"The flute slowly guides the body to expand the meridians a little bit. Don’t bite off more than you can chew like a little person, and you will die in the end."

June 21, 2024

Wendi nodded in Li Er to guide a little bit to absorb Wei Chi Jincheng’s body leaking out. Shu Jiuchen didn’t answer over there. He also sacrificed a lot of strength. Three people surrounded Wei Chi Jincheng and sucked his physical strength clean.
Chapter 155 at a glance
Wendi absorbs the leaks from Wei Chi Jincheng’s body little by little, and makes efforts to guide and return them slowly.
Li Er has been holding her hand, and soon his strength will come over, bit by bit, and he will continue to expand in the meridians of the whole body with the flute until he absorbs Weichi Jincheng’s physical strength.
Slowly open your eyes and see Li Er’s stunning face and smell the flute. I can’t help but be pulled into my arms when my face turns red.
"The flute is great! You made it!" His voice is soft but full of joy, mixed with love from other departments.
""xianggong "… your injury …"
Hearing the flute, Li Er kissed her charming lips on the side of her head for a long time before she was willing to let go. "Husband has already hindered the flute, don’t worry."
ShuJiu Chen also received the work but didn’t speak. She appeared beside Weichi Longcheng and bowed down.
"Wei Chi Jincheng, a traitor, has been arrested by us."
Wei Chilongcheng nodded and told Shu Jiuchen, "This man pretends to be the 17th Emperor and intends to rebel against his crime, so he will behead him immediately and never suffer again!"
"Yes!" Shu Jiuchen was ordered to "cut the sky" in his hand again, and step by step he approached Wei Chijin, who had not fought back.
"Wei Chi Jin Cheng accepted his life!" After a drink, a tiger’s head and a golden gun broke out and went straight for Weichi Jincheng.
Shujiu Chen looked up and saw a man jump out and keep throwing. His eyes were full of hatred and he was slowly falling.
He didn’t mean to stop it. In his opinion, it doesn’t matter who killed Wei Chi Jincheng. If he dies, the plan that has been planned for 24 years will finally come to an end.
The bearer is Ruoshuige Hu Wei. He followed Ji Ruoshui all the way here after the accident. Knowing that his martial arts is not Wei Chi Jincheng’s opponent, he has been hiding in the dark waiting for an opportunity to hit him hard. At this time, when he heard that the emperor ordered Shu Jiuchen to kill Wei Chi Jincheng, he took the lead in taking revenge for Ji Ruoshui. He will never allow Wei Chi Jincheng to die in other people’s hands!
"Your Majesty!" After a scream, red flowers were everywhere.
Hu Wei looked at Wei Chi Jincheng’s blocking of the tiger’s head and the golden gun, and the woman did not understand the sound. "A Jiu, how are you?"
Lin Ajiu’s chest was dyed red with blood, and there was still blood gurgling out, but she still stood in front of Wei Chi Jincheng and ignored Hu Wei’s questioning, but looked at him sideways.
"Report A Jiu to protect you go …",
Wei Chi Jincheng has recovered at this time, but he has lost his strength and muscles. He is now a basket case.
"A Jiu, you should …"
Wei Chi Jincheng is also very puzzled that Lin Ajiu is the killer of Ruoshuige. She approached herself and then stole the blood bead from Wangfu. Can she just disappear and now appear in front of her and block him from a fatal blow?
"Report A Jiu’s only admirer in this life is that the report asks the report to be safe …" Lin Ajiu finished coughing violently because of being punctured in the lung.
"A Jiu, he’s just a chop suey. He’s not worth your life!" Hu Wei frowned at her, and her face was faintly sad.
"A Jiu, the Lord of Hu Weitang, doesn’t ask the report to like me, but dare not expect the report to love me … A Jiu asks the report to really look at me at this moment and regret it in this life …"
Then she vomited one mouthful blood, but her hand clutched the tiger’s head and golden gun and refused to give it to him.
Wei Chi Jincheng doesn’t understand either. Lin Ajiu is just a nominal side princess of his house. He didn’t even give her a good eye. Did she suffer for losing her life as a lost dog?
