"I know, Teacher Jiu Xinnai!"

June 18, 2024

Smiled at Uzumaki Kushina immediately cross-country "sou" a rapid disappeared in front of Uzumaki Kushina.
Looking at cross-country disappear direction Uzumaki Kushina leng leng.
Especially in the memory of looking for the cross-country once shadow, the sound of the ape flying the lake Biwa slowly gave Uzumaki Kushina some inexplicable feelings
"Nara cross-country is only five years old. If I remember correctly, it’s Shuimendi, right?"
"You can have this strength at a young age. Jiu Xinnai’s Watergate brother is excellent, not worse than orochimaru and them!"
"Yes! Cross-country is really excellent! "
Knowing that the world of forbearance is famous, Sanren is the third generation of Huo Ying brothers.
Orochimaru Uzumaki Kushina, who heard that the ape flew from Lake Biwako, nodded with a smile and immediately turned his eyes back to the front cross-country disappearing position.
Thinking about that "playing" cross-country with yourself at home.
Thinking about being able to go to Shimura Danzou for four generations to "undercover" cross-country
Thinking about thinking about Uzumaki Kushina’s mouth, he raised a faint smile, and then when the palm touched the lower abdomen, the smile could not help but become more intense.
"Even if my child is a mother, I may not be able to watch you grow up …"
"But with your father, your father’s outstanding brothers will definitely not encounter troubles when you grow up."
"Don’t tell others that your cross-country brother will definitely take good care of you!"
Secretly heart way a Uzumaki Kushina still want to give directions about cross-country things while cross-country war time close your eyes and have a rest.
In cross-country, he naturally didn’t know that Uzumaki Kushina was mumbling words like last words in his heart.
Make the wind instantly cross-country instantly disappear beside Uzumaki Kushina and then come to the battlefield outside.
If the three generations of Naruto came to protect Uzumaki Kushina’s dark parts, if the fog endured the elite confrontation, they might not be able to suppress each other smoothly. However, it would be somewhat "elite" to ask Kurosuki Raiga to persuade those wandering ninjas and those dark parts sent by the three generations of Naruto.
It is very troublesome to fold the elite ninja.
Instead, like Kurosuki Raiga, some stray ninjas will be gathered together in just a few days and they will form a ninja army
At this time, Kurosuki Raiga led more than 30 wandering ninjas to sneak into Konoha Village. If Bieren Village knows, it is estimated that Konoha Village will become a joke.
However, when going to the battlefield, cross-country knowledge of Muye Village cannot become a joke.
Because whether it’s Kurosuki Raiga or those wandering ninjas, they will be buried in Konoha Village today!
Then, without hesitation, the "accelerated" occult cross-country quickly went to the side of three wandering ninjas when most of the dark parts involved Kurosuki Raiga’s energy!
These three vagrant ninjas are Kurosuki Raiga’s "elite"!
It is worth showing off that only three wandering ninjas can resist a secret part of Konoha Village and put it in the forbearance world.
Unfortunately, I didn’t give these three wandering ninjas a chance to show off. The cross-country figure came to these three wandering ninjas like death!
"Big brother has a kid!"
"Three younger brother don’t worry about the kid, and quickly cooperate with the second brother to kill the guy in front of him! Damn it, the dark part of Konoha is so strong! "
See cross-country to the three konoha dark play stray ninja didn’t take cross-country seriously.
Speaking of it, cross-country figure is too confusing.
After all, ordinary wandering ninjas can’t imagine that cross-country is the strongest of these people.
When the three wandering ninjas didn’t care about cross-country at all, the three wandering ninjas confronted the dark part of Muye Village and found that cross-country made the "accelerated" secret art come to the corner of their mouth and raised a confident smile!
"Off-road adults, you are here!"
"Well, go and help others! They will leave it to me to solve! "
Listening to the cross-country words, the dark side of the village of Konoha nodded and then successfully escaped from the pursuit of three wandering ninjas with a virtual trick.
And those three wandering ninjas are obviously not stupid.
Seeing cross-country can give orders in a word. The dark part of Konoha Village naturally knows that cross-country is the enemy!
"Second brother and third brother, you confuse that kid in front and I’ll sneak up from behind!"
In just a few seconds, the eyes of the three wandering ninjas were full of dignity, and soon the cross-country confrontation plan was made.
But what about cross-country
Even after hearing the three vagrant ninjas’ cross-country plans, they are still motionless, and they are still "accelerating" the rapid progress of hermetic blessing, which is like not seeing the three vagrant ninjas.
On the other hand, the three wandering ninjas found that cross-country didn’t care about their corners of the mouth and raised a ferocious smile!
In the idea of three wandering ninjas, if they can kill a Kimura ninja, then Kurosuki Raiga can give them all the benefits!
Once again, the three vagrant ninjas made eye contact and confirmed that after they made a plan, the three vagrant ninjas were ready to explode. chakra first solved all the kids in front of him.
But what did that three vagrant ninja discover just when chakra broke out?