But it takes a lot of power. Fortunately, there is a vast world in the whole chaotic embryo, which seems to be millions of miles wide. There are many kinds of vitality absorbed outside, and then it is transformed into the most pure force of Yin and Yang by Yin and Yang. This is the most basic ability of chaotic embryo. If the power here is not exhausted, the power of Song Changgeng will never be exhausted.

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However, in Xiadantian, the split of spiritual brand and the essence of spirit and life actually condensed into a Yuan baby, only to see that he was glittering all over, just like a golden man, only three inches big, but solidified like a stranger, with great strength in his body and wonderful connection with the chaotic Yuan tire in his mind, and the two became two cores of his body.

Chapter six hundred and seventy-seven Leave love and don’t hate it
When he finished his physical examination, he looked up at the magic weapon that was suspended. Suddenly, countless light groups suddenly poured into the empty eggs. Some of them were light of various colors, while others were wrapped in various materials, such as metal, wood, ice, flame, jade, etc. If they were seen outside, they would all exclaim that any one of them was a natural treasure, and any one of them appeared outside would lead to an affair and make countless lives fall.
But now it is fast focused on those magic weapons of Song Chang-geng, and then turned into countless light groups, and then began to combine their own, decomposed the magic weapons, and changed rapidly. Song Chang-geng watched quietly, silently feeling the changes, and somehow seemed to realize something. Yuan Ying in his abdomen suddenly flew out of his body, and then began to decompose into a vortex of black and white, absorbing all the light groups.
I don’t know how many times I spun, but suddenly the black and white became Yuan Baby again, but it was no longer glittering, but the whole thing was glittering and translucent as jade, and it shone faintly. Everything began to be restrained, and it was exactly the same as Song Changgeng’s mature appearance. Then Yuan Baby began to grow bigger and quickly grew into a giant, occupying the whole egg, but he seemed to grow up and seemed to break the egg.
Just listen to the faint voice of’ Xuan Ming’ and say, "It’s too late!" Then a dazzling light flashed in the giant’s body, and the giant’s body began to shrink. Song Changgeng thought it would become a baby, but he didn’t want to gradually change into a turtle when he was shrinking. There were countless mysterious symbols implied on the carapace, and finally it turned into a three-inch size. Like golden jade, it turned into a golden light and returned to the abdomen.
Song Chang-geng couldn’t help being stupefied, and wanted to become a human. However, no matter how hard he tried, the beetle remained motionless in his body. He could extract and absorb strength and wanted to change his appearance. That is, ants shook the tree. When Song Chang-geng saw that he couldn’t move it, he couldn’t help shouting, "Mother, what are you doing? What’s going on? Where’s my Yuan Ying? How can you become a turtle? This, this, this is too what? Change back! "
"ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! What’s the matter? My child, don’t forget that you want to inherit everything from me. You have a human body now, but how can you inherit it? I have penetrated the shape of this turtle into every part of my soul in countless years. If you want to inherit everything from me, there must be an important place like the turtle, otherwise it can’t be integrated, and it must be. " "Xuan Ming" came the joyful voice.
With the sound,’ Xuan Ming’ sitting on the cloud couch appeared in front of him, looking at his eyes full of softness and kindness, but there was a nifty smile on his dignified face. Obviously, he was happy to calculate Song Changgeng. Looking at her appearance, Song Changgeng was helpless. He knew that this was inevitable. He really wanted to have a place like a turtle, otherwise he could not inherit it perfectly.
He was about to speak when he suddenly remembered something. His hands quickly covered his lower body, and his face was embarrassed. He remembered that he was still naked, but’ Xuan Ming’ didn’t seem to care. She chuckled: "What? Little guy, are you still shy? Ha ha! I gave you everything, but I’m a lost meat. What’s to be ashamed of? Ha ha! But since your face is small, I’ll give you clothes. "
With a wave of his hand, he said, just now, those devoured light groups and magic weapons have been. Only six groups were floating there, and with a wave of her hand, two of them flew in, and one gradually dispersed their brilliance when they flew near, showing a set of armor that is more beautiful than the armor made by the sage Tongtian. As a whole, it is like golden jade, and the ancient and beautiful symbol patterns are wrapped in special parts, making the armor mysterious and noble.
When the armor was put back on, including the crown, the whole body was covered. Song Changgeng immediately felt that it was wrong. This armor seemed to be a part of his body, just like the skin of his body, and it could move with his breathing. At this time, another light mass turned into a golden jade belt around his waist, and then a bead on the jade belt flashed and a cloud wrapped his body.