"King A Jiu … I have never loved you and you are bitter."
Gently raised his head to see WeiChi Jincheng bowed his head and looked at his beautiful Cheng motionless. Lin Ajiu smiled with satisfaction.
"Report … no, can I call you’ Jin Cheng’ now? You finally see me, not because I’m Ruoshuige killer, nor because I can help you kill those women with ulterior motives, because I’m in front of you right now, even if it’s because of myself, you blocked the shot. "
"A Jiu, it’s not worth it." Weichi Jincheng frowned slightly, and her hands caressed her pale face. She wiped her lips and kept spraying blood.
"Is it worth having my own clear Jin Cheng? You are finally willing to look at me. I saw myself in your eye pupil … A Jiu’s generation died and regretted it …"
She looked at him with her pupil, and his eyes were full of enlarged lips. The blood foam was no longer spewing, her face was as white as paper, and her body temperature was getting colder.
Her consciousness gradually drifted away as if she had returned to the time when she first entered the palace more than a year ago.
At that time, she received an order from the owner of Ruoshuige to mix talents into the palace in order to win the favor of Wei Chi Jincheng and then wait for an opportunity to kill him.
It turns out that her killer love is a pipa and a hairpin. She is dressed in red. It seems warm but cold. Every time beauty confuses the target, she will make her "obsequious", and then the piano will confuse the other person’s senses and then the hair will lead to the other person’s life.
But only for Weichi Jincheng, she was confused. He was her poison and her wounds. From the first moment I saw him, Lin Ajiu caressed her face, which was about to jump out of her chest, and her heart was flushed. She didn’t even dare to look at him again.
There are such good-looking men in the world.
Lin Ajiu completely fell to Wei Chi Jincheng!
She entered his palace and became a Lin-side princess by virtue of her beauty and talent, but he didn’t pay any attention to the "color gentleman". She gave her a false name but never really saw her in the eye.
However, she is not discouraged. To be able to stay with him is to ask her to let go of all her self-esteem.
She secretly prayed that if Shuige ordered not to come so fast, she wanted this beautiful man to take a look at her and keep her in mind.
For a year, he acquiesced in all her pampering. She "obsequiously" killed dozens of women who wanted to climb the bed in Wangfu. He was able to really look at her and did a lot of things to please her.
However, he is so indifferent that he doesn’t look at her at all, which is a gift and superficial. In the eyes of other women, she is the envy of everyone and can be close to Wei Chi Jincheng’s side princess, but she knows that Wei Chi Jincheng doesn’t have her in her eyes!
She gave up her pride and self-esteem and gave up the man who fell in love with her at first sight. She tried her best to please him only to see that he married another woman a year later.
It was not until later that Lin Ajiu realized that she was just a vase after all. If Wei Chi Jincheng were a woman who could really help him! And that newly arrived princess is such a woman!
She was jealous and crazy. She did not hesitate to assassinate the woman in exchange for a look at Wei Chi Jincheng, but the cold-hearted Leng Qing man never gave even a look!
Finally, she agreed to Ji Ruoshui’s plan, but she also had her own career in her heart. She hoped that Wei Chi Jincheng could make compensation after this incident, even if it cost her life! She never wanted to betray him. She wanted him to look at herself!
Consciousness gradually drifted away. Lin Ajiu looked at the man who didn’t have much sorrow and joy, but actually hugged her and looked at her face trance. She was really heart-warming.
Wei Chi Jincheng, you are finally really looking at me. You finally have me in your eyes. So happy …
"Silly girl, are you suffering again?" Hu Wei shook his head and walked over to pull out the gun.
"Don’t touch her!" Wei Chi Jincheng rebuked him low, although he had no strength, and the momentum of fighting in the battlefield for many years was still there.
Hu Wei was surprised by this momentum and slightly Zheng saw Wei Chi Jincheng holding her body in one hand and holding the handle in the other, so he pulled the golden gun out of her chest and brought out a stream of blood.
"Pavilion is not going to kill me? Can start work "WeiChi Jincheng look into his eyes is a rare calm.
"Your Majesty!"