"What are you flustered about? What are you afraid of? What is the needle in your hand?" Haikui asked continuously.

June 20, 2024

The boy glanced around, his eyes were confusing, and then he said weakly, "Nothing."
Haikui’s eyes look straight into the eyes of boys like cold skates, but Haikui still knows that ordinary people can’t bear his coercion, so he just looks at him with cold eyes.
The boy was seen by Haikui as if he were standing naked in the snow and ice, so he was afraid and had to tell the truth, "Someone gave me 500 yuan to give you a needle."
"What needle is this?" Haikui asked in a cold voice.
"It will only make you have diarrhea for a few days." The boy looked around nervously and said.
"Give me the needle" Haikui held out his hand.
The boy tried to hold the needle in his hand, but he didn’t dare to throw it away just now. Now he has to hand it to Haikui.
Haikui took a look at the ordinary steel needle, but maybe there was something smeared on it, just don’t know what it was smeared on. Haikui put the needle directly into the storage bag and continued to ask, "Who asked you to prick me?"
The boy shook his head. "I don’t know. I just happened to meet a man in his thirties on campus today. He suddenly asked me if I wanted to make money, so I asked him what to do to make money, and he said 500 yuan to help teach a person a lesson."
Haikui watched him all the time without interrupting him. Let him finish.
"The man said that you would give you 500 yuan as long as you stabbed him. I was wondering if I would have a life-threatening lawsuit. Then he said that I should buy some medicine for diarrhea and put it on the needle for me to operate. I thought that as long as it didn’t kill me, 500 yuan would be equivalent to my living expenses for one month, so I agreed." The boy made a full statement, although he was still flashing and hiding, but he spoke fluently.
However, we can’t know if he really said, "You said that you put the medicine on the needle" until this needle is confirmed.
"I put it on. They asked me to stab you. I bought diarrhea medicine myself for fear of death." The boy nodded and said.
"Did they tell you why they taught me a lesson?" Haikui asked again.
The boy shook his head to show that he didn’t know
"You are a student in this school." Haikui looked at him.
The boy was very uncomfortable. Haikui’s eyes made him feel cold and nodded his head.
"I see, you go." Haikui knew that he was just an ordinary man, and he didn’t remember who he was guilty of, so he didn’t embarrass the boy in front of him and let him go.
When the boy heard Haikui let him go, he walked past Haikui as quickly as he was granted Amnesty. In an instant, it was like returning to summer from the ice and snow, and a cold sweat broke out on him.
Chapter 126 Chrysanthemum in jeopardy
Haikui looked at the boy’s back and didn’t turn away until he disappeared from his sight.
The boy came to the boy’s dormitory downstairs and suddenly a man came out from the side and stretched out his hand and pulled the boy, who was the thirty men who called themselves Lao Dong.
The boy was a little flustered and said, "I can’t do your thing. I don’t want the money if it is discovered."
Old Dong smiled and said, "I didn’t expect him to be so alert when I saw him."
"Yes, it scared me." The boy remembered Haikui’s cold eyes.
"Hey, hey, your courage is too small, but it doesn’t matter. You will become more and more courageous after you know me." Old Dong smiled and narrowed his eyes into a line.
The boy shook his head as if he still wanted him to do something and said, "Don’t look for me, I can’t do it."
"Don’t worry, I won’t let you do anything that hurts others. Business fails. I just want to move. How about you help me move 100 yuan?" Old Dong said with a smile on his lips.
The boy bowed his head and thought for a moment. He felt a little wrong, but when he thought that he was such a big man, there was nothing terrible about being a boy, and he could still earn 100 yuan, so he nodded and agreed.
Old Dong took the boys out of school and asked, "I haven’t asked your name yet."
The boy smiled implicitly, "My name is Chen Qiongyan."
Chen Qiongyan, the bald old Dong, didn’t think much and said directly, "How old is a good name this year?"
"I am twenty years old this year," Chen Qiongyan honestly replied.
"Good good" old tung ponder eyed Chen Qiongyan nodded.
He took Chen Qiongyan outside the school and got on a car and roared off.
Haikui came to Shizuka and knocked on the door twice. No one promised to guess that they might be practicing or going out shopping, but it is more likely that Shizuka will go shopping and Yunxiyue will be practicing.
There was no answer after knocking at the door several times. Haikui was about to turn around and leave when the door suddenly opened.
Shizuka saw that Haikui said, "Come in" and turned around to go back first.
Haikui shook her head and found that Shizuka had returned to her former cold appearance. It is impossible to change her personality for a while.
"Cherish the moon?" Haikui looked at the living room and didn’t see the clouds cherish the moon.
"Practicing in the house? You are looking for her." Shizuka took out a bottle of drink and threw it to Haikui.
"Don’t look for me, just ask by the way. Can you tell if something is coated with anything toxic or not?" Haikui looked at Shizuka and asked.
Shizuka shook her head but didn’t speak. After a few seconds, "I can try."
Haikui took the needle out of Gankun’s bag and gave it to Shizuka.
Jingxiang took it and looked at it for a while and said, "Nothing unusual is just an ordinary needle."
Then, before Haikui could answer, he took out a small silver bottle from the storage bag and took a little bit of water to throw the needle in. "We’ll see if it’s toxic or not."
Haikui turned his eyelids and said, "I thought it was some strange way to test poison with silver."
Shizuka glared at Haikui and said, "Since you know, why don’t you try it yourself?"
"I didn’t think of it at the moment." Haikui laughed.
Shizuka didn’t bother to ask him more questions: "Is this what you came here for today?"
"Oh, and ask what time you will meet in the past tomorrow. Do you think you are impatient and don’t welcome me very much?" Haikui said coldly when she saw Shizuka.
Shizuka sighed, "No, I just feel bad and quite stuffy for no reason these days."
Haikui didn’t ask any more questions when he saw her like this. After all, he couldn’t solve her problem.
"Let’s gather you on the sixth floor of the comprehensive building tomorrow." Haikui asked again.
"Yeah, so do we."
Jingxiang probe looked at the needle in the silver bottle and it was normal. Silver Zun didn’t change color. She pointed and said, "No change, no poison."
Haikui also saw the dark passage in his heart: That boy didn’t lie to me.
Chen Qiongyan sat in Lao Dong’s car and drove for twenty minutes before it stopped. He didn’t think much about getting off as soon as the car stopped. Lao Dong stretched out his hand and took his arm. "You wait in the car for a while and I’ll see how the packing is going."
Chen Qiongyan doesn’t doubt that he nodded and looked at Lao Dong and got off.