"Magic celestial friends, when will you take refuge in heaven? Don’t you know that this masked man is the second prince of Compaq Joe B in heaven? Haha! " Xing Xuan suddenly burst out laughing at this time.

June 23, 2024

Those fiend soldiers suddenly one leng, eyes all toward Compaq Joe b view.
"Long Xingxuan, you are still playing with right and wrong when you are dying. Brothers, give me a piece and win them!" Compaq Qiao Yi was exposed by Xing Xuan, and he couldn’t help shivering. Then he flew into a rage and ordered everyone to arrest Xing Xuan and Zi Rui.
When those fiend soldiers heard the calling on them, their magic weapons were offered in succession, and all kinds of brilliance suddenly lit up the sky, and they suddenly came towards Xing Xuan and Zi Rui.
Longxing Xuanyiran is not afraid, crescent shovel Xun revolves around the body, and black Guanghua bursts out from the crescent shovel, with the location of Xing Xuan and Zi Rui as the axis, scattered and shot, and thundered on every magic weapon.
Just like an explosion, all kinds of brilliance turned into countless broken mans, flying around, and when the broken mans disappeared, the field was sold out, and the traces of Xing Xuan and Zi Rui had long since disappeared.
"They are over there!" The lieutenant’s knowledge swept away, and immediately he found the trace of Xing Xuan and Zi Rui. With a finger, a dozen fiend soldiers flew like the tide to the place where Xing Xuan and Zi Rui appeared.
Just close to the two of them, a huge pillar of fire suddenly rose from the ground. On the pillar, a fierce fire beast roared out of the sky, commanding and descended on the dozen fiend soldiers.
"Broken, ambushed!" Arrived at this time, the lieutenant didn’t know that he had been ambushed by Long Xingxuan, and he also blamed him for his carelessness. Since he met with the heavenly generals, those heavenly generals’ poor capability disappointed these well-trained fiend soldiers, and Mao Xiaoyu let them chase a celestial woman and a human practitioner who didn’t reach the goal. They felt that Mao Xiaoyu made a mountain out of a molehill, and now they saw Xing Xuan and Violet surrounded in the middle.
Don’t worry, they are four at best, there are so many of us. A large array of impact him, will soon be washed away! "Compaq Qiao Yi said at this time, stable morale, those fiend soldiers who had just fallen into chaos immediately calmed down, gathered around in a circle, and each released a magic weapon, which impacted the large array of fire.
Xing Xuan released the fire dragon at this time, flying into the sky with big eyes and a big mouth. Fire C burst into flames in a large array. During the match time, the flames were flying in the large array, and all the fire beasts showed their shapes in the large array, roaring and attacking all the fiend soldiers.
Those fiend regiments surrounded Compaq Joe B. Fly to all kinds of magic weapons to resist the attacks of the fire beasts.
Where do you know? In addition to spewing flames in a large array, the fire dragon is even more powerful in its hands. Put the sky seal offering up, and slammed it at a group of fiend soldiers.
At this time, with the improvement of Xing Xuan’s capability, the fire dragon’s capability naturally improved, and it was even more amazing to cast a magic weapon. Those fiend soldiers were smashed, and they immediately smashed their mouths with KuangPen blood, and then smashed the second time. The head was smashed immediately, Yuan Ying flew out, and they couldn’t stand the flame burning, turning into ashes and dissipating.
Xing Xuan, Zi Rui, Tang Fei, and Sun Boyi are staying at the gap of the big array of fire in that day, waiting for the fiend soldiers to rush out.
Those fiend soldiers were burned and smashed, and they waited for a long time, only to find a gap in this surrounded fire array. The lieutenant couldn’t help laughing and cried:
"General Huang, don’t worry, they are all superficial after all, and this array is not fully arranged. We can rush out!"
In this chaotic situation, Compaq Qiao Yi has long lost his sense of proportion. Hearing this from the lieutenant, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed and shouted, "What are you waiting for? Hurry and rush out with me!"
Before the lieutenant commanded, a dozen o soldiers who were smashed and dizzy stumbled and rushed away from the gap.
