"Long live!" Dong Zhuojun on both sides of the Yangtze River gave an earth-shattering cheer at the same time, which was naturally mixed with Hu Cheer signs, like yelling, "My beef finally didn’t run away!" Before the war, Zhang Xiu promised to give Hu Cheer a cow every time he stopped a Sun Jun clipper or a big ship. Although Dong Zhuojun’s Liangzhou Prairie was rich in cattle and horses, the price of beef cattle was relatively cheap, but after the war, Zhang Xiu still cried and went bankrupt and tried his best to default …

June 16, 2024

Chapter 50 Nature cool thin
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At three o’clock in the morning of September 15th, the fifth year of Han Dynasty, the sun was finally reluctant to climb from the horizon in early winter. At the mouth of Poyang Lake in the spring, the war-torn Yangtze River was covered with broken boards, blocks and broken flags. The bodies were white with the waves, and the blood slowly flowed into the water that had been dyed reddish along the gap of the wooden boat driven by people. Fortunately, the wounded soldiers were lying on the wreckage of the boat and called for help. From time to time, the wounded soldiers were exhausted and screamed and were caught in the rush. The straight part of the water disappeared into the water.
Standing on the top of Chang ‘an, Kang Peng saw the tragic image of Sun Jun’s wounded soldiers and ordered, "All ships should rescue the sailors who fell into the water. If they want to surrender, they are not allowed to kill them."
Qinbing promised to inform the flag-bearer Jia Xu to hold him to Kang Peng’s fuels, saying, "When your majesty is in emergency, our army will rescue the wounded in the water, which will inevitably affect the speed of our army’s pursuit. But Sun’s nature is that cool thin will definitely throw the wounded in his boat into the water to delay our army. Once General Long Shouda can’t stop the enemy and let Sun escape from our encirclement and return to Jianye, it will be extremely difficult for our army to pacify Jiangdong."
Kang Peng expression two big ugly eyes staring at the distance a sailor struggling for help in the water said lightly, "I believe that Long Shouda Sun wants to lose morale, just come on." Although Jia Xu has some regrets, he did not argue and silently retired. Dong Boss’s temper really changed.
Chang’ an podium played a banner just now, and it was still chasing Sun Jun. Dong Zhuojun’s fleet slowed down and put a small boat to rescue Sun Jun’s sailors who fell into the water. Sun Jun’s sailors at this moment also surrendered to Dong Zhuojun and climbed the boat to escape, but the distance between Dong Zhuojun’s fleet and Sun Jun’s fleet was quickly widened.
Sun was overjoyed to see Dong Zhuojun’s move at the flagship, saying, "Throw the seriously injured part of our ship into the river quickly and they will stall Dong thief."
"Master can’t" also hung up the lottery Cheng Pu’s urgent admonition. "The wounded soldiers were all injured because you risked your life. It’s our hero. Will you throw them into the river and bear it?"
"General Cheng, didn’t you see that Dong thief was rescuing our army from drowning?" Zhou Yu, with a bloody cloth on his face, smiled and said, "Since Dong Thief has bought people’s hearts with hypocrisy, we will become him. Every time he saves a wounded soldier in our army, we will be able to retreat a little further. At the same time, when these seriously injured soldiers are in the hands of Dong Thief, Dong Thief will free up people to take care of them. They will also consume a lot of Dong Thief’s commissary medicine, which will make Dong Thief’s logistics tense and contain some of his troops to escort food and grass for our army’s counterattack."
"Bullshit!" Cheng Pu always doesn’t like Zhou Yu’s swearing at the moment. "I, Cheng Pu, followed Wu Cheng Hou to fight in the north and south for twenty years and never lost a brother. Are you still a person when you want to throw your master’s hard-working brother into the Yangtze River and fight for us to escape?" Aren’t you afraid of the brothers chilling? "
Zhou Yu was shamed by Cheng Pu, and he shrank away. Cheng Pu knelt down and kowtowed to Sun and cried, "Master, please take back your order. Last night, we were sorry for hundreds of hometown elders. Today, we can’t be sorry for our injuries and bleeding … Ah!" Cheng Pu suddenly let out a scream, blood spattered on his chest and fell on his feet.
Sun Jing slowly drew a bloody sword from Cheng Pu’s back and wiped the blood from the soles of his feet. He kicked Cheng Pu’s dead body and said coldly, "It’s a crime to be put to death for disobeying military orders and rumors and shaking the morale."
In the cry of Sun Jun’s seriously wounded, thousands of Sun Jun soldiers were thrown into the warship by their tearful companions. One hand was cut off and the other hand was smashed by the collapsed mast. Sun Jun soldiers struggled in the hands of their companions and cried, "Brother, you can’t lose me. I have no hands to drown when I get into the water." His companions said with tears, "Brother, we don’t want to lose you … Your master ordered you to be loyal." The wounded soldier cried, "No, I don’t beg you."