In an instant, the clouds disappeared, and a white robe covered the outside of the armor. The style was simple and dignified, and the big sleeves were fluttering. It was very interesting. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but like it, and at the same time he could feel the belt and armor echoing.
But the belt is not like armor. Armor seems to have changed. The four yunzhu and four orders on the belt are still there. Except for the "Splendid Clouds and Clothes Beads" that just changed clothes, the other flying "Five Elements Flying Clouds Beads" and the "Cloud Beads" used for protection and attack have not changed at all. Armor presumably has been tampered with by "Xuan Ming", but it should also be better. As for more,
The four orders on the belt haven’t changed, whether it’s a’ call order’ to summon water, fire, wind, thunder, fish, insects, birds, beasts, dragons, etc., or symbols engraved with Yin and Yang, five elements, gossip, heavenly stems, earthly branches, river maps, luoshu, stars, etc., overlapping, not only can you combine formations at will,
As for the "dharma order" used to summon me to intercept the teachings of djinn and the "heavenly edict order" used to summon all kinds of gods in the world, such as mountain gods, land, water officials, city gods and heavenly generals, Song Changgeng just glanced at it and knew that there was no change, so there was no change.
Then two other groups of light flew in, and two black and white gourds hung on his left and right waists. When Song Chang-geng read them, he knew that the contents had not moved. The white gourds were filled with daily necessities, such as’ Linglong Jade Que’, various Dan medicines, blast furnaces, medicine cabinets and other raw materials for refining, and there were many more materials and Dan medicines. At first glance, they were not ordinary products.
Other daily necessities such as clothes, kitchen utensils, bedding, tables and chairs, cups and plates, and drinks, food, tea, wine, fruit, meat, grain and snacks have also increased a lot, all of which are fine products. Compared with these increases, Song Chang-geng’s original things are basically rubbish, but these things have been accumulated by Xuan Ming for countless years, and of course they are not comparable to those accumulated by Song Chang-geng in a hundred years.
The black gourd contains all kinds of jade charms and red balls, the’ Four Wonders of the Celestial Stars’ and some useless magic weapons, etc., all of which have not been moved, but there are more jade charms and red balls. Obviously,’ Xuan Ming’ also knows that there are consumables here, so it is also consumables, but the quality is very good. The two gourds themselves have also been strengthened, so the storage space is larger, but they have also been’ Xuan Ming’.
Looking at the last two beams of light, Song Changgeng couldn’t help but move in his heart. It seems that something is missing. What is it? When I was wondering, I saw two groups of brilliance flying in. When the brilliance disappeared, it turned out to be a golden tripod and a blue gourd. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but be a little different. The golden tripod was one of Dayu Jiuding, and the blue gourd was used by Taiji Pearl to suppress Yin and Yang. How could it appear alone?
Seemed to feel the doubts of Song Chang-geng, sitting on the cloud couch, Xuan Ming’s hand pointed, and two things flew into his body. The golden little Ding ‘an fell in the original Jian Dan’s right chest and was wrapped in a special alveolar space, while the blue gourd fell in the original left chest where the’ pagoda bone bead’ was located, and was also wrapped in a special alveolar space. In an instant, two treasures merged into the body.
Song Changgeng couldn’t help wondering, where’s the sword? What about those lives in Jiuning Ding? What about’ pagoda bone beads’? What about’ Tai Chi Zhu’? When he looked up at’ Xuan Ming’, he saw her with a smile: "Don’t doubt, I have transformed it for you. That golden tripod is one of Dayu Jiuding. I know from your memory that it can open up a new world by combining with [Shan Hai Jing].
So I opened it up. The difference is that I opened it up in a tripod, but I used it as a magic weapon to suppress it. The cave in the tripod can’t generate power by itself, but it can only absorb the power from chaos or the outside. There are two weapons in it, namely’ Tongtian Broken Sword’ and’ Purple Electric Hammer’, and some other weapons I collected. Although they are not as good as these two, they are also good. This tripod will be used as an arsenal for you.
As for the green gourd, it was originally a gourd on the vine, but unfortunately it didn’t grow up. But I combined the hibiscus tree with it, and the hibiscus tree has its own spiritual recognition, which can be used as an accompanying magic weapon. You can subdue it when you have time.
