Speaking of this picture, Cheng Yuan paused for a moment, then let the girls think about it for a while, and then asked seriously, "I asked you if your fans opposed you when fans of singers such as Shenqi and sj opposed you?"

June 19, 2024

The girls shook their heads slightly and replied, "No!" Their eyes suddenly lit up when they remembered the scene when sne firmly cheered for them.
"I’ll ask you again, did other artists at the scene think you deserved it when you were abused?"
Jessica whispered, "When we were singing, where would we know this?"
Zhang Chengyuan coughed awkwardly-he forgot that girls can’t listen to backstage activities while singing seriously without him. Besides, how could they pay attention to other things at that time?
Zhang Chengyuan continued to be serious after the whole face was adjusted. "Then I tell you that the vast majority of artists present absolutely did not agree with those fans except for being shocked."
At that time, in order to know more about the situation, he deliberately scanned the whole backstage and clearly "saw" the facial expressions and subtle reactions of all the artists, thus inferring that they were quite different from the fans’ extreme behavior
This is not surprising. After all, almost every artist has ani. If fans are humiliated and don’t like artists, it’s hard to guarantee that they won’t encounter the same or similar situation. Maybe all artists hope that fans can be more rational when they like them.
Then he added, "Besides, do you think your company will give up on you after this happens?"
The girls shook their heads again and said, "We haven’t made any big mistakes. How can the company give up on us?"
It’s not easy to train so many excellent singers. Unless their heads are rusty, how can they give up on them so easily?
Zhang Chengyuan Avenue "Since your fans still support you, the younger generations in the entertainment industry have not rejected you and your company has not given up on you, then what are you worried about?" After that, your acting career will be almost unaffected. The only worry is that there may be a lot more ani, but it won’t hurt you if you relax and don’t care about them. "
In his opinion, what ani usually does is to create rumors, slander and curse, threaten and threaten, kill and set fire, and such extreme things should not be done yet. It is necessary for the company to protect itself effectively, and the parties themselves can maintain a good attitude and ignore it, so that it will not be greatly affected.
After hearing his words, the girls have more light in their eyes and a better mood.
Zhang Chengyuan went on to say, "In addition, I have a very important sentence to tell you-I can help you solve all the problems you encounter and feel sad and pessimistic." He said in a joking tone.
"hey!" Although I dare not say that Zhang Chengyuan is arrogant and boastful, the girls look at Zhang Chengyuan with this meaning, but before they know it, they have almost come out of their sadness. After all, it is really not very serious. They were just scared for a while.
"You don’t believe it? Well, if I were you, I wouldn’t believe this either, but I want to say that I am willing to accompany you to solve whatever difficulties you encounter. This is my promise! You must keep in mind! "
After this more sincere and emotional remark, he suddenly turned the tables and joked again, saying, "Actually, I really hope this matter can be made bigger, and it is better to make S company give you up so that I can buy you cheaply and let you continue to be singers, while I make money as my servant to serve me tea and water, wash my feet and wash my clothes. Well, I feel very comfortable just thinking about it."
After hearing the first half of Zhang Chengyuan’s words, the girls were still a little moved, but when they heard the second half, they gradually became angry. Finally, they couldn’t help but pick up the sofa cushions and pillows and hit Zhang Chengyuan.
If they were former, they would have been afraid of Zhang Chengyuan’s arrogance and dared not do so. However, in recent times, Zhang Chengyuan’s attitude towards them has become more and more amiable and more like a gentle brother, so they took the lead in Jessica and they emboldened to do so. Even Seohyun, the most shy and serious former, is no exception.
In the face of the girls’ "pillow attack", Zhang Chengyuan looked quite embarrassed, hiding his head, dodging left and right, and making the girls laugh happily like a sick man with his hands tied.
After a while, the girls were in a better mood, but at the same time, they felt a little hungry. Zhang Chengyuan called his Chinese restaurant and asked them to cook some meals as quickly as possible and sent them to the girls’ dormitory. As soon as the food arrived at the girls’ dormitory, they immediately ate it in a lively group, while Zhang Chengyuan sat quietly watching them eat, and suddenly felt quite a sense of accomplishment. After all, it is not something that ordinary people can do to recover the girls’ emotions in such a short time.
This time, the girls’ mood has improved so quickly. Besides Zhang Chengyuan’s words have some truth and the girls trust him very much, what’s more important is that he has also exerted Yuan divine power to soothe and guide their mood and injected them with positive emotions. Otherwise, how can the girls’ mood return to normal so quickly by ordinary means?
After the girls had eaten supper, Zhang Chengyuan found that the girls were a little tired and it was already past eleven o’clock in the evening, so he got up and left to leave.
The girls are so sad that they have spoken out to ask him to stay with them for a while. With Zhang Chengyuan here, they feel very at ease. It seems that any troubles can be temporarily forgotten. iffany even took him and said, "Brother Chengyuan, why don’t you stay and sleep well tonight!"
