Previously, it was just shadow sewing to imprison Shimura Danzou. Now, cross-country shadow sewing impressively changed once again. The original shadow connected to Shimura Danzou was slowly wrapped in dark shadow and hid in Zhicun Group. It looked like it was going to devour Shimura Danzou.

June 26, 2024

of course
Cross-country is impossible to completely devour Shimura Danzou because of the cross-country yin dun brand does not have the ability
Now cross-country is only to devour Shimura Danzou’s spiritual energy, because it is very difficult to kill Shimura Danzou in terms of meat body with the help of the first generation of Huoying cells. On the contrary, it is easy to kill Shimura Danzou in front of cross-country in terms of spiritual energy, but when the cross-country shadow escape secret technique wants to devour Shimura Danzou, suddenly a strange smile is filled with cross-country ears.
That’s a sound that make people feel chilling just by sound it.
That’s reverberating in my mind, which makes cross-country spiritual energy produce waves.
When I vaguely heard the erase, I found that there was a personal spiritual energy connecting my spiritual energy and making spiritual communication.
Who can that person be?
It must be the head of the immortal on Shimura Danzou’s right chest!
What is he going to do?
Are you going to communicate with me?
Eyes pupil severely tightened a if it weren’t for the cross-country shadow escape hermetic limit the Shimura Danzou dialect, the cross-country is really not sure to communicate with that strange fairy head. Now it’s barely the shadow escape hermetic subdue Shimura Danzou cross-country is absorbing Shimura Danzou’s spiritual energy in its own Yin escape branding ability, and at the same time it begins to secretly guard against the power held by that fairy head.
It was a surprise that Shimura Danzou’s right chest was surprisingly friendly as the head of the immortal.
Feeling that cross-country is devouring Shimura Danzou’s spiritual energy, the immortal head is actually condensed by its own natural energy. chakra began to suppress Shimura Danzou’s power. Soon his strange voice echoed in the cross-country mind and said, "I know from Shimura Danzou’s memory that your name is Nara Cross-country, right?"
"Nara Cross-country, do you know that you have taken the path of becoming a god step by step? God and people are different. In God’s eyes, people are just ants. I lost my body in an accident and I want to stay in this Shimura Danzou. I am actually very happy to meet you who will become a god, because you have the ability to make me have my body again."
"So Nara Cross Country, will you help me?"
"If you are willing to help me, I am willing to help you become a god. Look at this deal."
"How about it?"
Chapter 714 Shadow Level (Middle)
Another crazy one!
Although cross-country is not a theist, listening to the immortal’s head, cross-country still keeps the sneer at the corner of his mouth.
Even Ootutuki Hagoromo can’t say he is a god.
The only guy who feels like a god may be the final BOSS Hui Ye Ji in Ootutuki Hagoromo’s mother Huo Ying’s original work.
And Shimura Danzou’s head portrait of the immortal on his right chest turned out to be a deity during cross-country communication. He also said that cross-country is a horse to become a deity. Apart from sneering, human cross-country really didn’t know how to answer the head portrait of the immortal in front of him. However, in cross-country, he secretly sneered at his heart that he had to solve the guy when he was crazy. Who wanted to think of the head portrait of the immortal as if he could see through the thoughts in cross-country and suddenly said.
"Nara Cross Country, don’t you believe what I just said?"
"Don’t believe"
Indifference devours the spiritual energy in Shimura Danzou’s Yin Dun brand. Cross-country indifference says, "Since you say that you are God, you should take out God’s ability to fight and let me know that I can’t defeat your myth. Surely even if I lose my body, I also have the imagination power of human law, right? Now you are just a parasite living in the body of the group, so you can still say that you are a god. Don’t be ridiculous! "
"oh? Will you make a deal with me if I can prove myself? "
Dark scold that idiot fairy head cross-country is still indifferent and say, "Then prove yourself first!" "
I never thought that the head portrait of the immortal actually recognized the cross-country words directly. After a long silence, I simply said, "Since you don’t want to believe that I am a god, I will fight with you with the strength of God. Besides, this famous Shimura Danzou guy is actually a very interesting person. Since I can’t let a demigod restore my body, I will borrow a Shimura Danzou body to fight with you. Anyway, Shimura Danzou is inside."
"It’s also of divine descent, isn’t it?"
The voice of the immortal head just fell!
A strange energy is filled with the cross-country god’s mind’s eye perception. Soon, cross-country is suddenly found that his Yin dun brand devours Shimura Danzou’s spiritual energy and actually disappears directly there.
This is that pow of God?
Cross-country sneer at secretly thinking that this is the evil Nagi Uchihiro gens!
That strange energy is that Uchihiro clan banned Nagi from evil, and the immortal head controlled Shimura Danzou to make Nagi evil. Sure enough, sharingan disappeared in Shimura Danzou’s eyes and turned to emerge in the eyes of the immortal head. Even after the immortal head claimed to be a god made Nagi evil once, sharingan lost its original scarlet color and became a dying color.
But don’t forget that Shimura Danzou has the first generation of Huoying cells.
In the original book of Huo Ying, sharingan and Shimura Danzou, the first generation of Huo Ying cells, were obtained by virtue of the genocide of Uchihiro, which was able to benefit some sharingan and almost limit the evil Nagi, but there were still some restrictions when sharingan regained light to make the evil Nagi.
Now, with the help of the head portrait of the immortal of the first generation of Huoying cells in Shimura Danzou’s body, it is natural that the first generation of Huoying cells can nourish and slowly recover. Then the sharingan light is even once again that Lina sharingan has made Iraq evil Nagi.
However, at this time, it is not the immortal head that really makes cross-country care about Nagi.