Chaos Yuan tire has been integrated with your true spirit and become your magic weapon in life’s core monuments. Now it has become an organic whole, so it is unnecessary to sacrifice. In this gourd, I also put the life in the original nine-setting tripod into it, and combined them together. As for how to combine them, you will know when you go in and watch it. Don’t watch it now, because it will be a waste of time when you go to surrender.
We don’t have much time. When you have completely inherited everything from me, my magic can barely cover up for a few days, so I don’t have time for you. Soon the saints will notice, so I will immediately hide myself and leave this world. I didn’t think before that, when you really become my child, I really don’t want to leave you. I don’t know how long it will take to see you again after the thought of parting. I … "
Speaking of which, the face of’ Xuan Ming’ is full of sorrow, and those who look at Song Changgeng are reluctant to give up. It is a mother who is unwilling to leave her children, but she also knows that it is necessary to go, otherwise both of them will become chess pieces of saints. Her heart hurts at the thought of separation between mother and child. The peaceful heart lake for hundreds of millions of years has given birth to endless hatred because of this pain.
She hates saints now, and secretly vows that she must become a saint in the universe, and then come back to take the children away. Even if she goes wandering together, it is better than being played with by saints as chess pieces. With this idea, her sadness seems to be not very strong, but her eyes at Song Changgeng are still inseparable. When the soul was not open before, she would be under the control of reproductive instinct without other turtles.
Let your blood go out, and it will be combined with the true water elite and turned into mysterious turtles. Then those mysterious turtles will scatter and reproduce automatically, and will never come back to her again. She has no feeling of being a mother. Everything is just instinct. When she has spiritual wisdom, these actions will stop. For the first time in hundreds of millions of years, she became a mother and gave birth to a life with her own spirit and flesh.
But when I first realized the happiness of being a mother, I was going to be separated. This resentment was quite strong. Even Song Chang-geng, a person connected with her by flesh and blood, felt it. He understood the feeling of’ Xuan Ming’. He never had a mother, but he was going to be separated when he first realized a mother’s love. How could there be resentment in his heart? But neither of them is an ordinary life, and knowing this is an ethereal fate.

Chapter six hundred and seventy-eight Starry farewell
If you don’t want to be manipulated by fate, you must have great power, otherwise you can only accept it. Just like now, although you don’t want to be separated, you must be separated. Both of them are relatively speechless. It took a long time for Song Changgeng to harden his heart: "Mother, if you want to leave, just go quickly. If you are late, you will change. I will give you a ride and go to outer space. If you are far away, you will be sensed. You should take care of yourself in the future."
For his words,’ Xuan Ming’ has always been calm and sad, but she knew that Song Chang-geng was right and had to go quickly. After ordering, she stepped off the cloud bed and gently held Song Chang-geng’s hand. The light on her body flashed, and both of them disappeared. In the distant Arctic ice sea, under the thick ice bed was deep blue water that never saw the sun, and the depths of the sea that no one had ever visited suddenly shook.
Then there appeared a clear ball of light, in which emerged a man and a woman, namely’ Xuan Ming’ and Song Changgeng. Only when’ Xuan Ming’ reached a turn, a chaotic tire appeared in her hand and was thrown out casually. The chaotic tire immediately disappeared, and then there was no trace. Then there was a slight shock and noise from the bottom of the sea, and just a few breaths disappeared.
Then the chaotic fetus flew back again.’ Xuan Ming’ grabbed it and put it into his body, pulling Song Changgeng and disappearing into the vast sea again. At this time, in the remote Wa Palace 33 days away, Nu Wa, sitting on a white jade couch, gently opened her eyes and sighed and said to herself, "Sister for hundreds of millions of years, that’s all I can do for you. I hope you will go all the way well.
Your child is also an outstanding person among my children. He was supposed to conquer the southern boundary of the Earth Immortal after unity and build a country without religion for ordinary human beings. Unfortunately, it’s not working now. I will help you deceive the cat, and it will lose its effect after 17 days. Then all saints will know that this child is unstable in Jin Xian. How can he bear the anger of five saints? "
With that, I frowned and looked into the infinite void. I saw a green light in the earth’s atmosphere, which was an inch thick and a foot long, walking up like a snake. In a twinkling, it was a thousand miles away. A few breaths went through the atmosphere and went to outer space, and then continued to rush away, passing away in the space of Qingming, but it reached the moon in more than an hour, then drilled into the side of the moon rushing to the sun and fell in a ring-shaped mountain.
