ground at an extremely fast speed.
Falling to the right place is exactly where the onlookers, the Dragon King and the White Tiger King, are located …
Everyone was so scared that they scattered in a panic that they saw that the woman was going to slam at the edge of the dragon god. The white tiger god changed his face and quickly pushed the dragon god vigorously. "Look out!"
Tsing lung emperor was pushed away, and the surface was bluestone. If you fall from such a high place …
A tragic event is about to happen, and everyone closes their eyes. The woman herself seems to be scared of the mask, and a pair of water eyes reveal panic.
However, that’s the way things are. You never know what will happen in a moment, and it will often be reversed in a moment.
At this juncture, a touch of white clothes moves like snow, moving like lightning, and scattered to avoid the crowd’s feeling that the white shadow flashed in front of them, only to find that the tragic didn’t happen. At the last minute, one person firmly took the woman in his arms.
Still two more together, haha, updated early today? ╯□╰ [66] See the fruit in everything?
Everyone was shocked by the force, but they didn’t want to be thrilling.
"Your majesty, are you all right?" In shock, the white tiger god asked eagerly to be pushed away by him, just holding the dragon god.
"Nothing!" Qinglong Shenjun frowned slightly and looked at the savior who suddenly appeared like a god with everyone.
He is a tall man wearing a mask of Chinese Emperor Ziwei.
Although you can’t see that he is really gorgeous and has excellent charm, and he can firmly catch the pressure of women in such a critical situation, you will know that he is not an ordinary person after a relaxed state.
Qinglong Shenjun’s eyes are slightly narrowed.
Because just scattered away, a large part of the crowd was freed to watch, which is equivalent to forming an encirclement with two men holding women.
Obviously, the woman herself was shocked by this scene. Lying in the man’s arms, she stared at the man’s beautiful water eyes. Many looks were unexpected, thankful, grateful, and … flustered.
Fortunately, they all wear masks.
Female lips light qi "more …"
Before the word "Xie" was finished, the man leaned slightly and two people could hear the sound interrupting "Night … Spirit?"
The word "night" dragged on for a long time, as if hesitating, not sure if I had admitted my mistake, and as if I couldn’t react, I forgot how to say her name, and it seemed to be a deliberate suspense.
Finally spit out the word "spirit"
Women’s hearts are already like deer bumping into each other.
My mind turns a thousand times, but I always smile. "It turned out to be Lord Feng!"
In fact, as soon as she fell into his arms and smelled his familiar faint blue musk, she suspected it was him.
Sure enough!
Were you spying on her when you showed up like that?
"It really is a night spirit girl!" The man breathed low again.
The woman smiled "hmm".
"I didn’t expect your big brother to let you show up like this!" The masked man gently hooked his lip angle, and Kurome was profound.
The woman still smiles. "This is not the way to help Feng adults fulfill their long-cherished wish."
When a man listens, he is happy, shameless and anti-glory. "It is also not important to see how the fruit process is rooted in everything."
A cold scoff in a woman’s heart stopped talking and turned her head to see the lamp umbrella finally falling.
"Help me!" The word "low" hasn’t said how to help Feng Ying-mo. Seeing that she is staring at the lamp umbrella, it is already white. In an instant, she holds her and turns around lightly for a few laps.
Both of them are white.
The hair flutters with the man’s rotation, and the two win the snow. The white woman’s elbow gently gathers the white gauze and drags out a beautiful pattern like a blooming white lotus.