"Since I wanted to hear it at the beginning, I said it. I really appreciate the guy named Chen Wu, and I’m going to make him a lieutenant of Zhongjun in Xiyuan Eight Commanders." He Jin said.

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Yuan Shao was also a little dumbfounded. "It seems that the general is not an ordinary appreciation of Chen Wu!" Then he added, "I wonder where the others are?"
"Others? Since they don’t want to stay in Luoyang, let’s seal them as county guards in their own counties. " He Jin added, "There is a man named Li She who has a good ability. I’m going to make him the county magistrate of Nanjun."
"Never!" Blades the words sound just fell and Lombardi didn’t speak, and Cao Cao, who was standing with Lombardi, spoke first in a hurry.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Hebei gun king
He Jin had already made arrangements. I didn’t expect Cao Cao to suddenly intervene. He Jin was a little dumbfounded. "What is Meng De?"
Cao Cao showed a sincere expression and said, "I don’t have any opinions about others, but I don’t agree with Li."
Blades pondered for a while and nodded. "I also think his ability is not limited to this. I have heard from General Huangfu that this Li is by no means a thing in the pool, and there is a fierce enemy under his command, but he doesn’t want to stay in Luoyang. If he is asked to be a secretariat, his achievements will not be enough!"
Cao Cao was in a hurry. What’s the matter with this? "At the end, I will think that not only will he not be allowed to be the county magistrate, but even the county magistrate can’t let him do it!"
"hmm? Why did Meng De say this? " Blades slightly surprised.
"As far as the late generals know, this Li is involved in arrogance and lawlessness, which I think Brother Ben should know very clearly." Cao Cao said.
Blades looked puzzled at Lombardi, who nodded approvingly. Blades began to pay attention to it. Blades can care nothing about Cao Cao’s opinion, but Blades will definitely care about Lombardi’s opinion. Blades said, "Go on!"
"At that time, Yuan Tan, the son of Ben Chu’s brother, saw a beautiful woman and was in love with her, so he went after her. But the beautiful woman was also taken by Li She’s men and was taken away directly. Yuan Tan refused to accept the theory, but she was directly cut off from her shoulder bone, and she has not recovered yet." Cao Cao reversed black and white and said.
"At the beginning, can this happen?" He jindao.
Lombardi said helplessly with a sigh, "This is a disgrace to Yuan Gu! I’m a scholar of Yuan family, and I’m four generations old, so I’ve turned out to be a villain who is jealous of others. It’s a dirty trick! Don’t talk about it! "
"and!" Cao Cao added, "The general only listens to the story of General Huangfu, and has he heard the words of General Zhu? General Zhu once mentioned this Li She when he was having a drink with the late general, saying that he couldn’t wait to drink his blood and eat his meat. At that time, when Changshe was fighting against the Yellow Scarf, Li She completely ignored military discipline and often did whatever she wanted, but it happened that there were 10,000 enemies under his command, and General Zhu was also suffering. You can’t fight among yourself without hitting the Yellow Scarf. I think General Chunyu Qiong knows this very well. "
"Chunyu Qiong? What about Chunyu Qiong people? " He Jin did not find Chunyu Qiong’s figure. "I am very optimistic about this Chunyu Qiong, and the eighth captain of Xiyuan also has his share."
"At the end of the day, it was not convenient for me to do some private things myself, so I asked General Chun to do it for me." Yuan Shao immediately said.
Cao Cao embellished it again. "General Chun was patrolling the street when he caught a glimpse of a carriage wandering in the street. General Chun immediately came forward to find out and found out that it was Li She and others. He kindly told them that it was a curfew period, and they were not allowed to wander outside and let them stay in the government offices. I didn’t expect that Li She was very angry and immediately insulted General Chun. How could General Chun endure it? The two sides immediately clashed, which coincided with the beginning of the book.
"I really can’t see that Li is such a person!" He Jin has completely believed what Cao Cao said, "How do you think to reward this Li She at the beginning of this year?"
Yuan Shao quietly gave Cao Cao a thumbs-up, and then said, "This Li is by no means a county magistrate, let alone a county magistrate. He is simply a reckless man. Why don’t you give him a title and let him take charge of his fief with peace of mind?"