The green light flashed out of Xuan Ming and Song Chang Gung. After they landed, the green light turned into a foot-long blue snake and appeared in the hands of Xuan Ming. She looked at Song Chang Gung next to her and tried to make her voice calm and tunnel: "You can only send me here, and if you go outside, your karma and fate will react. Although I tried to block all kinds of reactions, I may still be present."
Speaking of which, she didn’t know how to get there. She said that being a mother for the first time since she had a spiritual mind for so long, she had not carefully tasted this feeling, and she didn’t know how to get along with her mother and son. She wanted to say a few words of’ Don’t worry, take care of yourself’ with a smile just before leaving, but the words could not be exported, only turned into a sigh, and her heart was heavy and unspeakable.
Song Chang-geng was emotional contagion by her, and her eyes were slightly red, so she tried to smile. She said, "Well, this is the moon. It has appeared in many human legends. I didn’t expect to get here so soon. This snake is so good! I thought your real body was so huge that it would be very troublesome to put it away. Moreover, if you leave your huge body, there will inevitably be holes, which will make the sea sink and lead to many geographical phenomena. I didn’t expect it to be okay. "
Xuan Ming also tried to smile: "Yes, it’s normal, but I prepared it early, so I froze the seawater outside my body for thousands of miles in advance, and calculated the volume of seawater and my real body. I have used magic to compress and collect a lot of seawater decades in advance. When my real body is removed, I can’t collapse for a while because of the protection of the ice shell, and then I will release and inject the compressed seawater into it, and everything will be fine.
Originally, it should have been put away a long time ago, but the body should be used to confuse the saint, and the body can stop the saint from detecting it. I will take you in to talk, and the regenerative body will be used, so it will be confiscated. "
Speaking of which, she also felt that it was boring to explain these things, but she didn’t know what to say. Song Chang-geng was not good at dealing with people, and her mouth was very bad. The mother and son were relatively speechless. After a while,’ Xuan Ming’ forced a smile and put the little green snake in Song Chang-geng’s hand, trying to be gentle and saying, "This green snake was made by my collection of hundreds of millions of years of Xuan essence condensation and mixing my essence coagulation.
It can be changed into all kinds of weapons, and it is very strong in defense. It is the body of real water, and even if it is broken, it can be self-generated. A drop will never be destroyed if it is still there. Your’ Tongtian Broken Sword’ is strong, but it lacks change. The’ Purple Hammer’ can only be destroyed, and nothing else can be done. This baby is just for you. Although it is not a congenital baby, it is also the best in Lingbao the day after tomorrow. Keep it. "
Song Chang-geng grabbed the little snake, maybe he had "Xuan Ming" blood, maybe "Xuan Ming" had been tampered with when he handed it to me just now, and the snake was still very quiet in his hand. Song Chang-geng felt his nose was sour, and he blinked quickly, trying to keep tears from flowing, and looked down at the little snake, but actually it was not in his eyes.
I didn’t even look at the snake’s bright eyes and solid body. It was as if I didn’t see the snake’s crystal-clear body twisting flexibly. It was a long time before he tried to calm his voice and said with a little sob, "I will take care of myself. You can take care of yourself in the universe. I’m not familiar with the universe. A lot of knowledge comes from later generations. I hope I can help you. Take care of yourself."
After that, I took out a roll of silk and printed all the knowledge of the universe, and then handed it to’ Xuan Ming’. I took a deep look at her, forced myself to restrain my sadness, hid this sudden affection that suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared, and tried to calmly tunnel: "Seeing you off for a thousand miles, we will have to say goodbye eventually. We don’t have much time. Go, I hope you will become a saint as soon as possible. See you then!"
Xuan Ming nodded and gave him a deep look, saying, "I brought you here because I want you to subdue the hibiscus tree in the green gourd into an associated magic weapon here after I leave, so as to increase your power in the future. Here, you can absorb the pure true sun fire, which is very good for the recovery and growth of the hibiscus tree. Work hard by yourself and wait for me to come back! Be sure to take care of yourself, endure it if you can, wait for me to come back! "
With that, I saw his one eye again, hardened my heart and rushed away into a streamer, and then disappeared into the dark universe. Even though the stars were shining around, I still couldn’t find the figure of that streamer. Song Changgeng felt as if he had lost something important, and a stream of sadness poured out of his heart, and tears could not help flowing out.