"Sure enough, animals are not as good as animals!" Kang Peng saw Sun Jun’s move in the telescope, gnashing his teeth and scolding Kang Peng, and roared, "It’s important to postpone the pursuit and save people first." Dong Zhuojun’s warships threw the ballast stones and put several boats to try their best to rescue the seriously injured people thrown by Sun Jun. Not only were Sun Jun seriously injured, but Dong Zhuojun’s sailors also burst into tears with gratitude, not only sympathizing with these poor seriously injured people, but also crying that the Lord would be so lucky to the enemy. If we also fell to the point that day, the Lord would not abandon himself, and Sun Jun’s fleet took this opportunity to throw Dong Zhuojun three or four miles
"One general will be successful and ten thousand bones will dry up." Sun explained to his cronies in the flagship calm. "Those who don’t take care of the soldiers should know how to choose. Only when there is a fight can we have a chance to escape back to Jianye and meet Liu Bei’s reinforcements can we have a chance to make a comeback." Although Sun is unreasonable, Chen Wu, Zhou Tai and other veteran Sun Jun are still in tears, but Sun Jing, Zhou Yu and other Sun cronies flatter Sun and praise him for making a decisive decision.
Sun ignored Chen Wu Zhou Tai sad nai is turned to ask Zhou Yudao "male sincerely you calculate Liu Beijun has arrived there? When can we meet? "
Zhou Yu choke refers to the calculation for a moment and replied, "Report back that Master Liu Beijun can meet our army at the mouth of Poyang Lake in front, and our army can arrive at Poyang Lake in half an hour at most." Sun nodded slightly and stopped talking, thinking in his mind that if Liu Beijun stopped Dong Zhuo from consuming Dong Zhuo and Liu Bei’s strength, he would flee back to Jianye as soon as possible.
When the speed of Sun Jun’s fleet in the north wind suddenly increased, Sun Xin was even more pleased. He secretly thanked the fleet for its arrival at the mouth of Poyang Lake in a blink of an eye. North Sun could not look at Jiangbei, but he did not see half of Liu Beijun’s shadow. Sun Xin was suspicious. Suddenly, he heard the cry of swimming and killing Chen Tiansun, and his face suddenly turned nasty and ordered, "Go and see!"
Sun Jun’s fleet went several miles further to see that dozens of iron chains had been pulled up on the river, and nearly a hundred Sun Jun clipper boats were blocked on the river. On both sides of the Yangtze River, Dong Zhuojun’s fighters were waiting for Sun Qi’s eyes to catch fire and choke Zhou Yu’s neck and roared, "Where did Dong Thief’s army come from?" Did the sky fall? When will they go around in front of us and block the Yangtze River? "
Zhou Yu was pinched by Sun, but he was afraid to strike back. His mouth was panting, but Sun Jingla was on the verge of madness. Sun whispered, "The master will be wrong at the end of September 12, after noon, and he will never receive any reports of monitoring Dong thief’s fine intelligence. At the end, Dong thief stepped up his defense and it was difficult to deliver information. In a few days, there will be nothing to pay more attention to."
I don’t know what Sun always does to Sun Jing, and immediately put Zhou Yu in a hateful way. "Dong thief, I swear to kill you! You, hurry up and find a way to break through the enemy’s iron chain! "
"There are three ways" in Dong Zhuojun iron chain array suffered a big loss and Zhou Yu immediately replied "The first fleet immediately turned to Poyang Lake and withdrew by land; The second way is to burn the iron chain by fire boat. The third way is to immediately land and kill Dong thief. The troops on the shore cut off the iron chain. "
"Poyang Lake can’t enter!" Sun mused, "Dong thief laid iron chains in the east of Hukou in order to force us into Poyang Lake, and it is impossible to ambush and burn iron chains. It is impossible that when the time comes, all our materials such as kerosene and sulfur are lost in Wuchang, and there is not enough fuel to burn them out; It seems that we have a way to die on the shore. "
Sun looked up to see those scarred generals’ eyes finally fixed on Zhou Tai and Zhou Tai. Seeing Sun, he immediately turned over and knelt down and fuels. "At the end of the master, he will be willing to lead the troops to the master to fight for an open hand."
Sun lifted Zhou Tai up and cried, "Youping, you must take care of yourself. I’ll wait for you to come back to your north shore. Maybe Liu Bei’s reinforcements can arrive."
More than ten warships belonging to Zhou Tai Sun Jun landed in Zhou Tai, and the soldiers of Zhou Tai, the first to jump into the warship, followed the determination to die and killed Zhao Yun’s troops. Sun Jun also had this army to work hard. Just now, Sun Jun’s abandonment of the wounded has made all Sun Jun soldiers feel chilling. If you love soldiers at ordinary times, like Zhou Tai, you are willing to follow Zhou Tai to fight hard-although they are also very contemptuous and cruel, cool thin.
"ah! Ah! " Zhou Tai soldiers screamed when they met the barbed wire, and the sharp wire cut their thin uniform skin. They were scarred and their bodies were scratched. The wounds, including Zhou Tai, were all cut all over by these seemingly insignificant barbed wire.
