"Do you have a bow? I think that thing suits me better?"

June 17, 2024

"Bow that kind of thing …" Zhan Lan looked down and then took out a titanium alloy composite bow from his bag with a strange look. "I didn’t expect that guy to really be a tinker bell."
In fact, Zhan Langen didn’t know that this bow had been placed in Qin Jing’s pocket from the beginning and had been waiting for its owner-Ming Yan Wei or Rolling to arrive …
Zhan Lan handed Ming Yan Wei some powerful pistols and a large number of arrows, and then selected some weapons suitable for him.
Zhan Lan walked up to Zhao Ying with a bag. "I know whether you are a weapon worker chosen by a killer or do it yourself."
"No," Zhao Ying took out the high-vibration dagger from her pocket. "I’ve got my own weapon."
Although Zhao Ying was unwilling in every way, Zhan Lan still stuffed several submachine guns into her hand.
"I said, aren’t our names Robert?" Ming Yan EU asked curiously.
"No," Zhan Lan replied while taking out a weapon from her pocket, "I think the laboratory is more secure than ours."
Zhan Lan put all the weapons in a convenient position. "I will tell you all the nightmare positions through the intercom that we are all refueling and living."
Compared with Zhan Lan, their side is quiet to prepare Qin Jing, but this side is thrilling.
Qin Jing also took a Gauss pistol in his left hand. Because of the arrival of darkness, a nightmare figure slowly appeared around him. His figure kept flashing around Jason. Every time he appeared, he would give off a lot of fire in his hand. Qin Jing’s right hand kept hitting depleted uranium bombs at Jason, while his left hand kept shooting at the side and slowly approached the nightmare. This kind of shooting also reached three hooks and jade, and sharingan could do it with one heart and two minds. The dynamic nerve reached its extreme. This ability has gone far beyond the druid’s eye.
However, all this has had a complete effect on Jason. Many depleted uranium bombs stopped in front of Jason, and they were immobilized by the shape force and turned into a barrage all over the sky.
"Is that what you want to do? Keep ammunition and consume my strength?" Jason or a dark cigarette butt appeared and disappeared in the barrage. He sneered "It’s a pity that it doesn’t look very effective."
"That’s not certain." Qin Jing’s body suddenly stopped. He raised his hand and shot forward. The bullet went straight to meet the recent violent explosion of an ammunition bomb, which ignited the whole barrage like wildfire.
Jason is in a sea of fire.
In this uninhabited city, once at night, the temperature will drop sharply, and there is no one in the streets and alleys. It seems that something similar to pants crumbs is hung on the trees near Robert’s building …
Robert opened the door of the laboratory. He was familiar with waiting for the Zhongzhou team as if nothing could interest him. Generally, he turned and saw the wall that had almost collapsed. Earlier, he had seen the wall falling down and turned into a bully because of madness. He finally realized that his house could not be the last refuge. In front of him, everyone was not ordinary stowaways or refugees from the East. He was not surprised that they would take out so many top guns in the world.
"You shouldn’t come out" is talking to everyone in a low voice. Zhan Lan saw Robert.
"Although it may be my fault, I think these things may be effective for you." Robert went to the door and peeled off a small piece of wall to expose the button inside. "This red button is an ultraviolet searchlight around the house, and the other button is a strong one I buried in front of the house. The password is 45136."
"thank you"
"I know I can’t help you. I will stay where I should be." Robert hesitated when he walked back to the door of the laboratory. "I will listen to your advice and go to the northern human settlement tomorrow."
I finally understand that all this is the emperor’s idea-to destroy mankind.
I’ve been catching a cold, dizziness, cough, headache and runny nose for the past two days. I can’t help it. Now I’m better. I don’t know if the state is good or not. There may be another chapter.
Chapter 16 the beginning of becoming stronger
"Wendy, do you have to do this?" Qin Jing opened the door and looked at Wendy in distress situation, with a huge transparent glass spanning between them.
"I don’t want to talk to you. You just need to sleep across the glass." Wendy stubbornly turned her head away from Qin Jing
Qin Jing shook his head with a wry smile. He walked to the glass and attached his hand to the surface of the glass. The pale flame quietly climbed through the glass around his palm.
The glass was burned and Qin Jing stood there. Just now, he just had a flash of thought, but the original need to sing the pale fire pendant actually stayed in his hand like a match.
It seems that changing is not just about physical attributes …
Wendy also froze the most familiar with Qin Jing. Of course, she knew how difficult it was to control the violent white flame, but now she is as gentle as a bird.
"You …"
The words haven’t finished yet. Wendy’s hand was covered by a wider palm. Qin Jing came over and took Wendy’s delicate hand.
"I’m sorry Wendy"
"Do you know how angry I was when you hypnotized me?"
"I know, but I’m whiter. I will never let you enter the horror film again, facing those who do all the terror and death threats. I want you to wait for me in the Lord God …"
"But do you know how scared I am? A group of people are sitting on that huge ball of light and watching the people around them suddenly disappear, thinking about what you met in the horror movie and whether it has been hurt. Could a dead person be you … you know, although the horror movie is as long as a generation one night …"