He stretched out his hand to wipe it, but his tears still flowed out. He couldn’t help thinking to himself with a wry smile: "I should be a student in Jin Xian now, right? How did this happen? I can’t control my feelings, is it because this body is born of her and has an instinctive reaction? Unfortunately, there is no time to explore and study, but it is important to increase strength and skills, alas! Got a family relationship and the benefits of not falling.
But I also got a lot of trouble. I don’t know how the six saints will torture me. I’m afraid the future is very painful, right This is heaven? What you gain is what you lose? I will lose as much as I get. The difference is that what I have lost may have been lost long ago, and maybe I will lose it in the future. It’s just a matter of time. I hope my future will not be very painful, although I hope to be a liar. "
With that, he looked up at the golden red sun in the sky like a fireball. He was speechless for a long time, and it took him a long time to read it. He branded the spirit in the core of the’ Green Snake’, and then choked the method to send it to Yu Dingzhong in his right chest. He patted his hand in the white gourd, a colorful light rushed out, and several spells spit out. The colorful light immediately expanded, and then turned into a three-story jade building with a white cloud at the bottom.
When Song Changgeng saw this exquisite jade que, he thought of Gan Biwu who was driven away by himself. Although he knew that she was designed by the original Buddha and made her like himself with magic spells, the true friendship when they first met still made Song Changgeng unforgettable.
With a deep sigh, he jumped into the second floor of the small building, found an empty hall, sat cross-legged on the spot, wanted to think, took out a set of six-bar array flags from the black gourd, threw them out of the small building, and suddenly turned into a cloud of dust and fog, forming a shell to wrap the small building in. From the outside, there was nothing in the whole crater, covering all the signs.
Then he began to meditate with his eyes closed, and became familiar with the new body and new strength. When he sat down, he didn’t know the time. When Nu Wa waited for him to sit down, he closed his eyes, frowned and meditated for a while. After a little induction, he learned that the original Buddha was with the Tongtian leader, called the maid outside to ride, and went straight to the Biyou Palace of the Tongtian leader. Before and after the saint’s action, he used spells to deliberately converge and hide.
In this way, other saints can not figure out their own actions, but they don’t know what they have done. However, because Nu Wa didn’t deliberately converge and hide this action, her actions were immediately felt by other saints, and everyone didn’t understand what she meant. Is there anything for her to go out to find Tongtian, an unlucky guy?
When the spirit of Nu Wa was taken back, an unobservable spirit was also taken back. In the void, in a temple suspended in a crack in a vast space, an old man slowly opened his eyes and murmured, "Heaven is merciless, but I went there with affection. Although I became a saint, my feelings are still there. I can’t let go of this world that I personally opened up and never went to explore the universe. I didn’t expect you to be one step ahead of me.
Nu Wa’s flying fast, which was thirty-three days away, soon arrived at the Biyou Palace. Primitive and Tongtian had already met at the door. They were supposed to be Nu Wa’s brothers, and both of them were teachers. They should not come out to meet them, but they made such a low gesture that Nu Wa felt uneasy. She knew that it was not easy to realize her own ideas, and it was probably right to look at their appearance.
Although she understood a little, she was still calm with the original Buddha and the leader of Tongtian, and the three of them exchanged a few commonplaces before entering the hall and sitting down in mutual comity. Tongtian was the Lord, sitting on the cloud couch in the middle, and the original and Nu Wa were guests, sitting on the left and right cloud couches respectively. A boy came up to offer precious fruit and fairy tea, and stepped back. Tongtian was polite and asked to make way.
Seeing that Nu Wa tasted fairy tea without words, Tongtian couldn’t help but say, "Sister, I don’t know why you came here this time. If there is something to let the boy send a message directly, why do you want to come once? Recently, the preparations for the integration of the five realms are almost the same. If you have any ideas from your sister, you can talk about it now, or you can revise the plan. It will be troublesome to change it after implementation. "
The original Buddha also nodded with a smile. He also thought that Nu Wa had come with such fanfare. Presumably, he had something to discuss with two people. When he saw Tongtian, he reasoned that it was the same thing, but when he saw Nu Wa, he seemed to have nothing to say after hearing it. He couldn’t help but reveal a trace of doubt in his eyes, and suddenly he glanced at Tongtian, slightly revealing a trace of doubt, but it seemed that he didn’t understand each other’s meaning when he saw Tongtian. He couldn’t help wondering.