"Cut off these damn things!" Zhou Tai risked his palm being cut, pulled a piece of wire wrapped around him, slashed Zhou Tai’s teeth, followed suit, and surged ahead of them. Xiliang fighters had already pulled bows and arrows …
"Ignition boat!" Sun Tai-gang Zhou immediately ordered Zhou Yu, Sun Jing, to light a fire boat and set it on fire. Sun did not expect that Zhou Tai-jun could cut the iron rope in front of the west cool fighters. For him, Zhou Tai was just abandoning one to attract Dong Zhuojun’s attention, abandoning the real hope of escape or relying on the fire boat to burn the iron rope.
More than ten warships belonging to Zhou Tai troops burst into flames and rushed to the iron chain through the current. Before the iron chain, Sun Jun warships hurriedly evaded, but there were still several warships that were ignited. Sun Yao was also anxious to stamp his feet for this purpose. Once these crude iron chains were burned, Dong Zhuojun could watch Sun and roared off.
The flame was burning in the iron chain, and I watched the iron chain turn red gradually, but Dong Zhuojun’s water army had not yet appeared. Zhang Xiu was in a hurry, and Hu Cheer was still munching on beef. Zhang Rust was so angry that he gave him a heavy kick and kicked him in a somersault. Zhang Xiu swore, "I told you to eat the enemy, and it was about to burn out the iron chain and run away from a boat. You can’t eat beef again in your life."
"Don’t!" Hu Cheer screamed and quickly got up from the ground and shouted, "General, the enemy burned the iron chain. We can water the iron chain and the enemy will burn constantly."
"Water?" Zhang Xiu cursed, "A fool is a stupid curse. I actually went smoothly with you. It seems that I was also stupid by you for hundreds of feet. How can I water the iron chain?"
Without saying a word, Hu Cheer strode to the iron chain, grabbed the iron wire and nailed it to the rock with both hands, roared at one end, and two feet of iron fiber were abruptly pulled out by him. When all five iron wires were pulled out, the iron wire immediately fell into the river because of gravity, and white fog appeared. The color also changed from red to black. Hu Cheer also cast the first in the Three Kingdoms, and Machamp tightened the iron wire and smirked, "Come and nail it again."
Zhang Xiu laughed and rarely praised Hu Cheer. "It’s really a little bit to go back and reward you with ten cows, but you are really an idiot. Do you want to nail again?" Zhang Xiu turned and shouted, "Go to 300 people to help Hu Cheer hold the iron rope." Zhang Xiu soldiers rushed to help Hu Cheer hold the iron rope, so there was a strange tug-of-war in the Yangtze River. Hundreds of Zhang Xiujun soldiers held the iron rope tightly every time the iron rope was burned red, they relaxed and tightened. Although this was repeated, the iron rope would be thinned by continuous quenching and eventually burned by the fireboat, but it was greatly slowed down when it was burned.
Sun is afraid that Dong Zhuojun’s bow and arrow can’t be too close to the riverbank to see clearly. It’s strange that Zhang Xiujun’s move is that the fireboat burns out the iron chain so slowly. When five iron chains were burnt out, the ship exclaimed, "The enemy is coming!"
Sun suddenly looked back and saw that Dong Zhuojun’s fleet had appeared in the field of vision. Sun Naide shouted, "Turn to Poyang Lake for temporary shelter!" Hundreds of warships of Sun Jun’s size have turned to Poyang Lake, and on the north bank of the Yangtze River, Zhou Tai troops have been destroyed, leaving Zhou Tai alone surrounded by Xiliang fighters.
"General Zhou, don’t work hard for Sun again," Zhao Yun said to Zhou Tai, who had his arm cut off, and tried his best to persuade him for the last time. "It was Zhou Yu who killed the Houren of Wucheng, not Kang Wangdian. You suffered from that nature, cool thin, and even killed your father’s enemy and made Sun work hard?"
"I don’t believe it!" Zhou Tai roared and pounced on Zhao Yun with a knife. "Cut the crap and I’ll go to the ground and ask the master!" Zhou Tai’s dying blow didn’t work. Zhaoyun didn’t want to kill such a loyal minister, but he was eager to make contributions. Xiliang fighters refused to miss such an opportunity. Before Zhaoyun commanded Xiliang fighters to have flooded and drowned Zhou Tai in the sea of swords and spears …
At the moment when Zhou Tai died, Lu Bu, Wei Yan’s troops and Taishi Ci’s troops met head-on. The two sides ranged in their positions. Wei Yan beat Lu Bu and said, "Wen Hou, how can you score me this time? Don’t rob the credit department."
Lu Bu laughed. "Well, I’ll give you some credit. Taishi Ci is your feather and I am."
"no!" Wei Yan jumped three feet high. "Yu Big Ear Thief Yidi killed him with much higher credit than Taishi Ci. You have already killed Zhou Cang and Wang Fuyu, so you have to kill them for me."
"As usual, we guess boxing." Lu Bu didn’t want to argue with Wei Yan.
Wei Yan shouted, "Whoever is good at guessing boxing will win the feather."