Take a deep breath Ye Shuang knows that it’s no good not to kill this time. Seeing the tentative siege coming over, he forced up the remaining little strength. soft sword, such as killing a god of death, is not high in martial arts, and the innate master will not rush to intercept Ye Shuang because of Jiang Ruxin’s words. None of his predecessors can escape his sword and even kill more than a dozen people, and immediately subdue those who are eager to move!

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Cao Zhuo also hesitated to make up his mind that Ye Shuang would never stop and try his best to go to the southeast!
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter 47 Injury
The bone-chilling chill was increase in Ye Shuang’s body, and he had a feeling that his whole body was frozen. His insides were shock-injured by that icy palm. although some of the injuries were resisted by iron cloth shirts, Ye Shuang was still seriously injured at this time!
After fleeing there for more than 30 miles, Ye Shuang couldn’t hold on any longer. She found a hidden place and began to meditate, exercise and heal!
Jiang Ruxin’s heart is much deeper and stronger than he is. More than one, the cold innate qi is constantly immersed in Ye Shuang’s body in the process of fighting. Ye Shuang was also hit by the ice palm. If Ye Shuang didn’t let Jiang Ruxin have scruples with swordsmanship, maybe he would have been defeated and died!
Luck is not strong in the abdomen. Ye Shuang began to get rid of the body ice and qi a little bit. After a quarter of an hour passed, Ye Shuang Nai opened his eyes and frowned. He found that the body dragon was like Prajnaparamita, and the remaining force was against the ice and palm, but Nai was losing ground!
If you want to say that the dragon elephant Prajnaparamita is characterized by its poor strength and flexibility in the later period, it is extremely pure. Every level of cultivation needs so much time, and it is of course extremely pure.
However, Ye Shuang’s body qi has been exhausted after many wars. At this time, Dantian Dragon, like the few remaining roots of Prajnaparamita’s work, will resist the cold qi immersed in the body. Ye Shuang suspects that he will definitely die of freezing!
He recovered his strength to resist the cold and qi, and at the same time he was thinking about how to get there.
Back to Huashan? I’m sure I can’t. It’s hard to keep my true identity back to Huashan. It’s hard to keep the mysterious palm. I’m sure there are many people in the country who are willing to betray the Huashan Sect. It’s also easy to expose my gray identity when I think of it. I can also say I’m sorry in my heart with a sigh, brother. Fortunately, he has already predicted this time and made preparations for the gray identity. All the important things are with me.
If you want to avoid Huashan Sect and teach yourself, you must go to the southeast. In this northwest boundary, teaching and Huashan Sect are extremely powerful and easy to be discovered by them!
Changing into a black suit along the way is simple and easy to make others not recognize themselves. Ye Shuang kept changing carriages and took a big boat on the Yellow River several times before he was relieved and really slept.
After getting up, Ye Shuang’s spirit is much better. Many of them are chilly, but they are getting more and more prosperous. Others can’t help but rush to a cold in front of him and send him food. Guys are afraid to stay longer. Ye Shuang also said that he is sick.
The original Ye Shuang was also worried that some people along the Yellow River questioned the mysterious palm, which caused the waves, but it was not that big. One reason was that the mysterious palm was not unique, and it was not particularly eye-catching in many martial arts in the Jianghu. Secondly, when people learned that Ye Shuang had got the mysterious palm, they didn’t go after it with great fanfare. Because Ye Shuang was a brother of Huashan Sect, if they still made a high-profile search, they wouldn’t just ignore the Huashan Sect. The True Sect and the Beggars soon left there, and it was not the site of the Sun, Moon and Shinto religion. Zhao Lin was gray in this
This is the advantage of being a backer. Ye Shuang is still a Huashan Sect anyway, so other sects have to pay attention to the attitude of Huashan Sect!
Cao Zhuo and Jiang Ruxin are the most humbled. The former knows that Ye Shuanggen didn’t return to the Chivalrous Man’s Gang, which means that the Chivalrous Man’s Gang has been working in vain for so many years. After Ye Shuang returned to the Chivalrous Man’s Gang or Huashan School, he thought about how to impress Ye Shuang with his words and let him hand over his secret book to solve the matter peacefully. Huashan School didn’t have Ye Shuangying! The swordsman in gray behind him let him hold his breath and watch each other escape but dare not really intercept!
Jiang Ruxin was more wronged than Cao Zhuo, and the mysterious god palm taught Rui Jinqi to palm the flag, so that the assistant palm of the flag made him die. He was also injured by the swordsman in gray, and it was stealing chickens and wasting rice!
Although others didn’t pursue it with great fanfare, Ye Shuang was relieved, but at this time he was still in a heavy mood. Because of his injury, it has not improved in the past two days, and the cold is spreading to his body. If it enters the internal organs, it will really be a big trouble!
Ye Shuang has been racking his brains on the ship for the past two days to find a way, but although he is an old Jianghu, he has never been so seriously injured before, and he doesn’t know much about medical skills. At most, he is familiar with Jin Chuang medicines. He can think of a way to expel the cold qi, but he demonstrated his strength in suppressing the cold and recovering very slowly. The defense is still losing. Where can he spare the effort to force out the cold?
On this day, after eating and thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t simply shake his head and stop thinking about packing, only to remember that he had got the mysterious palm!
