Green Mu Gong spent a night together, but he glanced at thirty percent and knelt down in Fu Su.

June 14, 2024

"Today, I spare your life and immediately take someone to find it. I will find the body of Feng Jiang’s clothes as soon as possible!"
Fu Su immediately nodded "White!"
Fu Su left soon, and the look of Qing Mu Gong was even more gloomy. His two right-hand men were very handy. First, Jinse betrayed him, but now he is being hunted down.
Second, Nangong Susong’s ability to be loyal to him is also good, but Nangong Susong was killed by Feng Qinglan.
Now he has many capable people, but he is never as good as Jinse.
Go back to the room and watch the lovesick sleeping. What shall I tell her when she wakes up?
I often miss you because I want to get the body of Feng Jiang’s clothes, so I stay and wait for her until Feng Jiang’s clothes and body are gone. I’m afraid she will want to leave. It’s actually very difficult to leave a woman who wants to leave her side.
Because Qin Xiangxiang made decisions without authorization, Qing Mu Gong let Qin Xiangxiang take the punishment himself and sent another martial arts family to be a maid for Chang Xiangsi.
When I woke up, it was already bright and soft, and I was in a trance for a long time. It was only then that I remembered what happened last night, and I knew that Qin Xiangxiang must have put drugs in her fetal medicine to make her so.
She raised her hand and stroked her belly, and her heart was slightly relieved. The child is still there!
Looking out of the bed, Qing Mu just turned his back on her and didn’t know what to do.
She remembered that Qing Mu Gong promised her something last night. Although it didn’t happen last night, Qing Mu Gong promised her to return Feng Jiang’s clothes to her this morning.
She sat up on her hands and felt her throat was so dry that she couldn’t help coughing.
Looking back, Qingmu Gong has woken up and coughed uncomfortably, so he poured a glass of warm water and walked over. She drank her weakness and naturally loved her now.
Put the cup aside and Qing Mu Gong evoked a smile.
"This appearance in the early morning is really unbearable!"
I was so lovesick that I gouged him out, only to see that Qingmu Gong looked a little pale today. It must have taken a lot of effort to clean up the residual drugs in her body last night, but he asked for it!
I will never forgive him for what he did to Feng Jiang Yi!
Unless you give her a living pink dress!
"it’s time for you to talk to me last night! What about the crimson clothes? "
I knew that when she woke up, she wanted these things, and she didn’t want to hide it with a low smile.
"I got the news this morning … that the coffin of phoenix crimson clothes is missing."
"What did you say?"
His coffin is missing, which means the pink coat is gone!
"He was buried a few days ago, but when Fu Su went to dig this morning, he found that the grave had been passive, and the coffin inside had disappeared. I have asked someone to check it and I will definitely find the phoenix coffin. I won’t hide it from you!"
"Yesterday it was my own fault. I didn’t expect Qin Xiangxiang to do this, but it made you sad for a night."
"I want you to be your antidote, but you are bound to hurt the child in this situation, and I am even more afraid that I will not be able to keep this child’s home. I will feed you a medicine that clears away heat and detoxifies and tries to clear your body."
What did he say later? He didn’t know clearly that the tomb of Feng Jiang Yi had been dug and the coffin was missing. So who has Feng Jiang Yi now?
Did the white guard find him or did the ghost master find him?
But if they find Feng Jiang Yi Qing Mu Gong, they will definitely get news here!
But Feng Jiang’s clothes are not in the hands of Qing Mu Gong now, and she has no need to stay.
She must go back to Fengfu to find out if they have Fengjiang clothes now.
Chang Xiangsi opened the quilt and asked for a bed, but let Qing Mu Gong hold it with one hand.
"Where are you going?"
Acacia tried to get rid of his hand, but her strength was far from it.
"I’m going back to Fengfu. I didn’t go with you because the crimson clothes were in your hands. Now that he’s not in your hands, is it necessary for me to stay here? I came to your side from beginning to end. Do you still think I am willing to stay here? "
Acacia often laughs at her eyes, which are still red and swollen, and her cheeks have faded because of the drug effect. At this time, her face is cold and cheerless.
Green Mu Gong smiled. "You just recognize my green Mu Gong residence so that you can come and go whenever you want? Yesterday, I got you. I’ve put all my itinerary in mind. You suffered a lot last night. Let you have a good rest and leave Fenglin day by day! "
He held her in his arms. No, she struggled.
"You you escape? Feng Jiang’s clothes are dead. What are you thinking? Don’t forget that you are my wife, and my media is marrying my wife. You still owe me a wedding night! "
"Bah-you’re dreaming!"
She simply spat in his face.
Green Mu Gong was not angry, but raised his hand to wipe the sleeve and bowed his head and kissed it. The little mouth that made him love deeply occupied her and refused.
He didn’t stop until the tip of the tongue ached and tasted the blood, but he endured the pain and stirred the other side to be suffocated, so he let her go.
His eyes were dark and forbearing, and he would have wanted her at this time if he hadn’t seen her efficacy fade away soon.
At the end of the day, he still knows how to be affectionate, but he is also targeting her alone.