When Xing Xuan saw the fiend soldier rushing in, he put his hand on a fan with five fires and seven feathers toward the gap. Suddenly, five-color flames flew out of the fan and went straight for the fiend soldier in front.
With a scream, the fiend soldier’s body suddenly turned to dust and dissipated. Behind him, a fiend soldier rushed out. Sun Boyi flew out of a dazzling cold mountain and cut the fiend soldier into two parts. Yuan Ying was burned by the flames in the large array and turned into nothingness.
"Ha ha, enjoyable, Long Xingxuan, let’s compare and see who kills the enemy the most!" The Sun Boyi laughed and said to the Long Xingxuan.
"Watch carefully, Sun Boyi. I, Long Xingxuan, will definitely kill more than you. However, anyone who hurts that masked boy will lose immediately. How about that?" Xing Xuan laughed and said to the Sun Boyi.
"It depends at a glance!" Sun Boyi flew out of the sword again at this time, and beheaded a fiend soldier who struggled to rush.
When those fiend soldiers saw that three people were killed in a row, they were not afraid. Instead, they stimulated their ferocity. With a loud shout, a group of fiend soldiers set up a cone-shaped impact array, regardless of the flames burning behind them, smashing the seal, and rushing towards the gap.
Long Xingxuan rose up with divine power, fanned the five-fire and seven-feather fans a few times, and the fiend soldiers suddenly turned to dust and disappeared into the large array.
"Five, six, seven, shit, seven, so fast!" Sun Boyi was in a hurry, and his dazzling Bai Guangfei flashed, and he also cut down the fiend soldiers who rushed to him.
"Dangdang Dangdang" rang loudly, and the fiend soldiers flew out of the magic weapon at the same time, and even caught Sun Boyi’s three-foot flying sword, forcing the flying sword to show its form.
"ah!" Sun Boyi couldn’t help but let out a cry, and his body was a flash. These fiend soldiers cooperated tacitly and struck together, which actually hurt Sun Boyi.
Tang Fei also beheaded a fiend soldier over there. When he saw Sun Boyi in critical condition, he turned his pike into a huge horse and wrapped it around the fiend soldiers who attacked Sun Boyi.
That a few fiend soldiers don’t hide, mouth at the same time, a few black mans to fly sword was caught on Sun Boyi.
Tang Fei shot the horse in the blink of an eye, and around the neck of those fiend soldiers, the head of those fiend soldiers was cut off immediately, and fell to the ground with a bang, and several people died a fatal blow and came to the front of Sun Boyi, who was about to hit him.
In the oblique time, a pole of crescent shovel stretched out out out of thin air and turned into a huge shield in front of Sun Boyi. I heard a loud noise of "rumble", and the black awn was scattered, and the shield was broken, and it was re-transformed into the shape of crescent shovel and flew into the hands of Xing Xuan next to it.
Sun Boyi couldn’t help wiping a cold sweat on his head. His handprints were pinched, and the three-foot flying sword flew into his hands again. As the real force poured in, it turned into a dazzling light again, and it was erased from a demon soldier who rushed to the front.
That stood beside the star xuan purple core, scared silly at this time, don’t know to kill these rushed out to fiend soldiers.
"Violet, step back and wait for Compaq Joe B!" Seeing that Violet couldn’t help at all, Xing Xuan stuffed her with a bundle of fairy ropes and waved him out of the battlefield, falling behind the hidden record of the twelve gods who had not moved.
Ninety fiend soldiers lost more than half of their time in the blink of an eye.
When the lieutenant saw that Long Xingxuan and others were so fierce in the gap, a group of people sent to pioneer was completely annihilated. He couldn’t help but be furious and shouted, "The fourth team is behind the house, the second team is in the middle, protect General Huang, and the first team and the second team will follow me!"
Say that finish, fly sword into a black changhong in his hand, thunderous and sweeping towards the gap.
There was a loud bang, and it was when crescent shovel, a dragon star, met. Two weapons collided, and the surrounding mountains trembled. The lieutenant felt a quiver of mind, and his mouth opened, and a mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth. A demon soldier behind him hurriedly held him, but he waved his hand and opened his mouth, calling, "Help me do something, rush out quickly, and he is hurt!"