"The title? What title is it? " Blades asked.
Yuan Shaodao, "it’s better to seal him as the lowest level of public transport in the doctor’s rank! Didn’t the general feel wronged by sealing a chief just now? Just give him a title, which will not only reflect the kindness of the court, but also make Li She have nothing to say. "
"well! Good idea! That’s settled. Let’s make Li a doctor and let him go to his own territory to make trouble! " In this way, Li’s reward was decided.
The title system of the Han Dynasty followed the Qin system, and the title was divided into 20 levels, namely, male scholar, Shangzao, Bangmadao, Bugeng, Gongfu, Gongfu, Gongfu, Gongfu, Zuoshu, Zuoshu, Zuogeng, Zhonggeng, Zuogeng and Yougeng.
The first to seventh grades are collectively referred to as people’s titles. Above seven grades, the county magistrate can be seen without worship, the eighth to tenth grades are doctor’s titles, the eleventh to eighteenth grades are noble titles, and the nineteenth grade of Guanneihou and the twentieth grade of Liehou are the highest grades among the twenty grades.
In the Han Dynasty, the king with different surnames was not named, and the 20-rank liehou, like the king and the second-rank marquis of Liu’s imperial clan, belonged to the nobility and held a high position.
The 20 th grade titles are all foot soldiers from the first grade to the fourth grade, from the fifth grade to the ninth grade, they are all military officials, from the tenth grade to the eighteenth grade, they are all military generals, and the nineteenth grade is between the official title and the noble title.
In fact, it’s quite good for Li She to become a doctor’s official, but his present age is in the last years of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Except for the 19th-grade Shanhaiguan and 20th-grade Liehou, the others have long been useless, just hanging a name.
Li She doesn’t know about these things, and Li She is still looking forward to the reward tomorrow!
As night fell, many people came back, and Chen Wu’s ten brothers also came back, which attracted Li’s eyes in an instant because of one more person.
This man looks about forty years old, with a black iron armor and a big pike in his hand. He looks awesome.
Is this man the valiant soldier who cut Zhang Baozhu and Zhang Liang as blades said? Li she thought.
Zhou Cang also reminded him at the right time, "This person is not simple."
Junko shouted, "Brother Chen! We are back! "
Chen Wu’s door opened immediately, and Chen Wu quickly greeted him. He took the middle-aged military commander’s hand and said, "General Han missed me so much, and I was worried that General Han would not come!"
"How did that happen? It’ s just that there are family members at home, and it’ s not very convenient to hurry, which has delayed some time. " General Han said quickly.
Chen Wu looked around and said in dismay, "Han Qiong brothers don’t want to follow me?"
"Ha ha ha! Master, don’t worry. We have just arrived in Luoyang, and my apprentice is taking care of his family. Let me say hello first. " General Han said.
"Well! Then I am relieved. " Chen Wu’s heart was finally put down.
"Ha ha ha! Brother Chen’s hiding is really deep! I don’t want to introduce such a fierce soldier. " Li’s laughter rang, and he came with Zhou Cang’s joy.
Chen Wu suddenly smiled. "Yes, yes, this is General Han of Han Rong. I owe what I am now to General Han, and my marksmanship is also passed down by General Han." Then he pointed to Li She and said, "Li She of Jingxiang Nanjun, my good friend." Han Rong nodded his head is met.
Li also nodded politely, Han Rong? Why haven’t you heard of it? Is it a type of military commander with my eldest brother, which is inherited? Li has some doubts.
Li didn’t respond, and Zhou Cang didn’t do anything, but Le Jin behind him was very excited and eagerly said, "The younger generation has met the older generation!"
"Oh, you still know me?" Han Rong had some accidents.
"Of course, the reputation of our predecessors is well known in Hebei!" Lejin avenue.
"Ha ha ha! It’s just a hollow name. " Then Han Rong left with Chen Wu and became familiar with others.
Chen Wu Gang left, and Li She took Le Jin and said, "Wen Qian, who is this Han Rong? Is it very famous? "