"I have been injured for two days and I have tried my best to forget the mysterious palm!" Ye Shuang smiled and shook his head and began to open the secret book of the mysterious palm and read it carefully.
As he browsed for a while, frowning and thinking hard, and smiling for a while, the mysterious palm of God was also the top one. You can see the severity of the mysterious parents by martial arts. Some of them are now impenetrable, but to his surprise, there are some things in the mysterious palm that are cold and cold. The practice of poison is very good for him at this time!
Zhang Ji has been tortured by the mysterious palm for many years. Even Zhang Sanfeng can clean up the cold poison. It can be seen that the cold poison of the mysterious palm is much worse than the ice qi. If you accidentally hurt others, the mysterious parents will naturally have a solution. Several methods are recorded in the secret book. The most direct way is to cultivate the mysterious palm to directly suck out the cold poison. Of course, there are other methods, but Ye Shuang’s current state and strength can take effect slowly. Slowly treat it!
After all, the mysterious palm and the icy palm are different martial arts, and I don’t know if there is Ye Shuang. But now, in addition to this method, he can also hope to stabilize the injury as soon as possible so as not to continue to deteriorate!
It’s quite calm on the boat day. Every day, except for the method of treating the injury in the cheats, pulling out the cold is to carefully understand the original leaf cream of the palm of the mysterious god. It’s to think about it and then refine the swordsmanship. But now that the palm of the mysterious god is in his hand, he has thought about it for a few days and decided to practice! Nowadays, many people know that he has the palm of the mysterious god. If he doesn’t practice, isn’t he waiting for someone else to rob him? He won’t be stupid enough to sell the secret book or give it to others. The palm of the mysterious god is not inferior to Jing’s life. The top martial art of swordsmanship is still practicing by himself! He is a disciple of Huashan, but he really has nothing to gain from martial arts except the fierce wind saber. Now he has the palm of the mysterious god to make up for this weakness. When he meets some things, he will do it when he orders the sword to do it!
Although the palm of the mysterious god is a set of palm techniques, the internal operation route is extremely complicated, including various techniques of exertion, etc. The palm has a unique operation route, and when practicing on weekdays, according to the palm route, the internal operation force will gradually bring a hint of yin and cold force.
Ye Shuang tried to practice for a while, only to find that when he practiced the palm of the mysterious god, the body cold, the true qi and the cold could actually melt the yin cold, so he could not help but be overjoyed. Wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone if he could completely transform the body cold? It’s a pity that his state doesn’t melt much every day. The cold is his limit, but it can finally alleviate his injury!
After five or six days of the ship, he passed the Ye Shuang ship in Henan. His injury is no longer getting worse, but it is not so easy to cure it. He must heal and can’t drag it on like this!
The first volume Jianghu frost mark Chapter 40th The song ends
Ye Shuang has been asking famous doctors all the way south since she got on the boat to see if she can heal her injuries. Whether the so-called famous doctors are still not worthy of the name, a lot of money has been spent, but little help has been given to the injuries! Most doctors who sit in pharmacies can treat common diseases. No one in Jianghu is willing to sit in pharmacies. They never need to do this!
To say that Jianghu has a high level of medical skills, there are indeed many magical doctors in the original works who are also practicing medicine in Jianghu. It is because these people will either lose sight of the dragon or invite others to do it once, and they will have to pay a great price. If these people openly treat people in one place, they will never have a rest day. People in Jianghu will come to see him for treatment every day!
Ye Shuang has given up hope for those "famous doctors" in the city for more than ten days, and Ye Shuang has also looked for those secluded rural doctors. Most of them are deified by the people, and some of them are even more unreliable than the famous doctors in the city.
Along the way, he has reached the junction of Chu and Xiang, and at the same time he is deeply disappointed. At this time, he has made the worst plan. It will take at most six months to get rid of the body cold a little, which is too slow.
Just then, he spent money to find someone to inquire about the news and heard that another female doctor was often treating people in the mountains more than 100 miles away. Except for some, it didn’t need a few needles to cure them, and they were very popular among the local people.
Ye Shuang came all the way to hear more than one "imperial doctor" who treated the people, but either she had ulterior motives or her medical skills were not good. Ye Shuang didn’t give any hope to this female imperial doctor, but the latter news made him hesitate again. This female imperial doctor didn’t give treatment to the people in the Jianghu, and even if the injured people went, they couldn’t see her.
Don’t treat people in the Jianghu? Does this mean that she still has something to do or has been in trouble for it? Ye Shuang thought to himself.
According to the news, Ye Shuang went to the place where the female imperial doctor lived in the mountains one day later, but Ye Shuang looked around and there was no valley except the mountain or the root of the mountain. He repeatedly confirmed the news before and asked the locals several times, saying that it was here. Ye Shuang was sure that he might meet an expert this time!
After learning that the goddess medicine was collected from Changshan Mountain, Ye Shuang began to look for it in the surrounding mountains since she could not enter through the door.
Ye Shuang didn’t find anyone like the woman doctor when the sun was going down. Just when he wanted to rest for a night and continue looking, a melodious flute suddenly came from the hill not far away.
Ye Shuang doesn’t know the music theory tune, but he also thinks it is the best music he has ever heard, which makes people feel a sense of peace from the bottom of my heart. A tired day seems to be gone with the flute.