Now that she is in this circle, she will become an S-class phenomenal artist. Only when she is tall enough, those rotten fish and shrimp will not provoke her, and she will be able to stand on her own feet without relying on men.

June 24, 2024

The former owner suddenly fell from a height as soon as she went bankrupt, and everyone could step on her. Yu Xin didn’t want to do it again
A large part of the reason why agent Yu Xin can get to this position today is that he has a professional sense of smell.
As soon as the show was broadcast, he noticed that Yu Xin’s luck had come, and immediately let the team start marketing exercises, taking advantage of this wind to blow the fire even more vigorously.
After the feature film of the third season of "Youth Trainee" caused a lot of heated discussion, "Tutor’s Dinner" was also broadcast on lime video, but only VIP members could watch it. However, after watching the feature film, 70% fans would open VIP and want to see more.
In particular, Xu Chi fans have lost their idols.
Meng Jiao is a die-hard fan of Xu Chi.
She watched Youth Trainee for Xu Chi.
However, she didn’t like Yu Xin because she didn’t like Yu Xin before. She was quite depressed when she heard that Yu Xin became the flight instructor of Youth Trainee, but she only watched it for ten minutes and found that Xu Chi didn’t like Yu Xin either. He was very cold to Yu Xin on the show.
His idol doesn’t like Yu Xin Meng Jiao as much as himself, and he is secretly happy.
But when she saw Yu Xin dancing, her views on Yu Xin changed a little.
Who doesn’t like such a beautiful and quiet young lady? It turned out to be a vase. I didn’t expect dancing to be so beautiful on stage. It’s like a queen. In her opinion, none of the more than 100 contestants can match Yu Xin. If Yu Xin participates in this program, she will make her debut in C.
Later, when I saw Yu Xin mingle with the contestants and got everyone’s love, her impression of Yu Xin became better and better, but it happened that Xu Chi seemed to be more indifferent to Yu Xin. When she saw Xu Chi in the first program, she immediately looked away.
In the barrage, it is said that Xu Chi is impatient when he sees Yu Xin.
Yu Xin fans are also saying that Xu Chi is rude.
Meng jiao Libra, of course, is biased towards Xu Chi.
But after reading the first issue, she was circled by Yu Xin. Women are so fickle. One second they hate Yu Xin, and the next they feel that Yu Xin is so cute. Why should Xu Chi dislike her?
With regret and non-addiction, Meng Jiao still opened the first program of "Let’s have dinner with the tutor", and she also opened VIP.
In fact, Meng Jiao is looking forward to seeing Xu Chi and Yu Xin having dinner together.
All the other tutors were seated. Yu Xin arrived late, pushed the door and pushed in. After a whole day of recording, she looked tired, but when she appeared with a smile, it made people shine at the moment.
Meng Jiao consciousness to see Xu Chi reaction.
But Xu Chi didn’t look at Yu Xin
Meng jiao couldn’t help being disappointed.
However, Meng Jiao’s eyes lit up when she saw that Yu Xin offered to help everyone get dip, and others refused to have Xu Chi because they had already done it.
"Let her get it for you," Meng Jiao said consciously.
But Xu Chi still refused and was cold.
Meng jiao couldn’t help shaking his head.
Well, it seems that Xu Chi really doesn’t like Yu Xin
Meng Jiaoxin thinks it’s okay. My brother doesn’t even like Yu Xin. It’s estimated that his eyes are so high that no one can look at him. Then he can always be everyone’s brother.
So she continued to look
Meng Jiao was amused to see Xu Chi keeping her distance behind Yu Xin.
It wasn’t until Yu Xin finished dipping his own food that Xu Chi slowly dipped it.
But looking at Meng Jiao suddenly felt that something was wrong.
But I can’t remember what’s strange at the moment.
She thought about it, but she felt that there was something wrong, so she watched the clip again.
Fruit really let her find out what’s wrong.
She screamed out with her eyes wide open.
"Horizontal slot horizontal slot! What did I find! "
She opened the Xu Chi fan base by resisting excitement and excitement.
[Wocao Wocao sisters are amazing. Have you seen the first issue of "Tutor Eat"? 】
She has been very active in the group, and everyone is familiar with her. Her news has quickly received many responses.
[Yes, what’s the matter? 】
[It’s so cute after reading it]
I wonder why Xu Chi hates Yu Xin so much after reading it. I found that he didn’t look at Yu Xin at all.
Meng Jiao hurriedly said [No, I was cheated, but I found that Xu Chi might like Yu Xin! 】
[How is that possible? It’s unlikely that he likes Yu Xin when he’s hiding.
[Really? Is there any evidence? 】
Meng Jiao compiled and sent out the secrets she had just discovered.
【 Xu Chi got the dip in the bowl according to Yu Xin, whose order is exactly the same, even the weight is almost the same. He definitely remembered how Yu Xin adjusted the dip, otherwise how could it be exactly the same! Besides, when Yu Xin was eating shrimp slippery, he put the bowl of shrimp slippery dip juice on his left hand side. Yu Xin sat on his left. If he wanted to eat by himself, shouldn’t he put it on the right to get it? 】
This passage exploded in the fans.
[My mother is not]
[horizontal trough]
[I’ll watch it again]
[I finished watching it, and the horse riding turned out to be true]
[I burst]
[It’s so sweet, I’m knocked over by CP]
Yu Xin herself didn’t expect that she had started to knock up her and Xu Chi CP before she pulled Xu Chi to the net.
The program group didn’t expect that the first issue of a derivative program of "Let’s Have a Dinner" just aired could be even hotter than the feature film of "Youth Trainee".
Xu Chi was awakened by the agent’s words before he opened Weibo and saw the hot search.
# Xu Chi thought carefully #
He frowned and clicked on the search words to see the video edited by netizens.
Chapter 69 Chapter 69
After watching the video, Xu Chi’s expression became very complicated. Look at this Weibo comment. His expression became more and more messy.
What’s all this about?
Xu Chi immediately replied to the agent.
"Must be clarified"
However, the agent felt that there was no need to look at the trend of the internet. In fact, it was not a bad thing. Although there were indeed many fans who couldn’t accept it, passers-by who liked to knock on P still accounted for the majority. Many iron fans were forwarding these videos.