"What?" Zhang Chengyuan was surprised.
"It is to let you sleep in the living room," iffany added with a red face.
Zhang Chengyuan ha ha a smile patting her head. "Are you kidding me? It’s inappropriate for me to stay in your dormitory for more than an hour. What if I stay here all night and be known? This is much more serious than the fan incident tonight. I am afraid that you will have to suspend your acting career every day. "
Although Zhang Chengyuan’s words are too exaggerated, it’s not unreasonable. After listening to them, the girls dare not stay any longer. They reluctantly sent Zhang Chengyuan out, but Jessica didn’t send Zhang Chengyuan because she left with Zhang Chengyuan.
Driving back to his apartment, Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Soo-yeon, it’s so late. Why don’t you stay in the dormitory with your sisters and follow me out?"
Jessica said, "My sisters have recovered almost. I don’t need to accompany me to come out with you because I want to, want to …" Speaking of which, she suddenly said that she couldn’t go and seemed a little nervous.
"Think about what?" Zhang Chengyuan didn’t go to consider freely asked
"I, I don’t want to talk about it for the time being!" She suddenly lost her temper for no reason.
"Well, if you don’t want to say it, don’t say it for the time being," Zhang Chengyuan said with a smile.
Soon I arrived at Zhang Chengyuan’s apartment and sat on the sofa and poured a cup of warm water for Jessica. Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Xiu Yan, are you in a better mood now?"
"It’s okay," Jessica looked at Zhang Chengyuan for a while and suddenly said, "Brother, why don’t you give me water without making me a pot of tea?" Her mind is fluctuating, and it seems that she wants Zhang Chengyuan to make a pot of tea for her to delay a little, so she can adjust her mood.
Zhang Chengyuan gave her a slight look at the sidewalk. "Well, I’ll boil water and make tea for you." He saw Jessica’s intention and got up and walked to the kitchen.
When the water was about to boil, Jessica suddenly walked into the kitchen and looked firm in front of Zhang Chengyuan. "I have something to tell you."
Zhang Chengyuan looked at her faintly and said, "Go ahead, I’m listening!"
Jessica said, "I, I like you!" She looks a little shy, but she wants to ask Zhang Chengyuan for help more, as if she likes not Zhang Chengyuan but other men. She wants to seek a solution from Zhang Chengyuan, a brother.
Zhang Chengyuan’s heart tightened and his face looked as usual. "Well, I see. Is there anything else you want to say?"
"Aren’t you surprised?" Jessica was surprised that Zhang Chengyuan would be shocked.
Zhang Chengyuan gently touched her head and said, "Xiuyan actually felt that you had a lot of affection for me a few years ago, so I’m not surprised that you would like me."
Jessica said, "Brother, what should I do now?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You should ask an experienced sister for such a thing instead of asking me directly!"
Jessica said, "But I don’t want others to know that I like you. It’s embarrassing!"
A listen to this Zhang Chengyuan immediately frown angered way "you this wench is looking for a fight? Most women like me, and you still dislike me? I have been hurting you for so many years! "
Jessica said, "Brother, I don’t dislike you. I think my sister shouldn’t like my brother."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Well, I don’t seem to be your own brother."
Jessica said, "But you are like a brother in my heart!"
After years of getting along and being close to each other, she and her sister, Xiao Jing, and even her parents treated Zhang Chengyuan as their relatives. Only then did she feel that she liked Zhang Chengyuan, which violated her precious brotherly relationship with Zhang Chengyuan and was therefore unwilling to talk about it with others.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Since you think I am your own brother, you should not like me even more!" Being liked by Jessica actually bothers him. After all, he regarded Jessica as his sister all these years.
Jessica said, "I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it! Brother, you have to help me! "
Chapter four hundred and fifty Abnormal Jessica
Zhang Chengyuan sighed, "When did you find yourself liking me?"
Jessica said without thinking, "This time we filmed" Brother is really bad "together. After filming, I always thought about some warm pictures of us together and even dreamed about you in my dreams."
Her tone of voice seems to be not expressing her feelings to the person she likes, but telling a psychologist about her distress, almost ashamed and very calm.
Zhang Chengyuan sighed, "Maybe it is because you played a role that secretly loves me in V and played too much, which triggered your love for me! Alas! If I had known this, I shouldn’t have filmed this V with you. "
"Elder brother you say this now? You’d better help me find a way to make me stop liking you! " Jessica frowning way
Zhang Chengyuan was slightly dissatisfied. "You caused trouble yourself and let me solve it, and it’s still such a troublesome thing."
Jessica way "who let you be my brother! Besides, when you comforted us just now, you also said that no matter what difficulties we encounter, you are willing to accompany us to solve them. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I’ve gone back on my word. I want to add that the relationship between men and women is an exception!"